So stupid, you can't be!: Günther Jauch desperate at this geography question

he Would end up as the big loser? This question is not found in the fourth "5 gegen Jauch"-output of the season, only Günther Jauch. In its competitors ' ran

So stupid, you can't be!: Günther Jauch desperate at this geography question

he Would end up as the big loser? This question is not found in the fourth "5 gegen Jauch"-output of the season, only Günther Jauch. In its competitors ' ranks also actor Oliver Korittke, had won according to its own statements, never seen a game use was sitting. Together with actress and presenter Janine Kunze, entertainers, Matze Knop, singer, Pietro Lombardi and Moderator Marco Schreyl, he took on the challenge, the embodied generally certain Jauch to bring in trouble. Strategy and obstacle at the same time: in the first question of the intellectual rounds was to High in the game.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Teleschau Jauch scores with "stump-like Rudiment"

really exciting, that in the Cologne Cathedral Recently, gluten-free communion wafers are available. "A short Signal to the communion assistant will suffice," as Moderator Oliver Pocher said. But who in the world "has instead of a stately tail is just a stump-like Rudiment?" Right, Mr Jauch, the sloth!

by this point, it was elated in the Rudi-ment, comparison of the two almost all-male parties: The brandy bean, showed because of the Jauch scores, was an invention of Hugo Asbachs, what could be of all the candidates tasted. Hold on, just a thought date: of An astonished audience of millions of young star Pietro Lombardi said that he had never tried in his life, alcohol. His Initiation was also in "5 against Jauch" continue to wait: the result of the question "Which food additive is permitted in the United States: Igel's cool, Rats are awesome, Marderderb or castoreum?", the celebrities chosen for themselves, refused to he also decided - and yet it is only a musk similar to the excretion of the beaver, the furry rodents for both grooming as well as for marking his territory. The substance from the beaver's ass can be processed, however, well liquor, the Pocher and his candidate prompt kredenzte - the best result for the Studio mood. Or as Janine Kunze commented several times: "steward!"

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele-watch Everything in the bag,

Amazing "Fun Facts" were also set to this time, no limits: The provisional boiling point the atmosphere when the bagpipes came-ensemble "Pipers of the World". As Jauch guessed correctly, there is a centuries-old British Tradition in the 15-minute Live appearance of a bagpipe player, with the Queen Elizabeth starts in the day ("are you sure of yourself on the bag, but from the number, you will not come out," says Matze Knop). The had to trace Oliver Pocher necessarily, of course, in the plaid and with his own bagpipe, from which he drew, however, the only trouble tones.

otherwise, the current RTL-all-purpose gun show was technically everything From wheelbarrows ("Kippjapaner")-Stunt with Marco Schreyl on a breakneck "Hand to Hand"-acrobatics-Deposit with the brothers-Duo "Fratelli Caveagna" from the circus Roncalli to a hot Match with a table football champion Lilly Andres, there were hardly any pauses in breathing - and in the Joker Challenges, with slurry, in which, for example, drinking Cup to bottles flipped face-up, and vegetables in exactly the same halves of the cut had to be.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Teleschau Jauch on the border: "So stupid, you can't be!"

Varied, as always, Günther Jauch presented himself as a champion of Analog: On "What needs to be carried in accordance with section 54b of the German StVZO in buses and coaches?" he is on the road Atlas (correctly, a "wind-proof hand lamp, however, was"). Certainly the concept of "counterfactual thinking" familiar, he explained why a third-place more satisfactory than a second.

Terrifying weaknesses it revealed in its geography-knowledge: "which of the following are the neighboring countries of a neighbouring country of Germany?", wanted Pocher know. Jauch should allocate ten answer choices to the five right and five wrong. After a short moment of shock conclusion he concluded head teacher-stick to the last Option: Latvia or Russia? Jauch chose Latvia as a neighbouring country of Germany and began to realize that he was probably located next to it. Suddenly remembered a trip to Russia and railed about himself: "I Idiot! I myself was already there. So stupid, you can't be!"

Counterfactually, as it turned out: The Vienna Schönbrunn Zoo the oldest in the world brought him the victory. And where exactly Uganda is a must see Jauch easy again: May be the price money in the amount of 33.400 Euro in a charitable organization.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show

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