Sløborn: Almost like the Corona Virus, but different

we Say: Evelins life is complicated. She is 15 years old, has an affair with her teacher and her on the ride home from a class trip bad. What begins as a stomac

Sløborn: Almost like the Corona Virus, but different

we Say: Evelins life is complicated. She is 15 years old, has an affair with her teacher and her on the ride home from a class trip bad. What begins as a stomach upset, is a total disaster: Welcome to Sløborn, a secluded island in the German-Danish border area and the eponymous Thriller series from ZDF Neo.

"Sløborn": this is the series

The 15-year-old Evelin returns from a class trip with their peers back at their home island Sløborn in the North sea. You don't feel comfortable, you must pass. What none of her classmates attributed to: Evelin is from your teacher, with whom she has a secret affair, pregnant. Also, the writer Nikolai Wagner, who has a lot of problems (drugs and writer's block) in his Luggage up, and Magnus Fisker together with a group of criminal-prone teenager on the island in the Wadden.


At a beach party Evelins classmates, bullies who like the quiet classmate Mr bully, a angespültes boat – and almost mummified corpses. What are the Couple on the boat died, is not at first apparent, but very soon felt: The pigeon flu was the cause of their death, and this Virus is now spreading, creeping, silent and deadly, on the idyllic North sea island of Sløborn.

Krzysztof Wiktor/ ZDF Glamour

Once completed, the risk of pigeon flu, a new Form of droplet infection transmitted H5N1 Virus, which detects internal haemorrhaging and death, to be taken, encompassing measures in the population: blood tests, mask of duty, Isolation of the population-if need be with military force. Evelins teacher and father of her child dies, the Virus tears across the island. Hysteria and panic, violence against the authority, misconduct and gross neglect of duty of care of the state are on Sløborn on the agenda. And in the middle of the pregnant Evelin, the need to sort out their emotions, their alliances and their sense of responsibility in an apocalyptic world.

"Sløborn": Who's playing?

Emily Kusche ("The perfect secret") plays Evelin's core, her father, Wotan Wilke Möhring ("The perfect secret embodied"). Alexander Scheer ("glechoma hederacea") occurs when Nikolai Wagner, Adrian green forest Evelins friend Herm.

Krzysztof Wiktor/ ZDF Glamour

Creator, producer, writer and Director of four of the total of eight episodes is Christian Alvart, whose head are also "Dogs of Berlin" and the "Tatort"-films with Til Schweiger sprung.

"Sløborn": Where can you see the series?

The eight episodes of the first season of the German-Scandinavian disasters series are available in the case of ZDF Neo in the library to Stream. Were originally planned for four seasons.

"Sløborn": Worth it series?

in 2019, we would have clearly said:! 2020 is a little different: Who owns the messages about the Coronavirus and the restrictions due to the current pandemic is very much on the mind beat, the we strongly recommend of diseases-Binge.Who estimates, however, movies like "Outbreak" and "Perfect Sense" and series like "The Rain" or "The Society", we can put this series to heart. Some of the Parallels are frighteningly close to our current reality, some of the fortunately.

Krzysztof Wiktor/ ZDF Glamour

"Sløborn" it's not just about a fictional Virus that has a fictional North sea island of grip, and in their human foundations are shaken, but it is about a young woman who must learn whom she can trust and how you deal with information. When resistance is appropriate? Can you believe his fellow blind? And what a clash of state power and resistance makes with a company? And when the community is more important than an individual?

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The broadcasting time for "Sløborn" is daring: Germany is still in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, increasing Numbers of people to fear. It is important to note that "Sløborn" has not purely to do with the Coronavirus to is (only Similarities inevitably are in the case of a disaster): Christian Alvart had focused the idea for the series over ten years ago, as a Form of swine flu in Mexico grass. We have all learned in the meantime and a new reality has overtaken the series, shows how naive we were before the pandemic: The distance is not rules about it in "Sløborn". Just because you didn't know from real experience how important it is to keep your Distance in a pandemic emergency may be. To remote would be a subsequent broadcast time of some of the decisions in "Sløborn so" completely alien world and reality – even on a fictional island with a fictional Virus.

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Date Of Update: 30 July 2020, 23:27

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