Swimming pool, strawberry and pony farm: Daddy Cool advises fathers to avoid these places

Since the corona of crisis, everything is different! Together, we are for about four months and the semi-free time Stress: Home means suddenly-Schooling, for ex

Swimming pool, strawberry and pony farm: Daddy Cool advises fathers to avoid these places

Since the corona of crisis, everything is different! Together, we are for about four months and the semi-free time Stress: Home means suddenly-Schooling, for example, the plague. So, we have completed approximately 50 percent of the tasks. My children do not accept me as a teacher. The Lockdown went on for us seamlessly into the summer vacation, the camp Koller directly into social neglect.

Never would I have thought that us and the children would lack proper structure and strict scheduling. Realization: If nothing, then nothing goes forward. It may be that one or the other it has to acquire done actually, since March, two new languages, to perfect his skills in Yoga, or to build a perfect High-Bed. I prefer the hat before so much discipline!

About the author

Gregory Haake is one of the (still) rare specimens of men who forego a career to manage as a full-time father to children and the household – in his case, son Ben and daughter Mathilda. Wife Ulrike Zeitlinger-Haake, editor-in-chief development & Innovation, the IMAGE group, is the Provider of the family. Haake has studied political science and worked as a Journalist and Digital Manager for FOCUS magazine and the Financial Times Germany, AP and ddp activities. Today, he is a Chauffeur, chef, shopper, homework tutor, story reader, tears drying and the world's best "Bolognese without a morsel" cooking.

The forced isolation robbed us of any energy

I have only put on a few kilos. On the Couch. And even the Wusel-factor the ever-enterprising wife to let with the time. I had to paint with the children in the beginning, but the rooms (colours: "a reputation for hauling coral" for Mathilda, "Dark glaciers" for Ben), and furniture, were less the orders, apparently, until they dried up finally. Even the lady of the house was covered by the Corona-inertia. Since then, she's wearing Jogging pants. As the Corona and the associated forced isolation would have robbed us of any energy.

Also, the restart brought the end of classes in the school no relief. Two/three days a week? A Joke. The hope for a dedicated summer program, in which the children would be able to catch up on the Missed? Wrong! The proposed language trip? Cancelled!

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This suburb to hell I'm going to open from now on

avoid have Instead, for the children's Entertainment and a variety of free baths and amusement places. Well, congratulations. These suburbs of hell, should be shunned by any father without maternal support:

outdoor swimming pools, fun pools, indoor pools:

Everything that has to do with slippery tiles, concrete slabs, fast Slides, close cabins, and screaming children, is for me a No-Go Area! The fragrance is a cocktail of French red and white, sun cream and chlorinated water makes me tired.

Notice: There is no Dignity, if you Flow in the trunks on the old already angegilbten-floor crawl to the key for the locker under any Bank comes into its own. It is also creepy when the child is yelling across the pool: "daddy, if I pee, the water is quite warm." And it is also not necessary to write beautifully for the child, if I feed him "Please" on the belly, so it's dusting on the surrounding hand towels, candy, while I was in the sun and doze off.

Erdbeerhof, Erlebnishof, Heidelbeerhof:

no, don't do that. Let the children in the Belief that the strawberries in a handy 500 gram bowls to 3,99 Euro will grow. The Alternative is to pick yourself. At 35 degrees in the blazing sun, on a completely overcrowded box, between far too many hysterical families. This is not a Strawberry Daiquiri in the world value.

Notice: picking berries like Christmas tree. Only tedious and without mulled wine.

pony farm, riders Paradise, horse ranch:

The biblical Plagues, wear a saddle and have Hooves! Everything that relates to horse-riding, or Lead to stubborn ponies, and smelly horses, is to me an abomination. While the wife Videos of the small Rider, excited spins in your süüüüüüßen Outfit, the father stoic the horse through the pampas, and painted alternately, how it would be riding on the damn horse into the sunset, or just tipping a cold beer.

Notice: ain't Cowboy, you want a horse! Bastei Lübbe

title: "Daddy Cool: What I learned as a full-time dad to make the toughest Job in the world"

authors: , Gregor Haake

publisher: Bastei Lübbe

price: 10 Euro

book recommendation (display)

"Daddy Cool" by Gregor Haake

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trampoline halls, Indoor playgrounds, inflatables:

imagine a Horde of squirrels on Speed (kind of cute, but somehow also quite threatening) – hectic, unpredictable, everywhere. The volume level of a Rammstein concert, and an oxygen content just above the "collapse" – the Indoor Experience. And the child is never where you left it two seconds ago is still seen. Even groups of children in same-colored Neon Shirts disappear in a blink of an eye, before you show up just before a veritable panic attack, screaming the next, a bouncy castle or slide tower again.

Notice: Only small people can fit through the tubes. Dads who want to save their offspring, on the other hand... Exactly: There is no if, you put in the slide!

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