‘Succession’ and ‘Fleabag’ take the tv to a new chapter in the golden Globes

Ellen Degeneres came out of the closet in 1997 on an episode of a sitcom in prime time. Some 42 million americans saw then how his character threw the yew to La

‘Succession’ and ‘Fleabag’ take the tv to a new chapter in the golden Globes

Ellen Degeneres came out of the closet in 1997 on an episode of a sitcom in prime time. Some 42 million americans saw then how his character threw the yew to Laura Dern. It was the first protagonist of television in taking the step. Your courage it was going to cost a lot of trouble, but it would change the perception of a whole generation of viewers forever. All had seen it. The television was changing mentalities.

Have past 23 years, and that time came back to be remembered this Sunday to deliver his golden Globe honorary presenter and comedian, but the television in open us close to those experiences of collective living in a turning point from which it will be difficult to recover from. Today it's difficult to even several million viewers to follow a phenomenon of television in unison in front of a square box, even though it is cast in the seemingly ubiquitous Netflix (which was almost empty of the ceremony to scratch two statuettes from among 34 nominations). Series, Fleabag or Succession to the head as achievers of the night, have reached the levels of quality impossible to imagine at that time, but how will these productions as much social relevance when the review in two decades?

The creators and the cast of 'Succession' with his golden Globe. Paul Drinkwater, AP

The award, Degeneres was the only nod to the tele generalist of a few nominations that had cornered for the first time in history all the categories (even the actors) with payment models. The television, specifically NBC, only appeared for the ceremony could continue to be shown in that old box, without which they would have been other awards, while becoming involved in erecting cable, HBO (4 figurines) and the platform of a conglomerate-mail as Amazon (2) winners of the most coveted prizes in drama and comedy television.

HBO was appointed with the help of the Hollywood foreign press to the unexpected successor of the phenomenon Game of thrones, is absent this time as well, the Golden Globes (only Peter bad griesbach won as a child in 2012). Something that we already knew who we were two seasons living with Roy. Succession, winning in drama and leading actor (Brian Cox), comes not from magic kingdoms and no work of epic battles, of cavalry, but from a New York skyscraper and greed. A wealthy dysfunctional family protagonist that would make good crumbs with the Ewing of the Dallas that it sounds like old tv. Mixed today, that yes, with the corrosion of the school of The Thick of It-Armando Ianucci. Because the series of Jesse Armstrong is a tv classic in the purest style, even if it is full of dialogues intelligent to stir up battles without nothing to envy to the West. HBO, which had only won best drama in three other occasions, weaves her new day of glory.

Ellen Degeneres to receive his Golden Globe. Paul Drinkwater, AP

Less daggers in the back, but the same level of conversations spicy, and lack of respect for clerical are the ones that have led to Phoebe Waller-Bridge to make Fleabag already a phenomenon in the awards ceremonies. One that moves to her writer and the protagonist to be the hope of the audiovisual. Even if you refuse to write one more season for his most famous character, will not lack work, as a craftsman of Killing Eve, the new comedy from HBO Run, and even the libretto of the new Bond. The witness to tell their becomings on the screen is what has given to others with their own voice as Ramy Youssef, a comedian with an exercise of sincerity similar to shocked to stand with the award for best actor in a comedy by Ramy (at Starzplay in Spain). Both control the secret of television which reviewed Ellen in his speech, his reasons for watching television: "characters with whom you want to spend your time at home, despite the fact that these do not make you feel always good. Sounds to simple.

Knowing where it will end up as Waller-Bridge is something that, luckily, has learned this modern television, and this is also the success of containment of the historical drama Chernobyl, who finished his career Sunday with two new awards in the categories for miniseries, land long paved by HBO. The sung of best limited series joined the good work of Stellan Skargard, actor eternal to which we have seen passing of The indomitable Will Hunting in the cinema of Lars Von Trier, through Mamma Mia, always hoping that someday he would get his recognition as a secondary on which you can lift a whole industry.

The winners of 'Chernobyl'. Chris Pizzello GTRES

The recognition comes as the troubled political leader soviet, Boris Shcherbina. One of the many real characters featured in the Golden Globes. That is another classic tv: Olivia Colman reached its third balloon in four years to get into the skin of queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, took the witness also in these challenges Claire Foy; Michelle Williams won his award for playing the dancer, in the shadow of Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon; Patricia Arquette as did the mother psychotic of The Act and Russell Crowe reached the glory after filled prosthetics to transform into a Roger Ailes, mogul Fox News fallen into disgrace following the ongoing allegations of sexual abuse of their presenters.

that culture of abuse in the television also spoke to The Morning Show, the series of Apple that is presented as a great promise and that it was empty. "The open channels are about to fall down a hillside and explode. We are a few years of its end", was already told in the first chapter, an executive, in this series with references nothing veiled to the culture of rape that campaba to your heart's content on NBC. The company Tim Cook has lost its first battle in the market of tv platforms, but it survives one more day in a landscape that seems to be just as ruthless as ever-changing and unknowable. We live in a new era of television. You may not have Ellens, but their voices still have a lot to say. It is time to listen to them.

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