This is the best character from Friends please note that this list is controversial!

There is probably little that we can't tell you about the so many beloved series “Friends”, you already know that. A series that has, in the year 2020 is still

This is the best character from Friends please note that this list is controversial!

There is probably little that we can't tell you about the so many beloved series “Friends”, you already know that. A series that has, in the year 2020 is still an incredible number of Fans and new gains.

A Fan debate since the Start of the series in 1994 (or since the TV launch in Germany in 1996 at a satellite.1): Who is the best character in “Friends”? This depends, of course, always the personal preference. You are more likely to Chandler, Ross or Joey, Monica, Phoebe or Rachel?

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an objective list of the best “Friends Is it really possible”-characters to create? We take the likeability factor of each of the characters as a basis for such an evaluation.

We simply change to a Top-6 Ranking - even if some of the Fans is to be expected that the Protest will come. Go to it!

"Friends"character seat 6: Joseph "Joey" Francis Tribbiani

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On this tail light in our "Friends"Ranking, we were able to agree quickly. You have expected, or? It is not so, that Joey Tribbiani is a bad character, it's just – he is what he is. The truth is that Matt LeBlanc tigers played him significantly more complex, as it gave the screenplay actually. Actually, the character of Joey is a unveils those macho types, huh. The actor humanized the character and made Joey to someone, the much lovable came over. With his undeniable charm (legendary pick up line: "Hey, how's it going?"), its involuntarily comic jokes and his extreme naivety Tribbiani made for some of the Komi were moments in “Friends”. In any case, Joey was a guy who always wanted to be better than he is.

As the journalist Kelsey Miller in the a few months ago made popular book “I'll be there for you” explains, was the turning point in Joey's development of his affair with Rachel, a game that the authors tried randomly and got almost out of control. LeBlanc made him a vulnerable, sensitive, and insightful man, and today, many claim, he would have been the perfect match for Rachel instead of Ross; he knew them really, because he was her first friend.

“Friends”character seat 5: Dr. Ross Eustace Geller

NBCUniversal via GQ entertainment

David Schwimmer's character of Ross is perfect for the character transformation that you experienced in the course of "Friends," many of the characters: Ross is a beginning of a nice guy, a friend, or ideal admirer to a Manipulator with obsessive jealousy. The greatest importance of the character of Ross Geller (one for the actor perfectly created role) soon had only his Romance with Rachel Green. Eventually, he tried to be a "perfect" husband - whether he married well to Rachel Green or any other woman.

Today, Ross is the perfect example of all of the toxic notions of romantic love that we had in the 1990s (and some have this jealousy today, still, romanticized, or the Belief that women are an impossible-to-solve Puzzle), but at that time he also served unhealthy stereotypes to demonstrate. Let us remember the Episode of 'The nanny', he feels bad because Emma has a male Babysitter. As a tough male Chauvinist he made for hilarious moments.

“Friends”character slot 4: Monica Elizabeth Geller-Bing

NBCUniversal via GQ entertainment

Monica Geller is a difficult-to-assess character. It is because of their behavior the least funny character in the series? Or is it, rather, because you always want to make everything perfect? In this role, the universe of the cult series “Friends overlaps” with the real life: Courteney Cox, the Oldest of the cast, the most Experienced, the mother of the group, the one that they discussed was, how the initial glory could face... Monica was kind of a little bit of everything: the one That welcomed all into her home, the Responsibility, the Strict, Crazy, the worker...

in fact, almost all of Monica's famous Gags (via their Teenage Flashbacks, in addition to focus) on their terrible defeats and your cleaning obsession (if you lose your apartment in a bet, or if you want to clean the bathroom with Chandler in it). She added of the series is also a very important emotional level: her failed romances, her desire to become a mother, and their relationship to Chandler, we prefer today, in the course of the years, Ross and Rachel.

the “Friends”cast member today: Instagram-Posting of Jennifer Aniston

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“Friends”character slot 3: Chandler Muriel Bing

NBCUniversal via GQ entertainment

considering how poorly Ross Geller in the 25 years since the launch of the “Friends” cut off, it's not surprising that the character of Chandler Bing lost so much of its importance as the actor. This shows how perfect his role is written. Perhaps the Best of all. The perfect Balance between simple Humor and political incorrectness. For a lot of Matthew Perry's character (the role would have almost managed to get a friend, but eventually he has to get them) the cutest or funniest male character in "Friends" - and we understand it. Chandler is hilarious and yet endearing.

Its function is similar to that of Monica, in the sense that his memorable address scenes the most uncertainty - especially his intention to always want the Ironischste be and to always have the perfect spell on the lips. Sometimes it worked, and if it worked, it was funny. He also has a significant emotional component: The traumas of his Childhood made him an insecure man who repaired through friendship and love.

“Friends”character slot 2: Rachel Karen Green

NBCUniversal via GQ entertainment

The figure of Jennifer Aniston deserves it, due to obvious benefits in the second place, these “Friends”to be part of the list. Firstly, because the figure was more likely written in a simple, but in the course of the series has developed. And also because Rachel Green was always underestimated, although we have in recent years begun to appreciate it more. This is similar to what happened with Aniston's self. She was regarded as a mediocre actress and was. from America's favorite to the woman that was left by the most attractive man in the world, Brad Pitt, But she was never a failure.

Rachel had one of the most subtle, most beautiful and most inspiring developments in the series. When we first met, she was a posh chick, the profit sacrificed relationships in order to be in all of your decisions, both professionally and romantically, is free. She was always superficial, and a little repellent, but in the end, we discovered a sensible, sensitive, Rachel, who has committed 100% of the friendship. And your concession to the romantic love in her Association with Ross. As they met in the last episode of “Friends” with Ross, had it not been for the relationship even to a dream job in Paris.

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“Friends”character slot 1: Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan

NBCUniversal via GQ entertainment

We do not know whether Phoebe Buffay is the obvious or the most surprising choice for number 1 in our “Friends”Ranking, but we believe that she is the one that could win in the course of the series most of all our sympathies. There's something magical has written, as this is hardly to be classified at the end of character and, above all, was played. Lisa Kudrow is not only the best character in “Friends”, it is also your best role. Phoebe was hilarious, but she was not at all stupid (what could you say about Joey). She was a very intelligent woman, practical, visionary, and strange.

But perhaps the most Interesting thing about Phoebe's character and her secret. Indeed, focus among the variety of theories that exist on the Internet about the series many to the enigmatic past of Phoebe: remember that you lived on the street and that her family is a disaster. Some believe that she was a drug addict, and that "Friends" is your High; others believe that she is a genius. Therefore, your personal moments are so exciting, for example, if you as a surrogate mother to the children of her brother to the world.

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