Terrible and fantastic: What experts have to provide with rigged Videos

it doesn't exist yet, but, nevertheless, it can see with their own eyes: The "Guardians of the Galaxy"Star Chris Pratt with hat, whip and leather jacket with

Terrible and fantastic: What experts have to provide with rigged Videos

it doesn't exist yet, but, nevertheless, it can see with their own eyes: The "Guardians of the Galaxy"Star Chris Pratt with hat, whip and leather jacket with the Indiana Jones. He sneaks into a temple to steal a gold statue and beats with nasty Nazi henchmen.

Although Chris Pratt was a few years ago for the role of the archaeologist in a new edition of the "Indiana Jones"movies in the conversation. But not came of it. Harrison Ford is so far the only Indiana Jones. That these scenes exist, nevertheless, is thanks to a YouTuber by the name of Shamook and the deep fake technology.

So deep fakes

deep fakes work to work by means of machine Learning. Is: With Thousands or even tens of thousands of images of a Person with an Artificial intelligence (AI) learns, such as, for example, the face of Chriss Pratt expressions in different parts of the face, when you Speak, and the looks from different angles. It is a so-called Model, that can put what they have learned in the face with exactly the same facial Expressions over an existing face, such as the Harrison Ford in a Video is created.

This is a compute - and especially time-consuming process. Even short deep fake Videos can cost several days or weeks of computation on a powerful computer. The longer an Artificial intelligence learns and the more images of a Person whose face is to be installed in a movie, the better and more convincing the results are. For small experiments, a Desktop may be sufficient-PC. For elaborate productions deep fake artists use Cloud Computing services.

Actresses in porn in

mounted for the First time three years ago, deep fakes created a world-wide excitement. At that time, known to use members of the Community platform Reddit the technique to blend the faces of porn Actresses with the faces of Actresses like Gal Gadot or Daisy Ridley. The Reddit group, in which the was held, was subsequently closed. In addition, such Porn are banned in most of the Fakes meanwhile, many of the porn portals in several countries.

A special law to such an Porn deep fakes it most of the time. However, they were, according to legal experts and the Federal government is a violation of the right of personality and, thus, also punishable.

According to the deep fake artists such as Shamook and the other, the combination of deep fakes and pornography, the Reputation of the technology has harmed clearly. "Even if I tell friends what I'm doing, they laugh and joke that I've probably created porn with them," says Shamook in an Interview with the magazine 1E9. This is frustrating. Because the Potential of the KI-Fake-technology is very large. In fact, deep fakes to the powerful culture and art of tool are good and have already begun to change the Film, pop culture and media world.

deep fakes of cinema hits amuse even the actors

On YouTube today, the numerous deep fakes, the alternate film realities open up. The YouTuber EZRyderX47, for example, has created a Video that shows how a Remake of "Back to the future"movies with the "Iron starring Man" and "Spider-Man"-Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland would look in the main roles, and even the actor himself amused.

Other Videos to combine in this way, films like "The Matrix" and "Everything is Routine", or illustrate what it would look like if John Travolta had accepted the main role in "Forrest Gump". He had been once offered in front of Tom Hanks.

Almost belongs to the standard it deep-fake-artists, on the other hand, fake Nicolas Cage in all sorts of roles and characters. He is the super hero Wolverine, and every character from the cult series "Friends". Similarly, Elon Musk, founder of rocket company SpaceX is Zuckerberg, the protagonist in "2001: a space Odyssey", Steve Buscemi to Jennifer Lawrence and the Android Data from "Star Trek" to Mark. Some culture experts see the beginning of a new Era of the Mash-up and Remix culture and the democratization of AI technologies.

deep fakes in Hollywood - which is cheaper

Meanwhile, Hollywood is increasingly showing interest in the deep fake technology. Which could be used effects, in many cases, expensive computer, such as you, Supplement, but also replace. Best Example Of This?

In the Netflix Gangster epic "The Irishman" have rejuvenated the iconic actor Robert De Niro and Al Pacino for several million euros with intricately modelled 3D-Digital-faces. The result is convinced, however, many viewers may not. To lifeless and artificial, the makeover worked.

A deep fake artist then demonstrated how it would be much better and cheaper. Namely, by using Thousands of recordings from the early films, the actor, the young faces by means of a deep fake-Software-generated. The results seem, at least in part, significantly more natural and less like by means of Computer-projected screens. In fact, the first Effect has taken over the process already for a movie. In "Detective Pikachu" has been rejuvenated, the 70-year-old actor Bill Nighy for a few seconds-long scene by means of deep fake by a few years.

The reason? It was much cheaper.

Also, Disney is working on deep fakes

"We were able to take a younger face of the actor and the deep fake-train Model on it," said Tim Webber of Framestore. Other Special-Effects companies such as WETA Digital and Digital Domain, the films are, for example, for the effect of spectacle in the Marvel-super-heroes-responsible, a look at the technology and work on their own Software. Partly also with the help of deep fake artists that became known through their Videos on YouTube. And also the research Department of the "Mickey mouse" and "Star Wars"-Disney is working on deep fakes for the big screen.

"the Potential of the deep fakes have to see, want to find out what is going on and how you can use that also," says an anonymous deep fake artist, the author of this text is working with a British effects Studio, in an upcoming superhero movie the face of stunt performers against that of an actor to be replaced. The deep fake artist Shamook says in a conversation that deep fakes are now his profession and he has already "worked with several Special Effects companies and Hollywood producers".

AI can the faces of the Stuntmen

FOCUS Online / Shuang Liu DLDaily

– to the Positive, if we get it right. At the digital conference DLD, the as FOCUS Online, Hubert Burda Media, discuss several times in the year leading experts about how digitisation can succeed. For DLDaily FOCUS Online have the whole year with people, the concepts for the digital future: with innovative politicians, visionary thinkers, creative entrepreneurs. We explain the new technologies and show how they can be in their professional and private lives. All DLDaily article, you can find here.

The possibilities of deep fakes in Film and television could grow thanks to professional Software, more effective and faster learners, Artificial intelligences, and large-scale computers quickly. Replacing a Stuntman faces and the Taper of the actors is only the beginning.

actors are going to be to historic people

Among other things, it would be feasible to turn into a biographical film productions as an actor or an actress with the AI-technology, visually in, the Person who he or she pretends to be. What that might look like, is to be seen in a YouTube Video. There was replaced in scenes from the biographical Comedy-Drama "The Disaster Artist" the face of the actor James Franco is the title character, Tommy Wiseau.

Deceased actors celebrate the resurrection

Similarly, long-dead actors could be brought back. This happened in the case of the 1994 late Peter Cushing with a lavish 3D reconstruction of his face. As a result, he appeared in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story". With a deep fake-technology that could be significantly less expensive and thus even the rule. Also, the actor might already by means of extensive photo and film recordings of visually archiving. In her old age she could Shine thanks to the deep fake technology still in youthful beauty on the canvas.

And this may not be only what relates to the face, but possibly the entire body. Already in 2018, the University of California, Berkeley, published a study of how movements are visually indistinguishable from a filmed body to another. The University of Trento tried similar. Still, the results look anything but convincing. But this was the first deep-fake-face exchange experiments as well. This means that an actor could wear in a few years on the canvas, the quasi-digital deep fake body of another actor as a costume.

viewers can pick and choose who plays the main role

it is Conceivable, even, that the viewer can choose a movie or a series, who do you want to see in the main role. A spectator could even find yourself in a movie integrate. Because the AI-computational processes, which are currently, due to the required computing performance is slow and time-consuming, could already. in the near future at the speed of light, and thus in a matter of seconds to expire Hereby, then each could be a super hero or Star of his favorite series.

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