Some rooms of the apartment, before you take the life

In the new movie "hunting season" takes a Swiss-based executives, life, reported by tabloids for days on the suicide by Caroline Flack, the TV presenter and

Some rooms of the apartment, before you take the life

In the new movie "hunting season" takes a Swiss-based executives, life, reported by tabloids for days on the suicide by Caroline Flack, the TV presenter and Ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry. Can bring the people to the idea, to take your own life?
Yes, emotional and sensation funny reports can be tricky. In order to minimize the so-called contagion risk, it is critical that Alternatives and assistance is advised. So, it can be demonstrated that crisis situations can be successfully managed. The Teenage series "13 Reasons Why" has clearly shown. After the first season striking more young people have taken their own lives. Since then, the suicide scene is removed, and warnings are switched on, the series is contagious.

According to the most recent Obsan study of the Federal government more than half a Million Swiss have thought of the inside in just the last two weeks, to take his own life. This is a lot of.
Yes. According to the study, are also each two-hundredth of the Respondents, in the last year; a suicide attempt committed. The are projected to be around 33'000 persons.

From what are suicidal thoughts dangerous?
This is very individual. Thoughts of suicide can vary greatly and are in many people in very different ways. Basically, the danger, the more active, concrete, and more work is rising, how and where exactly you want to take the life. But also thoughts like "I don't know", "I", "I want to finally have peace of mind" can be threatening. In these moments, it is very important at an early stage to someone. Conversations protect in thoughts of suicide are demonstrably the best. Often, however, people talk about, because they don't want to burden you, fear of Stigmatization or involuntary hospitalizations have. This can lead to very dangerous situations.

"Some people write farewell letters, because they want to take the family's feelings of guilt."

The squad a man in the movie breaks visibly on professional printing. Before he takes the life, he eats, however, quite relaxed as a noodle soup. Is that realistic?
We have taken care in Bern the 800 patients who have a suicide attempt, and everyone has a history. Some people write farewell letters, because they want to take to the relatives of the feelings of guilt, or to vacate the apartment. Others are in a very high state of excitement, and do nothing. The man in the Film is at once quiet, could be an indication that he thinks he can by his decision to take back the control. What is not true, of course.

How can it ever come so far?
It is a very complex Puzzle of risk factors. But it is always threatened life-themes and biographical Vulnerabilities. For example, if someone is accustomed to take responsibility and to be in control, and without the help of others, she goes through life can be a constant professional devaluation, in combination with the private conflicts of a dangerous risk factor. Such people get, unfortunately, rarely help. This is a very dangerous Situation may arise in which, for example, the loss of control and threat to identity as unbearable experienced. In such moments, suicide may be, unfortunately, an Option.

Trailer for the new feature film "hunting season". Video: Youtube

The squad a man from the Film gives the pressure directly on his staff. This could come just in the downward spiral.
Not every man, of the device under pressure, suffers from a Depression, a Trauma, or has experienced pain, is suicidal. Some get help in the environment, the family doctor or therapist. Others quit their job to take a break, roll up your life. Suicide is a dysfunctional coping strategy. Some see it as the only way to escape an intolerable condition.

this is Called the Suicidal don't actually want to die at all really?
you can't say so. Some Survivors say they would die not had the desire to, but they just don't want to live like this any more more. What many have in common is this unbearable mental pain that is worse perceived than any physical pain. When people are in such a condition, you'll be in a state of emergency, in which all life to disappear-oriented goals and actions. You are then in a vacuum, a Tunnel.

What happens in States of Exception, and then?
The man is no longer capable of thinking and acting of his personality accordingly. Many patients experience during the suicide attempt a voltage drop and have back access to your life. The Americans Kevin Hines who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, describes in the documentary "The Bridge" is very impressive, as he noted in the air all of a sudden, that he actually wants to live. Women can bring a lot more likely to help, what is due to the fact that they often choose so-called soft methods, and therefore, suicide attempts survive more often than men, the take, usually with lethal, harder methods of the life. But you have to be careful not to misunderstand this as a cry for help. A suicide attempt is always a threat.

"may increase The risk, for example due to sleep disorders or under the influence of alcohol strong."

How long the time window, from suicidal thoughts to the tunnel state?
This is very different. Most often, these dangerous conditions are limited. But there are also people that are over days and weeks in this suicidal mode. It's like an On-off switch. The man must learn by his own strategies to bring in security, if the switch is "on".

it is possible that someone is his first suicide translates thoughts into action immediately?
I've experienced in my clinical experience up to now, never. But it can be within a very short period of time is dangerous. The risk can increase, for example due to sleep disorders or under the influence of alcohol strong.

the decision to take your life, as you have then heard for the offers of help, or it seeks, rather, to appropriate methods, in order to kill himself?
of The suicidal process is very individual. Before the decision, many people are in a strong ambivalence, in the still help can get. The decision has fallen, there are unfortunately many people who can and want to help, also because they think the'll get nothing. But that's not true. The conversation, for example, a skilled person, opens up new perspectives. In Bern, we Assip* have developed a brief therapy with three sessions, the many people is a proven to reduce the risk of suicide.

The Protagonist in his farewell letter to his boss the blame. The Film is close to real events. Can drive a Person a different in death?
no. It is very important that no one is to blame when someone takes the life. In this case it is more of a sign that he has not managed to defend themselves against his head to change his life. This is about to Express his pain. In the case of suicide the cause-and-effect principle applies never.

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