Stay away from testers: you shouldn't be in the drugstore during Corona do

These General Corona rules in drugstores and perfume shops just like in super markets or pharmacies, there is a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to the other c

Stay away from testers: you shouldn't be in the drugstore during Corona do

These General Corona rules in drugstores and perfume shops

just like in super markets or pharmacies, there is a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to the other customers and staff to adhere to. In addition, there are in most stores by Rossmann, dm and co. a restriction on the number of persons depending on the load size. This is why you should plan right now for the visit to the drugstore or perfumery more time, since you may need to wait in front of the shelf until enough space is free. In addition, the mask mandatory in the retail trade, including drugstores and perfumeries, what is the Browse for Make – up, scents and care to a whole new experience is.

drugstores-visit during Corona: you should note

  • minimum of 1.5 meters must be adhered to, even in the case of a customer Advisory
  • Mouth guard to wear at any time
  • The Use of test products
  • to avoid you Should test a product on the back of the hand, never in the face
  • The hands after using a tester I Can test wash and sanitize

now products?

cough in the crook of one arm, no hugs, and regular hand-washing – important hygiene rules that have etched themselves in our minds. However, especially in the drugstore, you should rethink some of your habits, which appeared a few months ago is still completely normal, and, if possible, refrain from. A lipstick on the back of the hand test, or even directly on the lips to try out (and it generally is not advisable) during the Corona-crisis unthinkable, is it?

But how dangerous is test products are really? A risk of Infection? Unfortunately, there are to these questions, only vague answers that can not be proven. Everything we know about the spread of the Virus by the test products, provides us with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). So, it is assumed that the virus up to six days on surfaces can hold and so there might be the possibility, in infect, you should have touched an infected Person, the subject-matter of a short time before. Is not proven this theory, however, up to now. Testers are (and were always) real viruses spin. You usually go through tens of hands. If the Virus stays in the Beauty products is not proved, nevertheless, you should be careful.

Shopping during Corona in perfumery

health and safety in the perfumeries in the first place, says a corporate spokesperson Douglas: "test products for our Customers*may only be used under strict Hygiene and protective measures. Care products such as creams may be applied by our clients, not in the face, and using only cotton swabs to be taken. This collection is available for all products that must be tested, a cotton swab to the Self. Clients will in addition, directs the use of posters, as you are allowed to use the products."

the Spraying of scents is currently under special conditions but it is still possible, as a spokesperson for Douglas said: "Our Beauty Experts are encouraged to wash before and after use of the fragrance tester of the hands or disinfect, and not be in the face. The Beauty Experts spraying Test perfumes two fragrance strips, one for himself and one for the clients."

in this respect, a distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained, it is possible to take local advice. But some of the things you have to do without currently, in perfumery: "The Makeup at the counters is not possible, because the distance and hygiene rules are not complied with, could be," said a company spokeswoman from Douglas.

The handling of the test products in the Beauty departments of the big Department stores looks similar to how Angela von Rebay, purchase Beauty at Ludwig Beck, explains: "At Ludwig Beck are testers are not for the customers freely accessible and there are signs at the Tester, that you can not even use must. The staff sprayed the customers with the fragrance on a paper card and handed over to these "contactless". In the case of decorative cosmetics testers such as eye shadow, lipstick, Foundation, etc. colors can be currently applied only on a paper strip, but not directly on the skin."

It is advisable to Test for the time being, and prefer the old, familiar favorite perfume to buy, the scent you know and love. Or alternatively: The perfume Cabinet to grab the mother, sister or friend by sniff and then specifically in perfumery to this fragrance.

Shopping during Corona in drugstores like Rossmann, dm and co.

Who does not he enjoys browsing for hours through the shelves of Rossmann or dm and try the latest Make-up products. But that's exactly what one should resist at the moment during a drugstore visit, respectively, it is not in many drugstores even possible, to test products.

As Christoph Werner, Chairman of dm management, explains: "the protection and health of our customers and our colleagues, we have in view. So we ask the dm, for example, notices on shelves to dispense with the use of a product tester."

Why not test products, also has a reason: "We note, however, that customers hold often continue in their usual shopping behavior and article want to try. Therefore, we have decided to leave a product tester for the time being on the shelves. So we want to avoid that products that are for sale, to be used for Testing." It is, of course, but right now, more important still, Never have a sealed original test product, and again return.

A generally applicable rule on the subject of test products at dm, Rossmann or other drug stores and perfumeries, there is not currently. Who was in the last time even in drugstores and perfumeries on-the-go, knows that each company deals differently with testers. Some of remove, other rates with signs of use and some have changed only the classic handling of testers. However, they have all one thing in common: It is a lot handled in a more careful and more lenient with test products.

Online Shopping as an Alternative: Make-up virtual

What is supposed to serve mainly to avoid incorrect purchases and to simplify the Online Shopping of products for lips, eyes, and co., testing could now be the future of the Make-up shopping! Already longer, it is possible to test different Makeup products virtually. That looks then as follows: Depending on the provider, you have to turn on a photo of yourself to upload, or just the camera of the terminal. You can already test the products in a virtual space to yourself. Simply a lipstick in the color of choice, eye shadow, or Rouge, choose, live testing, and decide if the product is a.

The selection of this Service is massive. Meanwhile, many cosmetic manufacturers to offer the service to optimize Online Shopping for your customers. In the case of L'oreal Paris, you can test yourself online through all product lines and nuances, with the Douglas Beauty Mirror, you can create a virtual Make-up Look and at Lancôme, you can match online its Foundation color.

Even if virtual offers such as these can't replace the visit to the drugstore or perfumery, it is a great Alternative to Make-test – up quasi-live, and it's fun too! Try it and find out.

This article was written by (Melanie Paukner)

*The post "stay away from the testers: should you not do in the drugstore during Corona" published by Glamour. Contact with the executives here.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 02:26

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