Ten of the Rolex watch models are worth this year, particularly for the purchase

The enormous value of the Rolex brand is also due to the fact that Rolex has imposed on itself an elegant restraint when it comes to communication around its pr

Ten of the Rolex watch models are worth this year, particularly for the purchase

The enormous value of the Rolex brand is also due to the fact that Rolex has imposed on itself an elegant restraint when it comes to communication around its products.

It is your key to a mystique around the brand, which fascinated people all over the world. Also read: This Rolex watch is the best value investments

Why Rolex are so valuable?

Rolex is also today the most valuable watch brand in the world, because it produces incomparable products of high precision and reliability. The classic sports Rolex watch models have each of your clearly defined field of application in which a watch is often life-important decisions. There are watches for divers, sailors, pilot or world traveler.

The GMT-Master was developed for the pilots of the American Pan Am Airline, which wanted to counter the jet lag, a watch, two time zones simultaneously shows.

The Submariner was developed specifically for divers and the Milgauss introduced in the fifties as an anti-magnetic watch for people in the environment of strong electromagnetic fields, worked, of the type found in power plants, nuclear research labs, or a computer tomograph. Read also: how discreet is the Dalai Lama wearing his Rolex

What Rolex models by collectors particularly in demand?

Many collectors are thrilled, therefore, particularly of models that can be associated with researchers or athletes in conjunction. The Submariner, for example, the was made, among Others, by James Bond famous. In the development of the models, there are, of course, the almost imperceptible peculiarities, which have led, over the decades, the models of a particular exclusivity, because a minimum had a stock change on the housing or dial for only a short period of time.

to recognize This and to could the increase in value due to a red lettering or a different crown to quantify, is the high school of the rolex collection. Also read: The most important movements at a Glance

These 10 Rolex models be worth in 2020, particularly

The power of retaining the model policy, the watches over the decades, grown-up icons. A Submariner by 2020 still resemble a Submariner from 50 years ago. Even if you are away technologically in the Interior, far from it.

With these 10 models, you can do nothing wrong, because you yourself will be in another 50 years, an icon of the art of watchmaking and the probability that there are these models in perhaps only a modified Form, still, is very high. Read also: This new custom Rolex is a camouflaged jewel

1. The Rolex Submariner Date Oyster Steel Ref. M116610LV-0002 "Hulk"

Rolex watch GQ style

it is actually called "Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Oyster steel with green Cerachrom bezel and green dial and large luminous hour markers". Or to say it short: the Rolex "Hulk”. Was introduced in 2010 and has been thrilled with their distinctive color immediately the watches fans. The Green changes in different light conditions from bright to dark green. Unfortunately, she is also sought after ultra. 8.750 €

2. The Rolex Day-Date 40 18 Karat Everose Gold Ref. 228235-0003

Rolex watch GQ style

This watch is a strong Statement, and like Rolex self-proclaimed, was taken of this model, "more presidents, leaders and Visionary than any other watch". The matching bracelet has been specially designed and aptly named "President" called. 40.900 €

3. The Rolex Datejust 36 Oyster Steel Ref. M126200-0002

Rolex watch GQ style

Probably the most popular model of Rolex. Was introduced in 1945 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the watchmaker, and it was also the first Time that the today's distinctive Jubilee bracelet was used. The Datejust is the first wristwatch with a date will automatically change just before midnight. 6.550 €

4. The Yacht-Master 42 18-Carat White Gold Ref. M226659-002

Rolex watch GQ style

Rolex presents the new model lines so rare that you have the same switch period: Since 1967, there were only two launches. The Yacht-Master was introduced in 1992 and the Sky-Dweller 2012. The Yacht-Master is with its case made of white gold, the Matt black bezel and the oyster Flex-rubber strap is the epitome of a sporty, but subtle, Stealth-luxury watch. £ 23.100

5. The Rolex Air-King Ref. M116900-0001

Rolex watch GQ style

The unusual dial of the Air-King shares the markings between the hours and minutes. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf developed the Air-King for RAF pilots in the battle of Britain. This newly-designed Air-King was introduced by Rolex in 2016 with a larger housing of 40 mm. The green seconds hand in the brand color of Rolex is this watch unique. 6.000 €

6. The Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126710BRLO"Pepsi"

Rolex watch GQ style

A Rolex watch is the ultimate Adventurer's watch is a GMT. In 1955, it was introduced with the legendary 24-hour scale on the bezel, and received the nickname of "Pepsi". The red-and-black "Cola" was released in 1983. The latest Version of steel offers an ultra-modern movement and a more elegant jubilee bracelet. Apart from that, has changed the Design in 60 years, what constitutes their special charm, the Rolex Aficionados straight to a series of standstill. 9.000 €

7. The Rolex Explorer Ref. 214270 'MKII'

Rolex watch GQ style

The first Explorer reference 1016 was almost 30 years in production, until it was taken in 1989 from the program. She is THE Explorer and their Design determines up to today the successor models. It was developed for explorers and is equipped with paraflex shock absorbers to give you a higher shock resistance. A predecessor of this reference was in the first ascent of Mount Everest and Bond author Ian Fleming owned a Ref 1016. Latest Explorer, the 214270 'MKII' in 2016. 6.050 €

8. The Rolex Submariner Oyster Steel Ref. M116610LN-001

Rolex watch GQ style

The template for the Genre in the mechanical diving watch par excellence. This classic Rolex Submariner with black dial and black bezel something for the purists and is similar to today, the first Submariner. Who is simple kind of like it, dispensed with the date and takes the “No Date”. 8.350 €

9. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Oyster Steel Ref. M114300-0004

Rolex watch GQ style

If you had to choose a watch that fits for the Rest of your life to any Outfit and in any Situation, then this would be the right choice. The Oyster Perpetual has received the 2015 Update, which included a new and larger 39 mm case instead of 36 mm, an oyster bracelet and a series of dials in Blue, red grape and dark Rhodium. 5 300 €

10. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oyster Steel Ref. M116500LN

Rolex watch GQ style

Paul Newman Daytona of 1968, the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction remains. For stunning 17.8 million US dollars in a collector received in 2017 the contract. The current Daytona is the most advanced Chronograph, the Rolex has ever produced and today is at least as popular as back then. A real icon and a secure Bank. 12.250 €

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