The New Year's Concert will invoke Beethoven

Beethoven was the “culprit” of the establishment of the Vienna Philharmonic. Daniel said Froschauer, last Friday, December 27, at the start of the traditional p

The New Year's Concert will invoke Beethoven

Beethoven was the “culprit” of the establishment of the Vienna Philharmonic. Daniel said Froschauer, last Friday, December 27, at the start of the traditional press conference of presentation of the New Year Concert. The event took place at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna and was broadcast live through the website of the Austria Presse Agentur. The president of the Vienna Philharmonic, which is also one of his first violins, recalled the heritage we have the orchestra of the composer from Bonn, in the boot of the annals commemorating its 250th anniversary: “At the premiere of the Ninth symphony, participated at least two musicians, a trompista and a bassoonist, who some years later were founding members of our orchestra”.

The music of Beethoven will be one of the novelties on the New Year's Concert by 2020, it reaches its 80th edition. You will hear six of the Twelve contradanzas, published in 1802, one of which (the number 7) includes a subject's movement end of the Heroic Symphony. In the past, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, or Verdi and Wagner were similar homages. But Johann Strauss son will be the protagonist of the program, with five of the sixteen compositions, without counting the tips. None of them will be novelty, although there will be a nod to beethoven, the waltz ¡Abrazaos, millions of beings!, based on a verse of the famous ode To joy, from Schiller, who used Beethoven in his Ninth symphony, even though the waltz is dedicated to Brahms.

The other new features of this edition are pointing to his two brothers, Josef and Eduard. The first, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his death, includes four compositions, including three never-before-scheduled, as the exquisite waltz love Greetings. And two more of the small of the Strauss. Of the rest, will sound the music of Hans Christian Lumbye (the Strauss Danish) and the concert will open with the varied overture to the opera house The homeless, and Karl Michael Ziehrer. But Froschauer highlighted in the press conference the Gavotte of Josef Hellmesberger son, who was principal conductor of this orchestra in the time of Mahler: “For me it is a composer's really cool that you get to portray the character in the viennese-with a few notes.”

The traditional quote from the first of January will include two other commemorations. One is the 150 anniversary of the building of the Musikverein, the famous building of the Society of Friends of Music in Vienna. Inside, the orchestra has its headquarters, the famous Golden Hall, where he has always held this concert. The other memorial is the anniversary of the Salzburg Festival, the summer residence of the orchestra but also the place where Clemens Krauss created this format as a monographic concert of waltzes, polkas and marches of the family Strauss, in 1929. But nothing can displace the anniversary beethoven. Froschauer has commissioned two specialists a study about the relationship of the composer from Bonn with the origin of the orchestra. To explain how the technical difficulties of the symphonies of Beethoven were forced to create, in 1842, the first professional orchestra concert in Vienna with the best musicians of the Opera Imperial.

The Vienna Philharmonic will play at 2020 several cycles of the Beethoven symphonies in Paris, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. Direct Andris nelsons creek that you just burn it with them for Deutsche Grammophon. But it will also be on the front of your first New Year's Concert. “I feel like dancing a waltz,” he confessed fascinated during the press conference. This master Latvian, 41-year-old, made her debut with the Vienna Philharmonic, in October of 2010. But, in less than a decade, he has conquered your heart, has established itself as one of the leading directors of the time. Today, he combines the holdings of the Boston Symphony and the Leipzig Gewandhaus. A true wunderkind who combines a talent overflowing with a natural simplicity. Nelsons creek he spoke of the honor and the responsibility of the invitation, but also took his own importance. “I think the orchestra knows this music better than any director,” he acknowledged with a smile looking to Froschauer.

Alexander Wrabetz, director general of the ORF, explained after the details of the 62nd relay this media “concert of concerts”, which in Spain can be seen live through 1 with the comments from Martín Llade. Will Michael Beyer at the front of the completion. And, in the choreography of the two scenes recorded of ballet, will debut the Spanish José Carlos Martínez, National Prize for Dance in 1999. The waltz ¡Abrazaos, millions of beings! it will be located in the Winter Palace of Prince Eugene, the same place where he is negotiating the coalition government in Austria between the Popular and the Green. And the contradanzas of Beethoven will be in two ancient residences of the composer in the austrian capital, in the Pfarrplatz, and Döbling. The relationship of Beethoven with Vienna will be devoted, in addition, the traditional documentary film of the intermediate, which this year will direct Georg Riha.

Froschauer dedicated their last words to praise the work of the Department of Parks and Gardens of the City of Vienna which is dedicated to the decoration of the Golden Room. “Make it possible for you the most beautiful, the same thing that we in the orchestra, as this is not a job but a mission”.

The ‘March Radetzky’, desnazificada

In the floor to questions from the press, nelsons creek showed to be hesitant to clarify what the director of the Concert of the New Year he had been most impressed you in the past. There he remembered his mentor, the newly disappeared, Mariss Jansons, but yes of Carlos Kleiber. “For me it was a genius supernatural,” he said. Froschauer clarified, then the new version that will listen to you and palmeará this year of Marcha Radetzky , Johann Strauss father. This work is played as a tip in the New Year's Concert, since 1946, in an arrangement of the composer and member of the nazi party, Leopold Weninger. Nikolaus Harnoncourt opened the 2001 edition with the original version, which has an instrumentation more simple. But the president of the orchestra, in agreement with nelsons creek, has preferred to commission a new arrangement. “We just don't feel comfortable with this”, he concluded.

Date Of Update: 29 December 2019, 07:00