Sylvain Tesson, the left-wing - The Point

our small radio in the morning his voice prevented echoes. We guess more comfortable in the silence of his gun-carriages himalayan that in front of the micropho

Sylvain Tesson, the left-wing - The Point

our small radio in the morning his voice prevented echoes. We guess more comfortable in the silence of his gun-carriages himalayan that in front of the microphone of France Inter, where he tells us about the life and work of Rimbaud. Is there a place or a character who does not awaken his interest and on which it does not pose a different look from ours ? Sylvain Tesson is a " diversitaire ", an authentic, which goes to where the life is different from what it already knows. The monochrome must do yawn. The trite he's doing great. For him, even the (very) worked appearance of spontaneous. During the confinement, he was in The World, or rather in the service of the Pitié-Salpétrière for the evening news. Who has never lost in a hospital ? His article on the two pages could look like that, a draft for each floor, but in his wanderings he was able to do the portrait of brilliant small hands of the parisian hospital. But it is necessary that France has at this point shifted to the right so that The World and France Inter, promoting their tour a "reaction" ? The magazine L'express, only a few months ago, presented it as such, a " reaction ", which he considers his a and this title : "Sylvain Tesson, the icon without response ". "Reaction" is not "reactionary" : it is lighter, less aggressive and less anti-Lights, but all the same. If the gaze is the reflection of the ideology, then Shard appears, to see his picture on the cover of the magazine, as a "reaction" of the worst breed.

time, this article of The Express of us inspires another, that could be called " wink ". This movement of the eyelid allows us two things : first, a sign of sympathy to our colleagues at The Express. Then, write a single eye, that is to say, to see life from one side only, to consider the route of a man according to a single path. As Rodin twisting its wires, it juxtaposes stories, here real and even instructive, to appear in fine the face you want, radiant or repulsive, but always believable. We would like to now, the right eye closed, bring in a little additional biography of this writer, who "talks-to-length pages of pesticides, the plastic that invades everything, the urbanization, the chickens in the farm..." (The Express), in order to reduce its heavy dossier of more harm and make him a little of that smile that many are familiar with and in which it has been unjustly deprived.

of Course, the adventurer is a reactionary assumed (" I am so reactionary that I prefer the beginning of my sentences to their end"), and, moreover, the son of his father, Philippe., but it is also, by certain traits, of the left. Yes. And since Shard is a name that invites to the excess, give it to our tour : a leftist, even, which would, however, like a regular log in Point. Is there a French writer more nostalgic than him to the USSR – out of the gulags, as he confesses in several of his stories ? Another indication of his "sinistrisme" : periodically, the journal Humanity, under the pen of Cynthia Fleury, gives an account of his books and transfers them to the praise ignited. "The writer who knows how to travel the world like no one else is going to not only continue to hone his art and his style, but also learn to see what we never see ", said the philosopher in the communist newspaper.

from the publisher of Raspail and... Hamon

The Express reminds us that the author of The snow Leopard (Renaudot 2019) has a preface in 2015, a collection of novels by Jean Raspail. It is true. However, in the same year, he préfaçait also the Pain and suffering of Cynthia Fleury, a trial dedicated to the pain. The " reaction ", as one imagines it, abhors his time, and cultivates a form of misanthropy. Not our man. Since his accident in 2014, which has caused multiple disabilities, including a semi-facial paralysis, he never refuses to give lectures, free of charge, that goes without saying – in front of the caregivers and patients of this condition. One day, while we were talking about the homeless, he told us to have part in the first maraudes of the Samu social in the company of the founder, Xavier Emmanuelli, who was a friend of his late mother, Marie-Claude Millet, as he says elsewhere in The Adventure of a lifetime, a collective book published in the collection Points-Adventure. It is not uncommon to see him attend, even today, sitting in the corner of a room, to meetings of the Uas. Of our left eye, it is also in the catalogue of editions of the Equators, where he publishes a long-standing, as well Jean Raspail, the socialist Benoît Hamon. If it happens to him, as recounted in the Express, go to the New Bookstore owned by relatives of the theorist of the New Right Alain de Benoist, he will sign books regularly at the booksellers on the left (a pleonasm) without ever being worried by the committees antifas. We also know, because he has already written, that Shard reads and gives some interest to the speech of the militant ultra-left Julien Coupat, cited in the case of Tarnac, where he was suspected of the sabotage of a TGV line before being cleared.

To finish, and since the eye fatigue, coming from a reactionary admirer of the "nationalist controversial" Ernst Junger (The Express), it was entitled to expect of him that he we narrât this summer the adventures of an author with a bit more sulphur than Rimbaud. "If we shared the world in two, there was a side of Rimbaud and we, and the other Maurras," wrote Aragon, the great defender of the stalinist trials, that one could only define as well, unfairly, the right eye closed.

writing will advise you

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