The Danish midfielder of personal criticism: 'It was insanely hard - I was hit'

"I think personally, it was incredibly hard for the finals. For me it was also hard to read, I'm still a young player." Althea Reinhardt clearly remember E

The Danish midfielder of personal criticism: 'It was insanely hard - I was hit'

"I think personally, it was incredibly hard for the finals. For me it was also hard to read, I'm still a young player."

Althea Reinhardt clearly remember EM last year and the criticism of the national team.

Both of the game, but also the personal part, who among other things went on, that the players were too boring. At the same time hit the 23-year-old goalie into a bad streak, where several games in a row did not go as she wanted and hoped.

"It was the first time in my case, I have experienced harsh criticism - also on me as a person, and this I can remember was something I worked a lot with," she says.

She came from a season with the Odense Handball, which had been good. But at the european championships in Nantes drove it is not, as she would have it. Something she needed to hear from the 'other' too, like it was hard to let the brand be to read with.

"It is incredibly hard. We are humans and think about what people say. It was an incredibly tough finals, both for the team, but also personally. It was also incredibly instructive to get back to the club and take it and say I should be stronger by it. It was a hard lesson, but perhaps it was also important as the player to get," reflects landsholdsmålmanden.

It's not about, she can't recognise, where she plays a poor match. She can good. But it was several games in a row, and it was also difficult working conditions.

"I just think, that was it, that did hurt. Fair enough, you may have a poor match, but it was a period of time, you should through and through, was insanely hard. I am looking forward to this finals," says Althea Reinhardt with regard to the WORLD cup in Japan.

Just as she stood in it - both during and after the fighting last year, she could put it a little away, but it could hit, when she went into the guest room.

"I could look at Mie (Højlund, eds.) some times and say, I just had to spend 10 minutes to cry it out here, it was insanely hard. When I came home, I was insanely hit. It was nice to get home to the family and talk out too much of what you do, you always loved that," said Althea Reinhardt.

Subsequently, she has tried to take the constructive hat on. When the disappointment had settled, she worked hard in the club and tried to turn the situation to both to become stronger and extra motivated.

at the same time, she stresses, too, that the majority of the attention around the team is positive. Both she and the rest of the team only want to make it fun for both the press and the audience.

"I think there has been an Cratosslot approach, people have wanted our personalities. I think the, many have good personalities on this team, and I hope that we can show. It has been insanely hard, to people who do not know a judge as both the player and the person, in spite of they do not know who I am. I think a little is being done," says Althea Reinhardt.

Sporting the criticism is fair. It is the number that is spoken to.

"But on the personal, where I also have been criticized a little bit, hit it of course. We will like to look as good as possible. It was a process for me the first time to have to rest enough in myself and know that even if someone is sitting and writing it here, so it does not mean that it is how I am as a person. There I turned it to that so have I also done something wrong, if this is how they look on me. I would like to give more of myself and show I'm just as human as everyone else, that I'm down on the ground. It has meant a lot and been a good learning for such a finals," says målvogteren.

She was with the national team for the first time at the age of 18 and has developed a lot the last four years. It has also been about to learn a lot of things.

For the same time she was thrown in the spotlight as a midfielder, she was also still in the process of learning itself to know.

She was about to move away from home, and there was a lot of things. A learning process that in one way or another all the time is, the more experienced you become.

She is evolving all the time and also hope she is going to show more on both good and evil. Last year she called on tv a question after a poor match for the 'provocative' when she was frustrated over a performance, there had not been a particularly good one.

"It is also to give something. For me it is also important to dare to say, I have had a bad day, and it did not work out for me. Sometimes it is also vulnerable for a while to say 'I was really bad today'. I would also like to be better at," says the 23-year-old goalie.

Date Of Update: 25 November 2019, 07:00