Storm the roof of the gym tears in Windisch AG

storm Bianca on Thursday in this country for one or the other limitations and damage. As in Windisch in the Canton of Aargau. As the local police confirmed on r

Storm the roof of the gym tears in Windisch AG

storm Bianca on Thursday in this country for one or the other limitations and damage. As in Windisch in the Canton of Aargau. As the local police confirmed on request of "20 minutes", the crack of the storm, the roof of the gym Dohlenzelg down.

In the Canton of Solothurn held the storm, the police and several fire departments on their toes. In the case of the alarm center are around a dozen messages over fallen trees, upended the construction site signals and roofs kulayapardi brick were received on Thursday evening, as the Solothurn cantonal police announced on Friday. On the A1 motorway at Oensingen SO, a semi-trailer tipped on its side. There were no casualties.

of The semi-trailer had to be recovered by a special crane. Photo: Kapo Solothurn

in Zurich, the winds raged at high speeds. In front of the indoor stadium group Deichkind, it is come before the concert of the German Elektrorap-according to one eyewitness report, almost to a worse accident. The storm had blown accordingly, a Lounge Sofa from the roof of the ten-Meter-high building down. At least two people in front of the entrance had been striped, a woman on the head, tells a witness.

The Affected had come with minor injuries and a shock of. Since it's been heavily rained most of the visitors were under the canopy. Worse things could have been so prevented, says an eye-witness.

operation of the Säntis-Bahn

On Thursday afternoon set the squalls have led to damage to the drive of the Säntis-schwebebahn. Thus, an interruption was necessary, which is expected to last over the weekend.

The drive to the valley-side levitation train cabin, as well as the saddle Shoe in the valley had been damaged by "hurricane-like gusts of wind," said the Säntis-schwebebahn.

Due to the stormy weather of the operation had been discontinued anyway. People were not at risk because of that. The managers expect that the repair work will continue over the weekend.

Bianca sweeps over Switzerland

With strong gusts swept on Thursday evening, the storm Bianca on Switzerland. On the Chasseral were measured with 172 kilometers per hour and on the Säntis with 168 km/h, the highest values, such as SRF Meteo said on Friday.

Numerous mountain peaks reported Gale-force winds. The storm raged, however, in the foothills of the Alps. Thus, it was measured in Einsiedeln, a wind speed of 131 kilometers per hour. In Gersau LU, there were 128 and in Plaffeien FR 122 kilometres an hour.

The edge of the deep Bianca had developed in a strong West flow. It shifted within a day of Cornwall in the Czech Republic. In the evening, the Deep pass just to the North of Switzerland.

As usual in such Peripheral areas were the strongest gusts on the southern edge of the lows. The Band was the highest wind values in Switzerland, between the Jura and the edge of the Alps.

the weekend will be Sunny

During the night the Wind gradually subsides, which is an offshoot of the Azores high begins to Central Europe. Of this between high-and entertainment on Friday temporarily for right-friendly, or even at times Sunny weather. Also the weekend brings, at least temporarily, Sunny weather, the temperatures are during the day on the mild side, it will probably spread reached two-digit values.

On Saturday are local, with a southwest wind around 15 degrees, in the Alpine valleys can be achieved with Föhnunterstützung 14 to 18 degrees. The risk of Rain is increased according to the current state, especially in the night from Friday to Saturday easy on Saturday night and on Sunday night a disturbance follows probably. On Sunday during the day, the weather is expected to calm down again.


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