The Arms! - Scratches on the Ego: Paradise Hotel starts with a round of pity

Bright blue skies, summer temperatures and a huge swimming Pool directly in front of the door - a perfect place to fall in love properly. Ten Singles want to -

The Arms! - Scratches on the Ego: Paradise Hotel starts with a round of pity

Bright blue skies, summer temperatures and a huge swimming Pool directly in front of the door - a perfect place to fall in love properly. Ten Singles want to - supposedly - exactly, and went into one of the most beautiful Hotels in Mexico, in order to find true love. Or at least new Followers for Insta-profile. Eleven consequences of long-RTL shows the second season of the dome show "Paradise Hotel" - until in the end the big decision is: to Notify the winning couple, the winning prize of 20,000 euros or one of two for the money decides what the other one goes away empty-handed? And the eleventh Single that breaks the Pair-arithmetic operates as desired as a splitter?

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In the opening sequence, the TVNOW-subscribers were allowed to see before, had to check in the boys and girls for the first time - and shared already self-aware of what you want in a Partner. "To me, power men, if you have a Sexblick," says a waitress, Michelle. She has a lot to offer. "I've had my lip injections. Fake Hair, Fake Nails. And made" Chey conquered the men with a very refined method: "If to me someone like that, then I smile mostly just to and then wait until he comes." There is actually nothing wrong.

TVNOW tele show "Enjoy it" - Tattoo-message just below the belt line

at The Hotel, the guys in front of the Check had to clarify In yet very important questions. "How is it with you with Sex in front of the Cam?", wanted to know Tobi and revealed that he was working as a Stripper. Huiuiui. But not only that, he had to directly get rid of something. "I once worked in a sex shop. As a seller," said David - who by the way has a very special Tattoo is: "Directly on the Penis it 'Enjoy it'".

After the girls under the guidance of presenter Angela Finger-Erben had chosen their favorites, went to the first meeting in the rooms of their chosen ones. Tuncay and Chey got on well right away (Tuncay: "I just have to say, visually, the how Ar fits... on the bucket to me"). Also twin brother Yücel seems to be his roommate Chelly to like it, because: "The eye eats always. You don't eat a Pizza, if the mold is on it."

Only in the case of Julia and Tobi it went less well. Although Tobi was sprayed lips "aesthetic" and she was able to offer also ("Almost every Second makes"), he was her perfect and shaved especially. "I need a man with hair." Also, you may prefer men with a belly, no six pack, dear "Teddy-nature-wise". Ouch, that's the "Ken-type not heard" is so fond of.

TVNOW Teleschau Eleventh Single on the shows - but no one wants to be him

At the first Party of the eleventh a Single to the should the round a little bit: Omar, a budding Student from Hannover, joined. During a conversation with Chey, he was interrupted already rudely - by Cheys elect Tuncay ("My girl is the best on the force"), "before it gets any more serious between the two". Omar took it calmly: "I'm nothing out of it."

a Little later he was no longer so calm. None of the girls wanted to leave your previously chosen for the toned lower Saxony. "For me, of course silly", said the Scorned bent. "Scratches on the Ego." - "The poor," said Michelle. "You can't go out of pity to him, this is shit." It didn't help Omar had to room to single. After that, Andi was still a clever prank idea: Tobi should be Stripping in front of a self-selected lady. The the could not say twice and opted for Andis bed neighbor, Luisa. As it is well-liked?

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TVNOW tele look of panic and not a Hero Spider in sight

After a nasty spider on Cheys and Tuncays room was still waiting. While Chey, all kinds of insects hating, hoped for a hero in Tuncay, offered this bold his help. "Shall I kill the time? I am now drunk, now I trust me." He had just before "dark snakes" and "Scorpions" fear. But then the spider was gone. "The Tuncay has not helped me. Of the has Yes, full of panic," revolted Chey. "I can't sleep when I know that the is in there somewhere." And also the real Hero doubt the rest of his night. "Of course I'll fall asleep quickly, but if this is not healthy, then with a spider ..."

A decision had to be this Time, but sure is that it will be in the next episodes very exciting. Because Andi, the "Bad Boy with a heart", who had already hinted that he only finds his neighbor's bed Luisa attractive, but also Julia. Because conflicts are inevitable.

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