The French, it is enough

The conviction for rape against Harvey Weinstein from Tuesday comes at a time when France is shaken for months by a scandal, whose extent is that he has not b

The French, it is enough

The conviction for rape against Harvey Weinstein from Tuesday comes at a time when France is shaken for months by a scandal, whose extent is that he has not been perceived for decades as such.

You have to ask yourself what's worse: that today, 83 years of age writers in great detail reported on the sexual delights that him in dealing with 14-year-old girl and Thai boy shook, or that hardly anyone in France seemed to mind.

only Now, after the unveiling of the book the publisher Vanessa Springora, which was used as a 14-Year-old Gabriel Matzneff for over a year, miss, debated the country about his indifference towards sexual Men; a country where intellectuals like Matzneff, the pedophilia, of all things, as an expression of sexual liberation from the Catholicism were celebrated.

"Feminist puritans inside"

With his brags of the writers seemed to confirm, what is France to blame the #MeToo movement, and even many feminists to trivialize the sexual abuse under the pretext of erotic tolerance. In fact, the list zudringlicher French goes back a long way: from the Marquis de Sade about André Gide, Georges Bataille, Serge Gainsbourg to Michel Foucault. This was recommended in the Ernst, to let the children decide for themselves whether they wanted to have adult Sex.

The first cause for indignation had given to the #MeToo women but a lusty writer. But the open letter from 100 French Actresses, artists, scientists, and journalists, had released this two years ago, under the leadership of the actress Catherine Deneuve in "Le Monde".

"A rape remains a crime, Intrusive Flirting is not", did you input it clear. Then they criticized the extreme representatives of the #MeToo movement, the generalizations you were the Puritan collection back. To defame the men as a Whole, referred to the French as "fever" and wrote, this attitude of serving "the enemies of sexual freedom, the religious extremists and, in the worst Reactionary". The French psychoanalyst Elisabeth Roudinesco went further and spoke of "neo-liberal, feminist puritans the inside".

police refused to help

to talk about The worldwide. Feminists except were, perceived the criticism as a repudiation of the role. The debate of the last two months in France to read that sexual abuse is no longer accepted as a variant of erotic freedom. As further evidence of this find, how hard France with the sexual men doing violence. Still, again and again.

This is already evident in the behavior of the police, the judiciary and politics. Last year alone, 100 women in France came through domestic violence to death. Repeatedly, the police refused, oppressed women to come to the aid of. The media also remember in these weeks to a French judicial decision three years ago. He said a 22-Year-old from accusations of rape, because the then 11-year-old girl had consented to the act. A year later, the Assemblée Nationale decided to have Sex with Minors, not to punish, although the protection was age 15 to the act.

Overdue confrontation

That a like Gabriel Matzneff was his pädosexuellen attacks for decades, celebrating, values, conservative critics as a perverse consequence of 1968. Regardless of the time, consent is a downright bizarre. And shocking that this was as long as normal. As to justify the creation of a culture of sexuality of violence.

France, this displacement of power is overdue. And it can also be used as power of the #MeToo-motion read to have this confrontation accelerated.

That the same movement has criticized the 100 women for the right to sensuality, to demand, shows its other side: the authoritarian, doctrinaire. So the men are otherwise.

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Updated Date: 02 March 2020, 15:01

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