Silica gel: that's Why you can throw away the bags | Live

you can find in any Shoe box or a newly purchased bags to Small bags with transparent beads. What is it with them? "is Not eating, please throw away": these

Silica gel: that's Why you can throw away the bags | Live

you can find in any Shoe box or a newly purchased bags to Small bags with transparent beads. What is it with them?

"is Not eating, please throw away": these are the bags that we find in almost every packaging of a newly purchased product.

small, colourless globules, which are referred to as silica gel are Included. What does that mean and how useful they are, explains the editorial.

What silica gel is, anyway?

The silica gel, also is silicon dioxide (SiO2), is drying agent used , because it is so porous, and a large inner surface. It is, for example, puts the Shoe boxes, the possible moisture of the products kept away.

Due to this property can be used, the silica gel but also for many other things. Here are a few suggestions:

Wet electronics rescue

If the Smartphone or other electronic device is plopped into the water, stand many of the tears in the eyes. These items are save may to.

you have definitely heard about the Trick to put a wet phone in a container with rice, the liquid will be aspirated - the same also works with silica gel.

The beads also have the advantage that you can leave no annoying residue , the clog might still be connections.

Thus, silver jewelry remains beautiful

Nasser silver jewellery tends to turn black. You can prevent this by placing them before a silica gel in the box.

salt and sugar to de-cake

Are you tired of your sugar - or salt shaker? Constantly the white powder clumped in it, and the meal must do without decent Salting. But not with Silica-Gel: Put a bag of it in the spreader and you have to wait for a long time. Soon, the powder is loosened and can be easily spread.

note, however, that nothing of the silica gel gets in your food - it is non-toxic, but still not to eat suitable. Read more about this in the last paragraph.

Unpleasant odors

combat The reason for müffelnde sports clothes, the sweat residues that adhere to the fabric are, of course, with a bag of silica gel in the bag dams of the unpleasant odors a , because the moisture is bound.

This effect, you can take advantage of a musty-smelling car. With a larger amount of small packets, you should get the smells in the handle.

Not-mounted Displays or lenses more

Who plays long in the cold with a camera around, must contend in the home with a misted lens. This effect is avoided by you, you get the camera before into a Warm room, in a bag full of silica gel stuck .

drugs travel

Who's afraid of that medication in your suitcase or handbag to take on a long trip damage, with the silica gel is the perfect solution. With a few enclosed packet is also blocked here in the moisture.

Even in the Second world war, silica should be used to keep Penicillin dry and therefore effective.

Stored belongings

In the attic or in the basement is often heated less, and so more moisture is prevalent. If you want to protect stored books or photo albums in front of it, you should pack a couple of sachets of silica gel in the box . Self-mildew, and strange odors have no Chance.

breaking up with wet clothes

Nothing is more annoying than wet shoes or damp bags. With a couple of sachets of silica gel you will speed up the drying process.

+ Also in the closet can be small bags of great Benefit.©picture alliance/Oliver Berg/dpa

Can I buy the silica gel also extra?

On Online platforms, the useful drying agent is also quite simple to acquire, without the need to make a trip to the nearest Shoe store. the The silica gel is, even in pounds offered bags .

What's particularly pleasing is that After the work is done, you don't have to throw away the bags - if you warm up in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius, can be re-used.

Can silica gel be regenerated?

the useful bag Have done their work, and the moisture absorbed, they end up often in the trash. But that need not be. The silica gel in the oven to regenerate. To do this, you tray and spread it flat on a baking and put the device at a maximum of 80 degrees on convection .

the silica gel also Has disadvantages or even dangerous?

Why is actually, "do Not eat, throw away!" on the bags? You are dangerous? the The granulate is non-toxic , but the bags can contain additives.

the color of the Silica gel gives you information on: Transparent balls are harmless, pink have already absorbed moisture, and blue can contain toxic substances.

The inscription is primarily used as a distinguishing feature to foods - the silica gel should not be used with salt or sugar confused.

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