The choice culture of the Point : we jump into The Big Blue - The Point

Return to the Quai Branly with Helena Rubinstein Helena Rubinstein posing in front of the objects in his collection, 216 boulevard Raspail, Paris, circa 1930.

The choice culture of the Point : we jump into The Big Blue - The Point

Return to the Quai Branly with Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein posing in front of the objects in his collection, 216 boulevard Raspail, Paris, circa 1930. © © Lipnitzki / Roger-Viollet

The museum Quai Branly, Jacques Chirac has reopened its doors and is the perfect opportunity to see an exhibition in the form of ideal initiation to the classical art of the african continent. Discovering for example the works collected during his life by Helena Rubinstein, woman in destiny, legendary, which has conquered the world from his hometown of Krakow, with for only watchword beauty. Upon its installation in London, in 1908, she discovers, by his neighbour, the sculptor Jacob Epstein, what was called then the "negro arts" and waits for her sales when she is in Paris.

Captivated to her turn, she will gradually acquire many masterpieces undisputed – statue of queen bangwa, masks fang or dan breathtaking, set of crests and of rarities : she has the taste of the series – heads funeral Agni (Côte d'ivoire) –, all fiercely negotiated ! The exhibition makes perceptible the burning look of "Mrs." and tells the history of a collection, a time, a passion. In 1966, a year after his death, 361 lots from the african continent were dispersed to New York. Helene Joubert, head of the heritage unit Africa museum, was able to put together 66 pieces in this set major. An event.

The collection of Madame, until 27 September.

Arielle Dombasle and Nicolas Ker undress

In January, Arielle Dombasle has made the buzz by putting on her fish tail to join some ensorceleuses at the bottom of the sea and sing " We Bleed For The Ocean ", before you perish, suffocated with the cellophane. This clip-shock, viral, announced the release of his new album Empire, written and composed with Nicolas Ker, lead singer of dark Poni Hoax, its new soul sister musical, with which she had already released an album of punk rock (the duo had previously interpreted an excerpt on the roof of the Point Pop) and imagined the film gothic-fantastic Alien Crystal Palace.

Inspired by Philip K. Dick, David Bowie, Jim Morrison and Nick Cave, this album is the product of an alliance of weird rock and baroque. The Empire, which is Malkuth, the material world, " the final stage of the form dense and palpable ", "the place where the strength and form will degrade and break," explains Ker. In their latest clip, " Humble Guy ", they have been exploring this concept thoroughly. During a stroll at night, the skin of Arielle is plastic when she transforms into doll inflatable sexy. Captivating.

Empire (released 19 June at Barclay / Universal)

Fauda, chaos in the heart of Gaza

Attention, action series addictive on a hot topic : the israeli-palestinian conflict seen by Lior Raz (who is given the primary role of the agent Doron), the journalist Avi Issacharoff and screenwriter Noah Stollman (author of the miniseries israeli Our Boys) who approached with tact, without manichaeism or moral. If there is action and suspense in season 3, which takes place in the heart of Gaza, the psychological aspect of the characters, the traumas, the stress, the fractures caused within families, israeli and palestinian, can go hand in hand.

Only one bias : sticking closely not to news but to the reality, play skilfully between the two opposing camps, invent characters, integers, cops or terrorists, divided between their duty and their feelings. The strength and success of this series-shock are explained by this concern for authenticity, sincerity and the way to mix the spectacular and the intimate, the good and the evil, to reveal the humanity of the best of enemies, shake and explore the hate. Where the extreme tension and the suspense of Fauda, chaos in Arabic.

Available on Netflix

Fabcaro, welcome to absurdie

© © Editions Delcourt, 2020 – Fabcaro

Fabrice Caro, alias Fabcaro, is the author, who rises in the comic. Published in 2015, his album Zaï zaï zaï zaï, which tells the story of the pursuit of a professional designer by any one country to have forgotten his discount card in a supermarket ( !), has sold over 250 000 copies. In addition to this tidal wave of unexpected, one is watching now more and more small volumes in which, with an economy of means effective (repetition of a single tile on the board, blurred faces), Fabcaro deals with our contemporaries in a vein as acid as absurd.

In the second volume of the Open bar, you will learn as well as children who are clamoring for a story are no longer what they were, and that it is necessary to pay attention to the third pangolin if you want to submit an application to rent a house, and dealing with "manager council" the father of a classmate can expose them to dreadful punishments.

Open bar second tour of Fabcaro (Delcourt), 56 pages, € 12.50

Tune in to the music of the Big Blue

march 11, 1988, a film directed by Luc Besson and interpreted by the dreamer bald Jean-Marc Barr, the rigolard Jean René and the troubling Rosanna Arquette out in the dining room. This is the beginning of generation " Big Blue ". In 2018, on the occasion of 30 years of feature film, music composer Eric Serra and his musicians give two exceptional representations on The Seine Music, in Boulogne-Billancourt. At the beginning of march 2020, they are divided in ciné concert for a few tour dates. The containment was then forced to reschedule some concerts in the month of November.

To celebrate the 30 years of this to become cult film, the musician and DJ in the electronic scene Maud Geffray just remix the introduction worship " The Big Blue Overture ". Fan of the composer since childhood, French artist gives depth to the theme and causes new sea waves... A remix soaring set beautifully in pictures by the Dutch director Julius Horsthuis, a specialist in " fractals ", these cut-out shapes very graphic. Universal provides other outputs of this kind with all the catalog of Eric Serra. So, let's dive !

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