So what Stupid! - Verona Pooth with memorable Chaos occurs in the ProSieben-Show

Verona Pooth, which is a pity really for nothing, and always sincere, good-humored, was not alone with her criticism. "The ned Serious", was Pooths team partn

So what Stupid! - Verona Pooth with memorable Chaos occurs in the ProSieben-Show

Verona Pooth, which is a pity really for nothing, and always sincere, good-humored, was not alone with her criticism. "The ned Serious", was Pooths team partner, Ex-Star trumpeter Stefan Mross, shortly before the bewilderment. He had only to dogs liver sausage from the point of slurp. Not to upset times, the Stefan ("The smells like a of Indian forest donkey!"), Entertainment is when you laugh despite it all!

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele show

by the way: The people, the ProSieben "The! Heart! Shock! Show!" (and the title, the true Horror for keyboard-Operated!) invented, must have had either too little time or are incredibly much creative joy and/or liquid fun accelerator when Brainstorming. Anyway, another Bon MOT can be from the second edition of the new celebrity game show confidently as a truth seen. "Dr. pulse", in addition to his "sick sisters" one of the Sidekicks Gätjen Stefen from the duration of cool, and Sahara sand dry Moderator, threatened to "fantastic sick" games - and he was right.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann Teleschau Stefan Mross is one of despair about "fantastic sick" Play

But - and only that: The audience liked it, the odds of the kick-off episode last week, were encouraging. Even if you miss on the basis of the hall of audience's exuberant enthusiasm. Clearly, the clap. And smile. But at "Wetten, dass ..?" you might be probably betting a king, when you put the fact that the temporary jubilation at "The! Heart! Shock! Show!" (zefix!) from the Band comes. And, although the Show in front of the Corona time was recorded.

But even this Show had its Highlights, may survive the entire season in the memory of the viewers. Responsible for the good-humored and pain-free celebrities were. In addition to Pooth and Mross the Entertainment Jack of all trades citizen Lars Dietrich, the "Team of Verona completed". On the opposite side, in the "Team Wigald" in addition to Comedienne Lisa Feller, and the singers, and the new secret ProSieben-driving force Gil Ofarim with Kaitän Wigald Boning a real master of irony and Satire - what if "The! Heart! Sc....", Oh, in "DHSS", well can use.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann Teleschau Lisa Feller pushes Wigald Boning: "sort, you Sow!"

The liver sausage slurp with Mross and Ofarim (Mross lost because he was too upset) was sweet. the Zombie attack on Wigald Boning and Verona Pooth in the case of "at Night in the forest" was terribly beautiful. Here, Verona has lost, because she was frightened to very: "I have since seen one that was really ugly. Zombie stop." As Lisa Feller, rallied your Partner Wigald Boning at the gummy sort, "sort, you Sow!", set a first Highlight, but that was all just prologue.

And, of course, so be sure to like the "Bubbling" in the Creamed spinach, steel Verona the Show. But in a different way than I thought. First of all, you know the gummy bears game and was chewing naughty a couple of way - and had to be a logical sort of way less. Then you proved that you can blow best blow. Namely, soap bubbles and then into a target hole (in a wall) and snorting. In the case of "bubbles blow" you led your Team to victory.

you can blow. Don't tell jokes but! The celebrities should be hunting with the sheet, read jokes on the pulse of the audience high. "Bring them out", motivated Steven. You can even make the trite is the most bad joke is a Highlight - it was reserved for Verona, prove it. "What is brown, locked in, and sits behind bars?" she asked. And gave the answer: "A chestnut!" Breathless Silence. The pulse of the audience to zero. Joke, come on out, you're surrounded you. Then the chestnut and the penny dropped: "A KNastanie!", revealed Gätjen, and thus the fact that Verona is not only accurate but also effortless two-liner joke in the Sand can put! "DHSS"? Rather, "Oops, Verona Glitches Show!"

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele show Finale furioso: power strokes on the billiard-table,

Just under one and a half hours later, after a nine-Play "bonus benefits" for the final, got just that. The team captains Verona Pooth and Wigald Boning had to sink on the pool table with the cue tip a ball in a hole, but not hit, but lead. Who met, gave the opponent an electric shock. (Maybe that was the whole principle of the ProSieben Show-Brainstorming: Who does not have a sick idea, get a power surge?) Verona was horrified, especially because of the Billiards table cut and you had to balance with the cue ball up without using the hands (on the table): "Yes, how? I put it to my nose and push him high?" they revealed weaknesses in the rules and language of the soul.

Followed by the still majority Spuch of the day more suitable: "So what, Stupid!"

At the end only two stood in shock, equitably distributed. Then won Wigald Boning for his Team in the jump-off. And then there was Large'really what. The Ticker-tape parade, the Champions League would have been a presentation ceremony worthy of it. Next week it will be you again. And in between, since you do not need to be clairvoyant to - many "fantastic sick" games.

ProSieben / Jens Hartmann tele show

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