Solar lamps light up in the Dark of the world

"Everyone has. No one is allowed to": A curious title for a book. These words, however, most of the articles of the universal Declaration of human rights begi

Solar lamps light up in the Dark of the world

"Everyone has. No one is allowed to": A curious title for a book. These words, however, most of the articles of the universal Declaration of human rights begin. "Everyone has a right to life, liberty and security of Person." Or: "no one shall be held in slavery or servitude." Or: "no one shall be discriminated against because of their gender, skin color, etc." What's in it for us, of course, of which people in other regions of the world can only dream of.

For example, in Nepal, where families are so poor that they sell their children into slavery. Or in a South African Township, which has a good school, accessible but safe. Or in the Congo, where women are systematically raped or sexually mutilated, and then also of their families are violated.

the book with The strange and yet obvious title written by Katja Riemann, one of the most successful Actresses in German-speaking countries. From the "Moving man" to "pharmacist", of the "rose road" to "Bibi blocksberg", so of herb to hilarious your role repertoire. The Swiss have learned, at the latest, as Emmentaler farmer's wife in "the foster boy", and the younger moviegoers thrilled you in "Fack ju Göthe"-movies as a dominant-prescription encrypted, a school Director.

again and again, it reflects their Position as a privileged Westerner who can fly to the misery of it.

A Star with an audience of millions, which spends the rotary - or stage-free time at parties, but to "project trips". For 20 years, Katja Riemann Ambassador for the children's charity Unicef. Ten human rights projects she presents in her book. It is a completely uneitles book it's not about the Star and his mental state (therefore, not stick your face on the cover), but always to the point and the people that drive it forward. Nevertheless, the author is in a totally unobtrusive manner: by their language, the Berührtheit, shock-oriented approach to Shine through, which it must balance sometimes almost schnoddrig.

again and again, it reflects their Position as a privileged Westerner who can fly to the misery of it. And there, in contrast to the "humanitarians", nothing really can do – except just to report from the misery and the great people that make a difference. You have to start somewhere, sees Katja Riemann on your travels, and you can achieve something, so grindingly difficult the situation looks, too.

For example, in Senegal, where it all started for you. In 1999, she received a call from a Unicef representative, whether or not she wanted to introduce in a TV Show, a project against the circumcision of girls. Katja Riemann said, got to know the founder, Molly Melching, and soon the project itself. "Tostan" is in Senegal and in other African countries against the barbaric practice, to mangle girls clitoris and labia verse. With terrible mental, but also physical consequences of incontinence to high-risk births. Some women bleed to death after the "Operation".

Katja Riemann with children, which were released in Nepal by the Organisation Plan, from the serfdom. Photo: Sandra Gätke/picture-alliance

Barbaric: Thus we feel this to be right, but an end to this practice to make enough sense of indignation, is a arrogant-moral access even counter-productive. Understand Katja Riemann, and this is what we understand after reading. "African mothers love their children, and for the reason you prune them. You will not be socially ostracized": a sentence is a breathless, just because it is true. When uncircumcised women are "unclean" and for the traditional marriages between the girls and boys of neighboring villages no longer eligible, you are sentenced to social death.

You have sent to proceed. The fact "Tostan": The First, you were convinced, was an Imam. Him Molly Melching asked, but to ask the women of his family, as they had the circumcision is experienced. The insight to this person in authority, the first "Declaration" was followed by the Declaration of a whole village, not more pruning. Other villages followed, and finally 8000 villages in six countries. It is downright Herculean tasks are involved, the "humanitarians", but they can be broken down into small steps. A little progress with the follow.

from a project in Moldova. There, was a young girl, Graduates of state boarding schools, with "life skills" to equip, to make you daily life wisely, so that you are seduced by false enticements, in brothels somewhere in Eastern Europe land. It's heart-wrenching true stories here you get to read, and there's a sustainable output.

The death-quoted Verse from Erich Kästner, "There is nothing Good/ except you do it": Here, it fits.

change of scene. Burundi: There humanitarians your feet soon "" lack of on-fed infants and equip the huts with simple solar lamps. There, we learn the incredible Marguerite Barankitse know. She survived a massacre in front of your eyes 72 people of Tutsi killers were dismembered, and formed then a home for orphans, Tutsis and how Hutus, the "Maison Shalom". More than 20'000 children, she has given over the years a home.

women and children, the Weakest members of society, are the first victims in a weak, dilapidated or civil war-States. In the Congo, where children, and to Kill, trained to be kidnapped and rape is systematically used as a weapon of war. Here is Katja Riemann the two visited hospitals, where Physicians such as Nobel peace prize laureate Denis Mukwege mend the mangled body back together. Stunned to you, is we are readers, the hatred, the style of women there, where everything comes to life, a cruelty whose last Details saves us, the author.

Some of the trips are for a number of years, but the leads in the Lebanon, very close to the actuality. And to Katja Riemann's family history. Because her father had worked there for five years as a teacher, in the "Golden days", before the country broke up. She attended wearing a tent camp with Syrian refugees (Lebanon and Jordan, in terms of its own population, the highest load of the Syrian civil war). Again, we see how they build together with the helpers on site, contact to women and children, the most depressing life stories can be "told" and neither pathetic nor sentimental, but pragmatic approach of small steps is reported to improve the living conditions. Always it comes to education, to empowerment, education for self-employment, according to ability: to generate a private income.

The most amazing thing about this book is the positive energy that emanates from him. It leads us into some of the darkest areas of the world, and shows to stay in the picture, what can cause a couple of solar lamps. And Protection Rooms, Conversations, Care, And Advocacy. The death-quoted Verse from Erich Kästner, "There are no Good/ unless you do it": Here, it fits.

Katja Riemann: Everyone has. No one is allowed to. Project travel. S. Fischer, Frankfurt 2020. 396 p., about 38 Fr.

On Sunday, 15. March, 20 at presents Katja Riemann your book in the Kaufleuten Zürich.

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