The circuit-maker: This man ended their relationship for money

It may not happen often, that the sight of a smart instills fear. However, in Vienna this is exactly the case. If you sight a black two-seater with the inscript

The circuit-maker: This man ended their relationship for money

It may not happen often, that the sight of a smart instills fear. However, in Vienna this is exactly the case. If you sight a black two-seater with the inscription "separation Agency", could soon get a visit from a "circuit-maker". Up to ten divisions per week, Peter Treichl performs - purely professional, of course. The summer sale has begun!

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Mr Treichl, you engaged them as a circuit maker. How exactly does that work?

First of all, I'm picking up those who want to end it with his Partner, in my office. There, we lead a detailed conversation about the relationship. The customer then specifies when and where I encounter the not-Yet-lovers on best. Most of the separations I do not preach in the morning. If someone has the 7 o'clock from the house, I'm at five to seven there. I'll ring the doorbell and say: "I've a Parcel for you".

do not React irritated people total?

Just at the beginning, I had to fight to be taken seriously. People have been looking for a hidden camera. After seven years in business, I made me now a name – and half of the people is glad, when I come to you. Often, the self does not have the guts to end it all. Or, have you been long a new lover. It always fails on the communication. The people have forgotten how to talk to each other. © Copyright 2020 Treichl & Partner Vermittlung GmbH, The Salzburg born Peter Treichl and his "separation of mobile".

Have they been beating?

Aggressive are the Least responsive. The other day there was an order to an effervescent reaction that I could relate to very well. A lady had engaged me to make with your significant other circuit. Nevertheless, they drove up Saturday evening to him, to have Sex with him. On Sunday morning, left his house at 13 o'clock. An hour later, I stood on the Mat. He was just sitting with some buddies in front of the TV and watched formula 1. Out of sheer anger about my news, he threw his beer bottle through the whole living room.

the one with The "Package" you have to explain again in more detail...

My customers can choose between three different separation packages. The I present then at the "end". All packages include a bottle of champagne, chocolates, handkerchiefs, as well as a voucher for my partners, I will be leading parallel to the separation Agency. A profitable cycle.

© Copyright 2020 Treichl & Partner Vermittlung GmbH In the "separation package" of the circuit maker includes: champagne, chocolates, and handkerchiefs.

The most popular is the "final separation". The package a "last Chance" is to be understood as a warning to the Partner. It contains a yellow map with clues for a clarifying conversation. The points I have drawn up in advance with my clients. In the case of the "luxury isolation" I let the customers to be inventive to be. Once I have delivered about a lady in a car by her Ex-husband. As I gave her the key and at the same time with her, she just laughed and said: "Yeah I know, he has a bad Conscience."

Who asked you more often? Women or men?

During the Corona pandemic, it was for the first time, more men no longer have to keep it in your relationship out. They felt of their partners, both mentally and physically suppressed. This is still a real taboo topic: While violence against women that emanates from the partners, and publicly discussed, is the Vice-versa is hardly the case.

"as soon As people day and night sitting on each other, it is difficult to"

In the last few months I have often taken on the role of the psychologist. As soon as people sit day and night to each other, it becomes difficult. Therefore, most of the separations are performed usually after holidays or the Christmas holidays. During the Corona pandemic, I made by the way, for the first time on the telephone circuit. I could never have seen myself, but it works well. But I am anyway of the opinion that man is not meant to be a life long with a Person.

How did the idea to separate Agency?

The idea came to me back in 2011, two years before the publication of Matthias schweighöfer's Comedy "The circuit maker". But I had the time and leisure, you will actually be implemented. Then I sat in horror in the cinema, watched the Film and thought: "how Many Crazy people there will be now that it is a business model?" But luckily, I remained the Crazy only. In the meantime, I offer my concept as a franchise model – because 99 percent of the orders, I can't accept due to the spatial distance.

The distance of time, entirely disregarded – not reject it also requests that the promises to you personally?

It did that to me a couple of very attractive women have asked for a separation plan. The tear everyone two, three weeks, someone New, spend a nice time with the one and then learn about the Next not know to trust but to end the Liaison with the previous lovers independently. Also of Gigolos, I have received similar requests, the I am opposed to but always.

when was the last Time someone break up with you?

I don't even know. Then, when I'm the one who broke up with you. I grab my suitcase and I'm gone (laughs).

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