Streamer and YouTuber: All the News, rumors and scandals, and the Stars in the Internet | Games

to be Streamer and YouTuber means that you is almost around-the-clock in the limelight. Now, there are all the scandals, news and rumors at a glance. Update

Streamer and YouTuber: All the News, rumors and scandals, and the Stars in the Internet | Games
to be

Streamer and YouTuber means that you is almost around-the-clock in the limelight. Now, there are all the scandals, news and rumors at a glance.

Update from the 1. June 2020 : the dispute between The Youtubers Unge and Leon Machere reached a new level. In his latest Video Leon insulted the Madeira living Unge as a dictator.*

Update from 28. May 2020 : another older YouTuberin it is enough now, however. reported, why is the "Sykrim grandma" Shirley Curry has* no desire for YouTube Videos.

Update from the 20. May 2020 : A 90-year-old Gaming grandma from Japan, recently received a trophy. Why this is so extraordinary, and what has to do the Guinness World Records in order to find out on*

Update from the 12. May 2020 : a Streamer has set a world record. On you can read, what has prepared for a record of the Streamer and why is he here, his health risked.

Update from 05. May 2020 : A shit storm is coming – After the largest German Streamer Montana black had to surrender his crown recently in Knossi, conceded he the next low blow. In a recent episode of his podcast with Olli Schulz, said satirist and Entertainer Jan böhmermann a serious allegation against the Streamer and Twitch Community. What is the charge Jan böhmermann Montana black* and why its Fans are anything other than amused, read on

Update 4. May 2020: Dr disrespect his makes for a scandal in the Twitch Chat. After he received a tip from one of his viewers, freaks out the Internet Star. Cope? You decide! On you know all the Details of the Auszucker of the year*.

Update from the 01. May 2020 : He is the most well-known Vegans on YouTube. Unge thrilled with his Videos and live streams on the platform of millions of Fans and is one of the veterans of the local YouTube scene. Even after his migration to Madeira, the 29-Year-old impressed the German-speaking YouTube space, and is one of the financial heavyweights. On you know all the important Details to YouTuber Unge*, alias Simon Wiefels and what he's known for.

Update from 28. April 2020, 17:25 PM : Streamerin resorts to a drastic measure. The 32-year-old Twitch personality Alinity Divine is in the scene for their numerous escapades known to be without a but ever of the Online platform been banned. After exposing the controversial Streamerin now, however, in front of the camera, had to Twitch react. How long Alinity must now stay on the platform and why you, of all things, spell*, wants to extend on

Update from 28. April 2020, 14:32 PM : on the island of Madeira YouTuber Unge remains from the Coronavirus spared. Also, there are now a Mask in the public space. After a fateful call to the YouTuber suddenly disappears from his Livestream. Blame the Coronavirus is. On read why his Fans quickly were able to breathe a sigh of relief* and what has this to do YouTube-mate's ban on dancing with the thing.

Update from 27. April 2020 : Also a lot of women can make a living in the Streaming sector of the entertainment on Twitch, YouTube, blender, or Facebook good. These are the Top 10 most successful stream inside*. It is interesting to note that Korea experienced in the Streaming Boom.

Update 22. April 2020 : Unge of a Million Euro on a bounce. After a wise investing in "Beyond Meat"shares the vegan YouTuber and Streamer Simon "Unge" Wiefels could reach a whopping return once. The the 29 has invested-Year-old immediately and reported to his Fans on the Stream of a luxurious shopping. On you know, what he spends a million Euro on once* and how his Fans react to the purchase.

Hamburg, Germany – Streamer* be, many of them young people and children dream of at the moment. To sit for hours in front of the PC, to play games with Fans, chat and a bunch of money. The sounds for many of the young talents first, tempting. While Streaming platforms such as Twitch*, Facebook, blender, and YouTube is always a known and solved partially in the case of young people even the evening television consumption. Many of the Streamer and YouTuber are often in the spotlight with new announcements, fundraisers and Events in their own Stream from , as well as on their various Social Media channels.

life as a famous personality can also have its shadow sides. A lot of streamers and YouTube stars are regularly embroiled in scandals. It was a ride in the Public, or a Speech in the network is missing. Also the dispute between the various streamers on Twitch, and the Mixer can lead to media attention. All messages, whether positive or negative, please refer to this Ticker summarized, in order to keep all important Streamer and YouTuber the current Overview.

* is part of the Federal-wide editorial network of the Ippen-Digital-editor.


Date Of Update: 01 June 2020, 15:35

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