Style icon Leonardo DiCaprio: His 90s Outfits, we can also 2020 copy

The former GQ cover star Leonardo DiCaprio has worn in the past, the most beautiful Outfits on the canvas of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby about Jordan Belfort

Style icon Leonardo DiCaprio: His 90s Outfits, we can also 2020 copy

The former GQ cover star Leonardo DiCaprio has worn in the past, the most beautiful Outfits on the canvas of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby about Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” to Romeo Montague in “Romeo + Juliet” and, most recently, Rick Dalton in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. (Also read: summer trend blue suits – The best Looks of Clooney, Beckham & co.)

As it seems, the Play of roles with style to the wardrobe of DiCaprio rubbed off. Or it was the other way around? As we have when viewing the archive materials determined to prove to the nineties, that he mastered the art form of fashion a long time ago. We all love a good flashback, especially when you can draw some lessons for the present. We turn, therefore, to the Teenager, Leonardo DiCaprio, immersed in the nineties in the fashion world. Master the rules of his style and you are ready for the next season. (Also interesting: These 10 timeless Outfits from Sir Paul McCartney, we can also copy in the summer of 2020)

Jim Smeal GQ style

1. Cool in corduroy pants

year: 1994

Style lesson: looking for an Alternative to Denim Jeans? A quick look on DiCaprio's wardrobe from the 90s, confirmed that corduroy pants are the next best thing. You discovered him in 1994, he shoes in addition to some simple lace, a relaxed Henley Top and an oversized Puffer Jacket wore. Unpredictable Styling, we admit, but coupled with complete insouciance, it is a Triumph.

Ron Galella, Ltd. GQ style

2. Stylish Sport Outfit

year: 1992

Style lesson: For spring/summer 2020, there will be anywhere an All-Over-Looks – just take a look at the latest collections from Prada, Dior, and Oliver Spencer. DiCaprio was already Ensembles in the 90s, was an early adopter of the Twin, only that he wore it in a sportive way. As he Event took part in 1992 in this MTV, he wore a sporty Outfit on a classic T-Shirt with round neck, white Nike socks and black Air Jordans. Best grade from us. (Worth reading: What should men wear in the summer in the office and what not)

Catherine McGann GQ style

3. A shirt with a Cuban collar works wonders

year: 1995

Style lesson: If you know how you like your wardrobe to give a summer Touch, the young Leonardo DiCaprio a tip for you: Start with a shirt with a Cuban collar. The shirt with the open collar, the ideal is manufactured from a knit blend and white is a simple style-Triumph. You can wear it with a simple white T-Shirt underneath, to give you an additional opportunity to Unbutton (also super stylish). (Also read: Stylish from head to toe in the trend color

Ron Galella GQ style

4 dressed in White). Knitting, knitting, knitting

year: 1993

Style lesson: Before there was Léon the professional (and the obsession began caps with the black Dock), there was Leo, the casual child (and the avant-garde of the knitted accessories). The tip that you can draw from this is simple: Take the basic colors of your clothes and adjust the materials of your hat in fashionable knit. (Also read: Why is Jude Law in "The talented Mr. Ripley style role model for 2020)

Steve Granitz GQ style

5. Relaxed Tailoring

year: 1995

Style lesson: This is quite easy. All you need is a pinstripe suit, a white shirt and voilà, your formal wear is ready to use. Simply take a Styling tip from the 21-year-old DiCaprio: Leave the top button of your shirt, place his collar on her lapel, and then finish him with a chain. Intelligent Nonchalance by simply Styling.

Dave Allocca GQ style

6. A leather jacket is not negotiable

year: 1995

Style lesson: Sure, black leather is cool, but brown leather is a Sensation. DiCaprio looks really stunning in the robust jacket: braided leather buttons, signs of wear on the collar and a worn Patina. If you are looking for a true to original replica, you can go Shop in the best in a Vintage.

Ron Davis GQ style

7. Best Basics

year: 1994

Style lesson: How to welcomes the autumn? Through this type of styling. Blue and Beige are an unbeatable combination of Leisurewear. So why not invest in a ribbed sweater like DiCaprio (in a larger size for the Baggy effect) and wear it with straight-cut Jeans. More than twenty-five years later, the Basic work is still the best. (Also interesting: the summer-Essentials 2020 – What should you really pack in the beach bag)

Ron Galella GQ style

8. The master of the situation

year: 1993

Style lesson: The Teenager, DiCaprio loved accessories in the DIY style, and this handmade necklace and the cognac-colored leather belt work wonders on his heavily layered Look. Get a Navy blue Dress pants, a cardigan and an oversized suede shirt.

Barry King GQ style

9. Glass bead game

year: 1994

Syle-lesson: glass beads en masse! If you want to emulate the Leo of the Nineties, that's exactly what you need. But in the end, we will focus on this white shirt with stand-up collar: simple, elegant and eye-catching Detail under his oversized Talioring. (Also read: sneakers under 100 Euro The best current Sneaker from Nike, Adidas & co.)

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