The Queen of the German oilseed rape is now the past catches up

The Gangsta-Rap Sensation comes from Emmenbrücke, a suburb of Lucerne on lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Loredana Zefi hit in 2018, with her Song "sunglasses" li

The Queen of the German oilseed rape is now the past catches up

The Gangsta-Rap Sensation comes from Emmenbrücke, a suburb of Lucerne on lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Loredana Zefi hit in 2018, with her Song "sunglasses" like a bomb in the German Rap scene. The 24-year-old daughter of an immigrant from Kosovo celebrated since then in front of millions of followers in social media as a Star with Trash Appeal: fur and pouty mouth, Gucci and bare skin, Tattoo and finger.

their first tour was in March, after the Start in Leipzig, the Coronavirus victim. But the music goes on. Your latest number with KC Rebell and Summer means Cem: "Go Your way". The Song landed in the German Charts on place four. Already four of your pieces made it into this year on the One.

Loredana: sometimes casual, sometimes aggressive, always styled

almost three million Fans on Instagram presents Loredana sometimes casual, sometimes provocative, sometimes aggressive, but usually styled: as would the dyed hair is always blond, the lips are always full, and the eyes becoming cat-like.

The average happy Teenager of older photos is only recognized to a few moles in the face again. Speculation about plastic surgery has not commented on Loredana. For Interviews you is not currently available, as a spokesman for their management said.

with the "Mios"

The Gangsta-Rap is actually a male domain. You have to show the guy what it had on it, said Loredana in the spring in one of her rare Interviews in the Swiss "Weltwoche". "I want the Rap crown, the male. My message is: 'Hey, what these guys can, I can be better, and as a woman!'“

The level of the texts Loredana needs no comparison with their colleagues to shy away from: "I have a Million-a Million-Dollar Smile, peng, peng/The money, the Roli, all mine yeah, yeah/The business of running of alone, woo, woo". Or: "My face Is everywhere, on the title page/a sign that I do everything right'." Or: "Will the Mios see ey, not long superior to Cash."

"is white, My vest, but blank"

Whether Loredana wanted to see the "Mios" – of millions - perhaps even before the windfall, and its success, has at the moment, the public Prosecutor's office Lucerne, Switzerland. "It is true that we are investigating because of suspected fraud", says spokesman Simon Kopp. The Prosecutor made in may 2019 your apartment search. Not to be accused, as Loredana says, she is but, still only run investigations. When it goes, does not want to Kopp betrayed. In the "world week" affirms Loredana: "My vest is white, but blank." dpa/Henning Kaiser/dpa Loredana, a rapper from Switzerland (2019).

A Swiss waitress had filed a lawsuit and Loredana and her family in the Boulevard press, accused to have you a lot of money are brought. The waitress should have fallen on a popular Scam in: she has contact with a nice man on the Internet that suddenly needs money for his sick mother. You will lend him the money, hundreds of thousands of francs. Instead of repayment, there are only Promises.

Then a "lawyer" who wants to help, but also for the first time paid for will be answers. The waitress falls from the clouds, as she sees Loredana the face of the alleged "lawyer" of the day in the newspaper:. The nice man was Loredanas brother.

"I've put everything on the game"

In a press conference in Kosovo, the rapper later said of the plaintiff: "she was not forced, she was not threatened, and she was not deceived." She admits, however, that the members of your family had to do for 2016 with the woman. You yourself have seen, 2018, the opportunity to "settle this matter". "I've put everything on the game, my job, my music, my life – for my family, and I'm going to regret it never will."

Loredana grew up with seven brothers and two sisters. You have heard with your brothers a lot of Rap, she says. Then you have the Albanian Rapper Mozzik met that have inspired you. Mozzik it is also the father of their 2019-born daughter, Hana. The two now live separately.

you have already had during the commercial teaching of the feeling, "I'm coming out", not in the office, she said the "world week". But as her first music clip had been called within 48 hours 1.5 million times, whether you have been stunned. I thought: "Ou Shit, this is going to be!" More News from the world of culture and entertainment

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