TRANS enemy Tweets: Harry Potterauthor J. K. Rowling releases anger and disappointment out | culture

Already several times expressed himself in the "Harry Potter"author J. K. Rowling, TRANS-hostile, and thus Fans upset. Now actor Daniel Radcliffe takes a posi

TRANS enemy Tweets: Harry Potterauthor J. K. Rowling releases anger and disappointment out | culture

Already several times expressed himself in the "Harry Potter"author J. K. Rowling, TRANS-hostile, and thus Fans upset. Now actor Daniel Radcliffe takes a position.

J. K. Rowling has triggered on Twitter again anger and indignation. The " Harry Potter "-the author published a series of TRANS-enemy Tweets . In addition to the numerous activists also " Harry Potter "-actor Daniel Radcliffe take the word

The " Harry Potter " author Joanne K. Rowling is currently again in the center of the outrage, after it sold on Saturday afternoon (06.06.2020) a number of TRANS-hostile Tweets .

Rowling was shared on Twitter an article from Devex, a platform for development cooperation, and the Heading made fun of. To be more precise about the formulation "People who menstruate", in English "people who menstruate". the Rowling played in your Tweet that it must be instead of women.

anger over 'Harry Potter' author: Why are J. K. Rowling's Tweets TRANS-hostile?

The Statements of the author were in the comments quickly as TRANS-hostile referred to. The reason: In your Tweets> J. K. Rowling made

criticism Rowling with an argument that is based on a supposedly unchanging biological sex responded. Without biological gender, writes Rowling , there is no same-sex attraction. Homosexuality is a proof of the exclusivity of the biological sexes. Thus, the author implies a kind of competition between the existence of trans and gay people. However, trans be gay to be close not to each other.

TRANS-hostile Tweets of "Harry Potter"author J. K. Rowling

modern feminism trans people includes both biological sex and social gender, between those in English-speaking countries as "sex" and "gender", a distinction is made, as fluid, so changeable is seen. The sexual and gender identity of the people is not made, therefore, forced to the sex organs, with which they are born. The construct of the strict binary gender, i.e. male and female, is also in science there is no consensus any more.

J. K. Rowling stressed that, in spite of their biological tables of argument, that you yourself trans people know and love and that there is no "hate" to tell the truth. However, it is not the first Time that the " Harry Potter "-a writer is accused to be TRANS-hostile . Number of times fell, that you knew on Twitter TRANS-enemy posts of other Accounts with "Likes". In December 2019, Rowling defended the Economist, Maya Forstater, who had been fired due to transphobic Statements.

Since then Rowling is called by some people online " TERT ". A name, against which the author defends vehemently, and, therefore, as a "woman of hate" dismisses.

TRANS-hostile Tweets from J. K. Rowling: What TERF means?

The abbreviation " TERT " stands for "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism", in German a "trans-exclusionary radical feminism". As author Linus Giese Blog explains in "queer mirror", this is a way of Thinking, the trans people denying their identity or existence. The so-called TERFS , like Rowling, of an unchangeable biological sex.

In this sense, you see trans men as victims of misogynist structures. Different Biological women, who are trying to escape the oppressive Patriarchy in a male body, said:. In this line of thought, in particular, trans women to images of the enemy are. Namely, as biological men who dress up, allegedly, as women, to other women in protected areas to attack. In the United States the enemy TRANS - > arguments in relation to public toilets.

criticism and anger, after a TRANS-hostile Tweets from J. K. Rowling

on The contrary, international studies show that trans are exposed to individuals in all areas of your everyday life more often, discrimination and harassment, and even violence. Although trans people in Germany and the EU are protected by law, but nevertheless in everyday life, to large obstacles. to criticized

Back of the formulation, the J. K. Rowling in your original tweet. The inclusive term "people who menstruate" or "people with a Uterus" according to the TERT way of thinking as hostile to women as biological women would allegedly made invisible. The goal of these formulations is not, however, biological women are suppressed, but simply more people in the debate think.

react Like the other "Harry Potter"-Stars on Rowling's TRANS-hostile Tweets?

The " Harry Potter "-actor Daniel Radcliffe has spoken out in the Wake of the controversy surrounding Rowling clear for the rights of trans women - "TRANS-gender women are women," he wrote in a Statement for "The Trevor Project", a US Organisation that is committed to LGBTQI*children and young people. He will learn to continue to be a good ally for trans and nonbinäre people to be. Radcliffe apologized in addition, in the case of all people, whose memory was clouded in the " Harry Potter "books by J. K. Rawlings comments.

Inside the Twitter-debate-criticized in addition, many Users of Rawlings racist designation of " Harry Potter "-character Cho Chang. Therefore, the actress Katie Leung said . You used your Tweet but to draw instead, attention to non-profit organizations for Black trans people.

By Valérie Eiseler

Updated Date: 09 June 2020, 14:35

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