The judgment of the Superliga clubs: 'It is the most bland team'

the League has gone in hibernation, and now it's time to swing the hammer over the good, the bad and the mediocre. it has been an autumn, where some of the n

The judgment of the Superliga clubs: 'It is the most bland team'

the League has gone in hibernation, and now it's time to swing the hammer over the good, the bad and the mediocre.

it has been an autumn, where some of the notoriously biggest clubs have varied in quality from week to week, while FC Midtjylland so long as almost to retrieve the gold before the new year.

David Nielsen may go on stream in Aarhus, Brian Priske could outplay André Rieu in the Box, and Kent Nielsen could well ill manage to get a pint at the Target in Silkeborg along the way.

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: Kent Nielsen was let down in the summer, or he was even with it. That was certainly not brought new quality to the oprykkerne, which had Himmelbjerg-major defensive problems at the start of the season.

With millions of videresalgsklausuler with Robert Forest and Kasper Dolberg there was money for it, but where was the defensive armament of? Silkeborg sold Superliga survival in august. Now I fear that instead burns the dumb millions of this winter without any use.

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far, far too deep to fall. Esbjerg held on virtually the entire bronzeholdet from last season, and yet it has gone completely awry. Yes, the level is probably closer to the truth about Esbjerg than last year, but the fall has nevertheless been worse than expected.

the Offensive has been completely potensforladt. Sell just Petre and Yakovenko. Scor some millions and continue to have faith in the local boys. Esbjerg has plenty to offer - but I fear that the race is run in this season.

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After a steady upward graph of the inhabitants of funen ago Jacob Michelsens arrival this halvsæson been far more volatile. It works completely randomly, when the inhabitants of funen framework level.

Bashkim Kadrii is a profile, but who else is who else in the League under the auspices of the can be called the same? Not many in this season, but it is also due to Ryan Johnson Laursens skadesproblemer and Jeppe Tverskovs and Jacob Barrett Laursens dive in the level in this semester. The midfield needs a decent shot quality.

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This is actually one of the unique in scandinavia because the best of the city. I could choose between all of the troupes in the premier League, would AaB be close to my tredjevalg after FC Midtjylland and FC Copenhagen. And so, I regret that there are no more out of it.

It is too unstable, and there are so few complete holdindsatser as, for example, hjemmesejren over FC Copenhagen in the guldjubilæet. In addition to the match has the responsibility in too much Lucas Andersen, if AaB really should threaten anyone.

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One must be careful to escape from it, in fact. Jutland was the pu, the structure and the guarantor of a just war of all against all. Riddersholm has willed and entrusted with the task to develop the game in a different direction.

But it appears to be most of all messed. I do not believe that the Riddersholm has gotten exactly what he had expected in Jutland, but he is fighting for his philosophy. On it then also fits in Jutland, I can well doubt.

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It is not any big club, and Peter Sørensen got saved Dundee from relegation last season after a katastrofestart. Now it looks less structured out - yes, less Peter Sørensensk.

conversely, Sørensen developed players with real potential in the Sabbi, Babayan and Cappis. I guess that Hobro will find a somewhat more defensive and rigid expression forward over the winter break. Two wins is not enough, although there have been achievements along the way that should have given more.

And here are my ratings of the 'soft mellemvare' this autumn:

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In my eyes it is unique in scandinavia because the most careless team - and completely without interest if it had not been for Bo Henriksen. Talent development? No. Good football? From time to time.

I have lots of respect for what is provided too few funds in Horsens, but I hope soon, that looked at one of the two previously mentioned parameters, so Horsens also contribute something to the league. Until they are given respect in order to retrieve more points than I had anticipated.

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I can still slightly get a Thomas Frank-feeling, when I see Niels Frederiksen's Brøndby. Good luck with the fine football in the a period of time, but also heavy lows. I'm still not sure whether I believe in Frederiksen-project, but I know with certainty, that he has earned more time to make his mark, if Brøndby even have believed in him to start with.

the Fall came in spite of everything late and took over a squad which was 100% tailored to Zornigers football and system with many players at the key positions. It took a little time, before Bischoff got changed to the 3-5-2, which gave a derbysejr and since four more in a row. Now there should be downloaded to the players of Niels Frederiksen-football, without it going out over the Frendrups, Skippers and Lindstrøms way to the team.

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Flemming Pedersen just managed to get a victory with from the spring after a worrying start to his trænerperiode. It lit a light, which is not the sale of the team's best players, Andreas Skov Olsen, Victor Nelsson and Karlo Bartolec, could turn off.

The next big talent was already clear, and the FCN continues to play chanceskabende and offensive football. Here is a strategy that just works, and Mikkel Damsgaard and Mohammed Kudus is already ready to throw millions in FCN-box, while Flemming Pedersen cruiser towards survival in the premier League with his U19 team.

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I have such a feeling, that Randers is a team driven by tactical shrewdness, solidity, and so a great hardness, which matches a team from the city of Randers perfect. Such a distinct style, I like it, and Thomasberg has the time in his own little success story in the shelter of all the other League stories.

still, when the city limits are crossed, but it is a problem for most of the Superliga clubs. Now, I'm waiting anxiously to see what happens, if Lobjanidze disappear for the winter. Babayan would be a perfect replacement.

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I'm not sure that they brought their own 'table of justice' at the start of the season, the part was successfully and the late victories for central jutland. Brian Priske came in and changed the system to 4-3-3, which was a little stroke of genius that also brought better performance with it.

He pushed a medium midterforsvarer out and got an extra kvalitetsspiller into the offensive spots. He chose, quite simply, a system that promises players like Evander and Awer Mabil. Not in the year it was, however, to anything in Europe, and pokalnederlaget for Fremad Amager also draws down.

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David Nielsen started not with the firework display in Aarhus, but there have also been plenty of coaches who have gone after the quick blast in the AGF. David Nielsen seems to go with stjernekasteren. And it is time to AGF burner no longer, as in the good periods in the autumn.

Wise has AGF chosen to build the team's defensive foundation up, and it looks like simply a walk in the mesterskabsspillet. Excellent half year ended with the meritorious victory in Herning. I am bad to write it, but it looks like something long-lasting in Aarhus.

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In football, we can look at results and performance. FC Copenhagen performances has this autumn been well below average, but the results... Further in the Europa League - with a little difficulty - and only four points after the otherwise sovereign FC Midtjylland is actually impressive. It smells of a classic first year of a Solbakken-the building of a new team.

I Expect more of the game? Yes, much more. But when startelleveren in many matches has passed only four of last season's solid starters, so is pointsnittet in the premier League and a place in the Europe League 1/16-finals right incredible. Guldkampen opened in the autumn of the last round.

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There must evidently be a football, there are surprises every year. Lyngby have made it wise. Brought players into the type of football, as coach Christian Nielsen thought that you could get the most points in the League.

Patrick Da Silva has been a small revelation, Rezan Corlu has grown better and better, and then both Emil Nielsen and André Riel contributed with energy and speed up front. Wise work and, not least, excellent pointhøst.

Updated Date: 19 December 2019, 03:00

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