Students collect dangerous learning gaps - a teacher advises parents to Serenity

women brooch, you are not since this school year in the school service. Have you witnessed this exciting time still active? no, I'm glad I don't have to co

Students collect dangerous learning gaps - a teacher advises parents to Serenity

women brooch, you are not since this school year in the school service. Have you witnessed this exciting time still active?

no, I'm glad I don't have to cope with it. Because the comes to all of the, what was previously demanding.

you have taught at a Bavarian secondary school, many of the children there come from so-called educationally disadvantaged households. What is the school mean closures for these students?

The gap between the children there is a big gap even further, as she has done this before. The formation of further, the parents house is, the more important the role of the school is. Where no real instruction is, missing the opportunity to explain, to differentiate and to view the child or young person to simply look over the shoulder to see if he or she is dreaming, of a task fails or maybe other problems. I really wonder, how can the field behind again.

But also many children from well-educated parental homes is now difficult. They aren't all the same. On the one hand, those who learn with eagerness in Learning at home, or be happy to suddenly have more time for reading. In many families, there is even more dispute, because the son gambles on the Computer, or because the daughter of the school sees no reason to take a book in Hand.

Corona-Learning means to learn from home. What can parents do because, in order for their children to be completely out of the learning routine?

read, for example, would be quite Central for virtually all subjects. That always needs to be re-trained, especially in this time when out of school with little momentum will come of this. In addition, students should complete their tasks from the distance education reasonably conscientiously, and, if possible, try to, at least in key subjects such as English, math, and foreign languages stick with it.

But we also need to keep in view, what can the families of all. A focal point of school as my last, many parents can read with difficulty or not at all. Since it is partially in the whole household, not a single book! These families can not afford the promotion of reading.

And also, educated parents are anywhere close to their limits. Many mothers and fathers are no longer aware of what you know and can't explain. It would be a miracle, if parents have other occupations, could easily replace a teacher.

Currently, there are for months no proper lessons. Now, some children do not go for a couple of hours a week in the school, and others. It is completely unclear where the children stand in comparison to their classmates, and how to do it in the next school year to go. Because I'm as a father, take care of it ...

of Course, and you have totally right! This will give serious problems. But the can and you don't need to solve as a father. If it goes again soon to notes and certificates, to the teachers for all the education will send remote Wake-up how the make sure from educated families – that it is fair. We educators also know that we can not do so, as it would have given this months of distance learning never. And from above we need then help, how we can compensate for the disadvantages that students have currently, due to the crisis.

The parents I advise, though, for Serenity. Several studies have shown that students, much of what was studied in class, forget anyway again very soon. For us teachers, this is actually a frightening realization, but now it has also something reassuring: For the children, Yes, however, your financial statements and your way through life. If the desire for Learning was not destroyed, it can be constantly extended.

So breathe in and let it run?

to some extent, Yes. Right now, we can see: There are so many things in life, what is more important than school. You talk with your children about what is happening around us all, this is a great piece of education! In addition, the children also learn something when you cook with the dad or the mom baking a cake. Or you can use the garden to work, a bit of Knowledge to get across, about the plants, the animals, the seasons of the year. But keep in mind: you must be a teacher. I have three children and I know how awful it is and how offense is the mood in the family is if the parents are always the Anpeitscher.

Do homework I need to anstubsen my children, however, even in normal times. And you get from your teachers is currently quite a bit to do.

This is also correct and important. Therefore, parents should search right now for a good contact to the teachers and if you are unsure with you communicate, what are their requirements to the children in the next time. So you can lead as a father, their children are also better, without the need for the substitute teacher to play.

whatever happens in the next few months, the schools will inevitably differentiate between subjects such as mathematics, in which the children certain basics easy to master and the other as history, in which we can work more as an example. Of course, this subject is important, but a child can remember, but never in the whole history of the world. Rather, it is to give an Overview and to arouse interest, or at best passion for a subject. Then the children also have the desire to deepen the self, and the new media are, in turn, well, you use at the Moment anyway constantly.

Should repeat, the parents then also to differentiate and, at least in the core subjects such as math basics – Not even during the holidays?

on the one Hand, I would like to say: Yes, it is always to play well, to train by the way, in a playful way the basics such as the multiplication tables – when shopping, for example, or in society. When my children went to school, I hanged the inside of our bathroom door, because I thought, maybe it will bring something. But I also hear from my colleagues, as many parents are already on the edge of their forces, and almost do not despair, if the schools still open the back to normal. What is clear is that If you feel as a father or mother overwhelmed, it is better that you recover. Because it is much more important than any material covered in class is that the child learning fun remains. Then it falls behind slightly, one or the other to catch up.

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