The choice culture of the Point : re-living the film, and as the great Bob Dylan - The Point

The sublime new album of Bob Dylan This is the great return of Dylan that we expected so much. This 39th installment, the first with original songs in eight y

The choice culture of the Point : re-living the film, and as the great Bob Dylan - The Point

The sublime new album of Bob Dylan

This is the great return of Dylan that we expected so much. This 39th installment, the first with original songs in eight years is one of its best vintages. The voice is hoarse, and patina, it is that of a crooner 79-year-old, which launches an introspective look without remorse on his life. "What are you lookin' at / There's nothing to see / Just a cool breeze that's encircling me ", chante-t-il in the " I Contain Multitudes ", the beautiful ballad blues scathing inspired by Walt Whitman, which opens the album. It is followed by " False Prophet ", a good old classic rock and roll, and then seven titles, sexy, poetic, cryptic, mysterious and rhythmic. If its brand new song of 17 minutes on the JFK assassination, which closes the album had left us both banned and fascinated (lacking a melody, one could not help but listen to it until the end), the Nobel Prize for literature 2016, genius of the storytelling melodic, proves he has lost none of his superb talent. The king of the folk, is not dead, long live the king !

Rough and Rowdy Ways (Columbia)

In the privacy of a couple of collectors

To expose the fabulous set of drawings French of Louis-Antoine and Véronique Prat, le Petit Palais has chosen to recreate the atmosphere of an intimate apartment, thick carpets and soft lighting, a little as if you were invited to have dinner at this couple of collectors. An invitation you do not refuse, because the walls, what wonders ! All the great names of French painting are there, from Nicolas Poussin to Georges Seurat, from Fantin-Latour to Manet, Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec, except that these great painters do not express themselves here in charcoal, pencil or brown ink revealing in these studies or these sheets preparatory to future paintings, more intimate, can be more free in their creation, letting you see the sketches, the hesitations and often the engineering, already.

" The Strength of the design. Masterpieces of the collection Prat ", up to 4 October 2020. Petit Palais, avenue Winston-Churchill, 75008 Paris

The return of the Elephant Man

After Eraserhead, the first feature-length experimental fascinating but, it must be said, a little... razor, David Lynch was going to sign in 1980, a masterpiece snapshot that was going to cause a tsunami of tears in the halls of the world : the Elephant Man. Inspired by a true story, set in the England of the Nineteenth century, the film follows the tragic fate of John Merrick (John Hurt), a male suffering since childhood from a rare genetic disorder and incurable disorder, neurofibromatosis, which produces many physical deformities. First exhibited as a freak show, "man-elephant" will finally be collected by a surgeon (Anthony Hopkins), who, while making him a subject of study, it will open the doors of the beautiful English company. Alternately terrifying, shocking and stunning beauty, the film is out in the dining room Monday in a magnificent restoration in 4K. Go ahead, you will not be deceived.

the Elephant Man by David Lynch (Carlotta/Studiocanal). In the dining room.

De Gaulle intimate

Just after the opening credits, the opening scene surprised him : a couple in bed wakes up slowly. A man leans lovingly towards a woman. It is recognized in the half-light Charles and Yvonne de Gaulle airport : Lambert Wilson and Isabelle Carré. The intimate images that give the tone, a personal and intrusive, from the movie of Gabriel Gabriel Le Bomin. The first in the history of cinema, devoted to general de Gaulle. It then finds the father of a family like any other in a beautiful home, La Boisserie, in Colombey-les-deux-Churches, in company of his wife and their three children, Philippe, who prepares Naval, Elizabeth, his tray and the little Anne, have down syndrome. Beyond the man who said " no " to the Germans and has only one obsession, to rescue France, De Gaulle focuses on the story of a couple in love, welded in the face of adversity and personal tragedies. And reveals the personality of a wife falsely erased, which will give her husband the strength to continue despite the defeat of 1940, still present in his ribs, in the choices he makes.

Mathias Malzieu, artist total

It was necessary to dare : for his new movie, A siren in Paris, adapted from his novel of the same name (Albin Michel), the musician, writer and film-maker Mathias Malzieu, lead singer of the band Dionysos, playing the card of the wonderful, rather rare in the cinema hexagonal. His hero, a singer, tries to rescue from bankruptcy the Flowerburger, the extraordinary houseboat inherited from her grandmother, and that the hull hides a concert hall. This ancestress resistant he has also bequeathed to him the delicate mission to be " surprisier ". Understand : how to create day-to-day reasons to marvel at. Las ! This "under-gifted in the mourning" has the broken heart. It is for this reason that when a mermaid injured fails near the Flowerburger, in favor of a big flood, there will be no danger listen to his song, unlike all the other men, including the throbbing stops soon. Reckless, he brings the creature home to care for it. Still it is necessary that it does not succumb to his charms... Play with the imaging a bit exhausted of the siren, a risky bet ? Yes, but successful. Anchored in a Paris-tinged magic realism, the film distils a charm. Because the filmmaker diverts the myth by the cocasserie and humor. The actors are in tune : the young Marilyn Lima as a mermaid in a graceful and ironic, Nicolas Duvauchelle, lonely in the heart atomized, but also Romane Bohringer, doctor hostile launched on the kits of the mermaid, and Rossy de Palma in nearby space. Malzieu has also composed the songs in the film, to find in Surprisier, the last album of his band, Dionysos. Once again, he confirms that he is an artist, a total creator of worlds, where poetry and nostalgia are queens.

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