The world's best is English: 'A crazy year'

EM-gold, WORLD cup gold and the title as the 'World's best sailing'. 2019 has been a great sportsår for the 28-year-old Anne-Marie Rindom, who put all his

The world's best is English: 'A crazy year'

EM-gold, WORLD cup gold and the title as the 'World's best sailing'.

2019 has been a great sportsår for the 28-year-old Anne-Marie Rindom, who put all his nearest competitors to the wall in bådklassen the Laser Radial.

"It is completely crazy. 2019 could not have been better, and it is my best season ever," says Anne-Marie Rindom, en B. T. catches her while she is at training camp in Australia.

After a long season with several triumphs, she is therefore set to B. T. Gold 2019.

Cruised to victory

Back in may put Anne-Marie Rindom in the exchange rate against Portugal and the EM-gold, she had not managed to hive in the country, and here there was never really any doubt about the outcome.

"EM was a special experience, because I ended up having to lead from start to finish, and I had already won the gold before the last sailing," she explains.

She ended up with to cruise to victory, as she expresses it, and the result means still extra much for her:

"It was a little extra-special to win the CHAMPIONSHIP, because it was the first time. Last year failed it by only one point."

'A real arbejdssejr'

Two months after the EM-triumph changed Anne-Marie Rindom course and traveled to Japan, where she should try to win the olympic gold as she also won in 2015.

Here it was everything else than 'cruise control' for sejleren from Søllerød.

"I had insanely much hardship for the WORLD cup, where I in the first two races, breaking the tiller and make a false start," says Anne-Marie Rindom.

The bad start throws Rindom far back in the overall WORLD cup position, but in subsequent races she comes better with and mixes the very top.

However, in the penultimate sailing is it all about to slip yet again as she takes a big rate, which ends up throwing her all the way down at number 42 at the first topmærke.

"Right there I thought: 'Oh no, now I have totally jokket in it, and now it will be here one of those days where it all falls together'," says Anne-Marie Rindom.

She manages to pull himself up as number six, and clearly in the lead in 12. and last voyage, where she takes a 15.-space, which is enough to secure WORLD championship gold.

"In 2015, I did not go in as one of the favorites, and I would like to prove this time, that it was not just a coincidence lately. It ended up being a really arbejdssejr," she says.

the Whipped cream on top

The 30. October is Anne-Marie Rindom at Bermuda, when she is nominated for the title as the world's best sailing across all boat classes.

And she wins, as the first dane ever.

"The title means absolutely game much. It is the recognition across all boat classes, and just getting noticed for one, is a big honor."

She has always dreamed of get the prize, but she has never dared to hope for it.

"I have always thought that it was not possible to achieve such a price," says Anne-Marie Rindom and adds:

"I said to myself, that just being nominated is the game, so I was not disappointed, if I'm not won the prize."

The 28-year-old sailor looks at the award as the culmination of a season where everything just went up in a higher unity:

"It was a bit like flødeskummet on top. It ended just an absolutely amazing season."

Chasing the OLYMPICS-medal

Denmark has already an OLYMPICS in the Laser Radial for the summer when Anne-Marie Rindom secured the seat at last year's WORLD cup on home soil in Aarhus, where she received a bronze medal.

And that is precisely why she hopes that it is her who ends up getting the ticket to the japanese capital, where the goal is an OLYMPIC medal.

"If all the flaps and go up to a higher unit, then I will also be at the forefront," she says.

the reason it is also unknown how big the chance is that she is going to defend his world championship next year:

"I am going to plan my calendar a little differently next year, because there is the OLYMPIC games in august. The season is getting long, and the WORLD cup will perhaps not be so important, so it will be probably a little bit over."

Earlier this year won the Anne-Marie Rindom also two World Cups, respectively, Mallorca, in Spain and in Genoa, Italy.

At the OLYMPIC games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016, she got a bronze medal.

In connection with the sportsgallaen 4. January at the Boxen in Herning brings B. T. a series of portraits of the 10 nominees.

Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 11:00