So not like Cristiano Ronaldo

Who grows up in Switzerland, this cotton ball of prosperity, is actually a winner. Good and great and great and great, not everything is here yet. As the friend

So not like Cristiano Ronaldo

Who grows up in Switzerland, this cotton ball of prosperity, is actually a winner. Good and great and great and great, not everything is here yet. As the friends drift apart circle. The relationships are as Dürüm (to en, may, bruchts en long Schnuf). And then there's the question of Why that is of concern to badger. Why are you on this planet, in St. Gallen?

"I sometimes feel disoriented," says Basil Kehl (26), which speaks rather whispers than. "It is also important to be a loser," says Luke Senn (28) that is for the photo only skeptical on the metal deer.

On her new Album, "Every hour En Vogelgsang" sing the two St. gall about her birth and the dystopia, to die in a retirement home in the Mandala Painting. Especially but badger works at Now. The time before 30. Restless like a ball in a pinball box. A little bit everywhere and yet nowhere.

The bright "A"

sing Why are they in the same language in which they dream, is actually a stupid question. But the mouth, artpop, to the East of Bern in the year 2020 is still a small Revolution. "The St. Gallen dialect often remains so beautiful in Anything," says Basil Kehl. "Nice huh? – Mhh," was in the East already in a conversation.

"We can Express ourselves best," says Luke Senn. Their dialect reflected could also be the typical Eastern Swiss attitude, this "It's worse"attitude, which is also the St. Galler musicians Manuel Stahl Berger shapes. "He's never been great and significant. But he sees the Small and observed charming," says Senn. For him, it is important that there is also a vernacular music from the SVP-home feeling, and the cowbells gebimmels the Büetzerbuebe. Steel Berger, for example, Jeans for Jesus – or badger.

With your Song "Beat Breu" honor badger of the Cycling legend. Source: Youtube

And so trumpeted Basil Keel the rachige "R" and the bright "A" self-conscious in the world. In curious tales of everyday life he finds the big questions, and his voice is so screwed somebody called badger in a Youtube comment as a "Pop scrotum". This Pop – these are also the fluffy synth melodies of Luke Senn, in which you can wallow so wonderful.

Not only uphill

badger it on their new Album with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese soccer star is the incarnation of a "shabby Winner-types". He never shows weakness. For this, he has money, a great Body and even a abbreviation: hangeblibe CR7, "somewhere in the success Rusch", so you sing it.

For the roof, not a Hero: Cristiano Ronaldo never shows weakness. Photo: Reuters

For roof heroism is as for Thomas Mann, in spite of the fact, persistence of the weakness part of it; and delicacy. To find a true role model, you didn't have to go far. On the St. Galler cross-bleaching in front of the room, Beat Breu led Bistrot to be a Circus. Breu was a Star, winning the Tour de France stage to Alpe d'huez, but then he failed again and again, as a comedian, brothel owners and, most recently, with his circus. In his life it was not only uphill, but straight ahead and downhill.

"If he fell on the nose, he took that as incentive to have crazier dreams," says Luke Senn. Beat Breu was never gone the easiest way, and I have made, there's always something driving him. Also, he and Basil Kehl want to. After concerts in front of "four Chnöche" rehearsed more. "As artists, we need to abhusteln us to earn without a lot," Basil says Kehl.

For the roof of a Hero: Beat Breu, who failed recently with his circus. Photo: Urs Jaudas

Beat Breu met the two musicians for the first Time at the christening of the album personally. After the anthem, as a tribute to him, the 62-year-old St. Gallen on the stage, something of a mess, the hair, the Sweater and unkempt to closely. "Beat Breu, Beat Breu." The young audience celebrated a hero who seems to have fallen out of time and still grippy answers to your Worries.

badger live: 12.3. Albani (Winterthur), 13.3. The future (Zurich)

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