Ten restart-wisdom from Hollywood's verblüffendstem Superstar

At first glance, he is a hard-to-predictable type, to the second still. Matthew McConaughey, a native Texan, Born in 1969, has also acts friendly like tough tra

Ten restart-wisdom from Hollywood's verblüffendstem Superstar

At first glance, he is a hard-to-predictable type, to the second still. Matthew McConaughey, a native Texan, Born in 1969, has also acts friendly like tough trains, immensely approachable, still has the Aura of the artist.

for a Long time, from the first appearances in the 90s-films like "Dazed and Confused" or "The Jury" to the Everybody's-Darling-comedies of the early 2000s, also knew Hollywood is not exactly where it should be it was put – up McConaugheys later Kickstart as an actor, even with the 2014 Best-Actor-Oscar-rewarded. His latest work, the Guy Ritchie directed gangster drama "The Gentlemen", is now on DVD, Blu-ray and Stream available.

1. Don't stamp

Who knows what would have happened had Matthew McConaughey in 1996 – as a Hollywood Rookie this role as the heroic Ship traveling get, for he was in the conversation. In the end the Job went to Leonardo DiCaprio with "Titanic" to be a world star. And McConaughey was soon in the career of the case back: The Fans of romantic comedies like "the Wedding Planner" or "How do I get rid of him in 10 days?" loved him as a dream-Buddy, he seemed to be on the role of the surfing son-in-law.

He steered aware of it. Break, made a change and launched the career of an American critic beautifully "McConaissance" was baptizing. The art-house audience could not believe its eyes as it saw him as an Aids activist in "Dallas Buyers Club", or as a quirky Cop in "True Detective". Connoisseurs had to admit that McConaughey is a great actor – and even before that was. His Oscar is a Symbol that you should not accept any Typecasting without a fight.

2. Learn from the best role models

One of McConaugheys childhood hero motorcycle jump artists Evel Knievel was. Subsequently he is not jealous of him, because his true Idol was sitting next to him at the kitchen table. "My father was a salesman for Oil Pipelines," he says. "Since I was eleven or twelve, he took me on his travels, and during the hour-long rides we had some great father-son talks."

Matthew has two older brothers, but in the relationship with the father is the strongest family bond was. In 1992, he died, saw the son in the big movies. The mentioned him prominently in the Oscar speech: "For you, Dad – you taught me what it means to be a man."

3. Stay true to your style

The recommendation sounds in connection with a change-capable man absurd, but those who look deeper, the logic is this: On not a single photo that shows him on red carpets, parties, or private, sees McConaughey as he had been of any of the counselors dressed or trying to imitate a foreign image.

preferences, such as the light brown of the leather jackets that he wore around the turn of the Millennium, often, or the slim cut suits of the early McConaissance-Phase evolutions were moving but always in the spectrum of a very durable, timeless gentlemanly fashion. The exception of the white Tuxedo, Dolce & Gabbana, in which he accepted the 2014 Oscar's. So he wanted to be noticed definitely.

4. You to keep

After College, McConaughey wanted to study actually, Jura, changed his plans then. Not because it seemed to him a hard time – but because he travel to other continents is simply more practical knowledge, more learning effects promised.

"I have found through this adventure a whole new way of life," he says. "I see many things in life today is very much more relaxed than in the past. Travel broadens, it is said – and there is definitely something to it. I've seen a lot of poverty and people living with brutal strokes of fate. I, however, had a lot of luck in life, and I appreciate each and every day.“ Man, he remains a traveler. Charlie Hunnam Fast on the train: Tom Wu (l) and Charlie Hunnam in Guy Ritchie's "The Gentlemen", since 10.07 for home cinema available

5. The pace you take in the right Moment out of the

Matthew McConaughey is only in 2005, has not been from the "People"magazine, the infamous "Sexiest Man Alive"title, he played the role at the time was also private to perfection. Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Penelope Cruz and Janet Jackson are among his celebrity Ex-Girlfriends, he fit perfectly into the template of the man who can burn anything.

Until 2006, the Brazilian Model Camila Alves met and actually started a family. "I think a man is really in life, when he is once become a father," says McConaughey today's way of life. And not: in 2008, enough for him of course, since he was 38, came to the first son, almost two years later, the daughter, the second son. Since 2012, he is married to Camila Alves. A reboot can also mean finally getting anywhere.

6. Stay> nevertheless, mobile

"I'm hanging insanely on our Airstream," says Matthew McConaughey. "The car is for me something of a meditation temple. Sometimes I go alone on short trips in the nearby national parks, we often go on holiday together but also all. I remember how we took with our oldest son, the first Road trip in my homeland Texas and Related to Louisiana under the. Almost 8000 miles, so exciting. On the way, we have celebrated my birthday with a befitting a picnic at the Grand Canyon.“

7. Treat others with maximum respect

Who is talking about men in Hollywood, today is the goal of this question hanging: How do you behave towards the women of Hollywood, especially those in the power structure among them? If you talk to McConaughey on the subject, he tells an old story.

As he came into puberty, together he sat on one of the father-and-son trips in the evenings with dad. "Then he began to speak about the Female and the women. ‘ Son', he said, ,you're gonna be a whole new feelings you feel. Remember one thing: If you kiss a girl or touch, and you make even the slightest of hesitation in your party, leave immediately, the Finger of her.‘“ An amazingly clear message – it has to be clarified for the young and older Matthew everything. He wants to give to his sons.

8. Think about what you really need

You need to be a sustainability activist to sing a song of praise to the waiver. In the case of Matthew McConaughey also life experience and a healthy, rich mind. "Basically, I'm a Minimalist and don't need much to be happy," he says in the Interview about his relationship with the consumer. "If one keeps his life simple, you can focus better on the important things."

With the family he lives outside of Austin, Texas, with forest and river on the doorstep. He has, of course, still a yacht, we see him. She's probably more of a minimalist.

9. Think about the future of the other

62,000 dollars brought in to the auction, the McConaughey in August 2006, on Ebay held. The highest bidder got his 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – the money went to Oprah Winfrey's Foundation, Angel Network, which advocated for the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

While the Charity work for many Celebrities such as mandatory debt, does McConaughey have the impression that his actions have something wonderfully Impulsive. His charity organization is called Just Keep Livin’ Foundation, is committed to a Teenager, especially in the area of education.

"The goal is to help you achieve an active, healthy life style, in order that decent men and women," he says. "I am conservative enough to believe that Kids need guidance and role models from whom they can learn." That he wants to be the good inspiration to continue, which he got from his father, is probably not too much of a stretch.

10. Keep your shirt on

The practical advice at the end. Today, McConaughey with a Shudder thinking of the years he was with the industry and the audience a well known, at every opportunity absurd to show his six-pack. "I was never conscious from the house to the world my torso present", he defends himself. "I'm a sports fanatic, find sweaty T-Shirts yucky – so I went up without Jogging." As always, the time is over. In a reasonable Gentleman's wardrobe Matthew McConaughey looks already much better.

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