The case of Maddie McCann: attorney Christian B. attacked investigators and the media: prejudgement | world

Christian B. is said to have abducted Maddie McCann and killed. His attorney says his client was facing "the world in the pillory". the case of Maddie McCa

The case of Maddie McCann: attorney Christian B. attacked investigators and the media: prejudgement | world

Christian B. is said to have abducted Maddie McCann and killed. His attorney says his client was facing "the world in the pillory".

the case of Maddie McCann : Christian B. is suspicious, the missing to have girls killed. A former well-Known tells that the Suspect had beaten an Ex-girlfriend. The lawyer of the Suspect speaks of an abuse by prosecutors and the media.

Update from Saturday, 27.06.2020, 11: 59 p.m.: of The defender Christian B. has practiced in an Interview with the news magazine "mirror" significant criticism of the Prosecutor's office and the media. He sees a prejudice of his client, the accused, to have 13 years ago in a Portuguese holiday resort, the small Maddie McCann and, later, killed, kidnapped.

The case "Maddie" has become the most well-known missing manhunt in recent history. Since the investigators went to in the beginning of June, with the suspicion against the German Christian B. to the Public, make reports about the currently Imprisoned in many places in the headlines.

stand by His client "in the world on the pillory," said attorney Frederick Fülscher the "mirror". In ""international media" he was exposed to "a prejudice". This would have caused the investigators, by their publication strategy he criticized. The Braunschweig Prosecutor's office have not mentioned the name of his client. This was "easy to identify because of the very individualized information is identifiable," says Fülscher.

Missing Maddie McCann: the Suspect, Christian B. without charge?

Update from Friday, 26.06.2020, 10:07 PM: Maddie McCann applies for 13 years as a missing . The main suspect in the case, Maddie Christian B. from Braunschweig, Germany. Now the state's attorney Christian Wolters declared to "focus" that one is "very sure" that Christian B. kidnapped the girl and killed her. However, the evidence would not be sufficient for an indictment. Hopefully, therefore, more time. According to the current state Christian B. cannot be so accused.

Christian B. is currently a 21-month sentence in Kiel. The Suspect in the case, Maddie was recently a request for release from detention. The state's attorney does not believe, however, that the application will succeed. "I can't imagine that happening in the current Situation," he said. Would remain Christian in prison, was still more time for the investigation.

the case of Maddie McCann: well-Known Christian B. comments

Update from Thursday, 25.06.2020, 16.22 PM: Meanwhile Christian B. is suspected the then-three-year-old Maddie McCann with the murder. A woman who had met Christian B. 2013 in Braunschweig, reveals in an Interview with "RTL", as the man said at the time about the Missing .

Christian B. opened a Kiosk, and the whole neighborhood invited. The Suspect told Lenta J., that he had lived a long time in Portugal. There, he had smaller Jobs. By drugs the Slip came. Christian B., the main suspect in the case, Maddie McCann, had seemed completely normal. "I would never have expected that he could do that to a child something like that," she says.

Missing Maddie McCann: Christian B. is said to have beaten his Ex-girlfriend

however, This is all just a facade, as it turned out later. Christian B. together was, in fact, according to Lenta J. at the time, with a 17-Year-old. This familiar Lenta J. that her Ex-boyfriend had beaten and choked. "You're very upset, whether he has made it, if he didn't do it," said Lenta J., to the allegations that Christian B. Maddie have murdered.

the case of Maddie McCann: What court is for Christian B. responsible?

first message of Thursday, 25.06.2020, 13.46 PM: Braunschweig - The district courts of Kiel and Braunschweig are at odds about who of them is a Suspect in the case, Maddie McCann has filed a request for early release from prison, is responsible. The court in lower Saxony, Braunschweig, Germany submitted the question of jurisdiction now before the Federal court of justice (BGH) for clarification. the Christian B. , the Suspect to the missing Maddie , would like to see the remaining prison time is suspended a already 2011 conviction.

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B. serving the punishment in a correctional facility in the state of schleswig-Holstein Kiel. Prior to his relocation, he was sitting in a prison in the lower Saxony town of Wolfenbüttel, near Braunschweig. There he was, according to the Braunschweiger land court an application for release from custody, which he withdrew later, however. Therefore, the judges are of the opinion that the colleagues in Kiel are now responsible for the decision. This will see the different.

Missing Maddie McCann: Christian B. is determined

For three weeks, it is known that the Prosecutor's office in Braunschweig against Christian B . because of the suspicion, the determined, since 2007, in the Portuguese Algarve missing British girl Maddie McCann murdered. B. used to live in Braunschweig, Germany, and is in many cases a criminal record, also because of child sexual abuse. With the case Maddie the decision on a suspension of the remainder of the sentence on probation has nothing to do to.

would Like to decide on the competent court, is open. Even in the case of an approval of the application B. would probably not be walking free. In the meantime, he was convicted by the regional court of Braunschweig because of the rape of a 72-Year-old in the Algarve in 2005 to seven years in prison. This penalty is currently being reviewed by the Federal court and is not appealable. All developments in the case of the missing Maddie, you can read in our previous Ticker. (mse)

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