Shots that are hard to beat in cruelty hardly to: ARD-Research reveals animal transport-scandal

anyone Who has seen these pictures, could hardly find sleep: The film-maker Edgar Verheyen said in his late Monday night sent report "The Story in the First: t

Shots that are hard to beat in cruelty hardly to: ARD-Research reveals animal transport-scandal

anyone Who has seen these pictures, could hardly find sleep: The film-maker Edgar Verheyen said in his late Monday night sent report "The Story in the First: the transport of Animals mercilessly cattle trade without borders" of outrageous, Yes, outrageous violations of animal rights. Some of the shots were hard to beat in ugliness all the more difficult. But actually, would have to look for such contributions, each exactly as what was shown here, all goes on: The Film followed a seemingly everyday animal transports through Europe, which must be in accordance with the applicable EU legislation.

SWR/ Animal Welfare Foundation e. V. Teleschau

a trip to locales in North Africa, Russia, the Middle East and over thousands of kilometres, and even up to Central Asia. The award-winning ARD-filmmaker has accompanied such transports, together with animal rights activists. He has not documented here, only cruel conditions, he also asked for the causes, confronted politicians in Brussels and Berlin, as well as Managers in industry and agriculture. More than 30,000 cattle are breeding every year, supposedly for the purposes in countries outside the EU exports. Many of them find, however, a different, cruel usage, and as so often happens in such cases, will hear none of it. Animal welfare experts such as Iris Baumgärtner of the organization Animal Welfare Foundation complain that the animal was check of protection on such exports hardly. And that's why he would not.

SWR tele show "less than trash"

What is with the animals is happening, it seems, in fact, not easy to understand - apparently not for some who are directly involved in the recovery process. Right at the beginning of a surprised-looking farmer from the Allgäu region are faced with the fact that his bull calves which he had made according to his own Conviction for a regional further breeding, were unloaded after an agonizing Transport, without complying with the prescribed rest periods finally, in Catalonia out. The competent veterinary office refers to the proper checks and want to have noticed nothing.

The Problem is probably already much deeper. As the farmer explains, there is in this country practically no market for bull calves. While to achieve the colorful cattle might still be 150 Euro per calf were bringing black cattle only "zero to ten Euro": "less than waste," says the man sober. Veal will demand in Germany hardly knows the farmer who protested that he did not know that the animals were being transported to Spain.

Actually, a scandal to themselves. However, the story was not a mast in Catalonia, the centre of the Spanish calves, still a long way to the end. In the port of Tarragona was to see how the animals from the whole of the EU will be shipped to Africa and the Middle East. To what purpose and under what conditions? - An animal exporter was ready to answer the German filmmaker some questions. He export in almost all the Arab States, and the animals, including thousands from Germany, he knew to report, always end up in the slaughterhouse.

As it happens on such a vessel, therefore, revealed recordings, the animal welfare activist Iris Baumgärtner turned secretly on the 55-year-old "Karim Allah". The images are witnesses of terrible abuses on Board. To see photos showing that dead animals be disposed of by the charging crane in the sea. Faced with this, the language of the exporter in the Interview, just dry from the "law of nature" - as the most Normal thing in the world it would be. Thereby, this kind of carcass disposal is strictly prohibited. In Israel, visitors to the beach are always in front of dead calves and cows that were flushed from the flow to the beach.

SWR/ Animal Welfare Foundation e. V., tele look at things, not write, not

Strong stuff you can pronounce up to this point, but it was still fierce. Well possible, that in consequence of the broadcast of debate about whether or not all of the pictures of the tortured creatures are reasonable for the audience at all. But, of course, and investigative journalism must be tough and ruthless if he is to act. And Verheyen wants to achieve with his work. As in 2014, as Verheyens and Monika Anthes' Film "Tortured, beaten to death and thrown away - the suffering heated in Germany's pig factories," the minds, he with his contribution, a massive character against the Blind. The Look hurt this time.

At one point in the Film, the speech is even more explicitly of "shots, which are hard to beat in cruelty hardly to be". There were pictures that were the editors of the activists of the German Organisation Animals Angels from ports and livestock markets in the Middle East as well as Morocco have been playing, it was said, was this: "This is the worst thing that got the editors so far on the protection of animals injuries to the face. The images we can show, therefore, only part of it." To see how from Germany coming, the cattle and even dairy cows that were solely for breeding are allowed to be exported, and ritually slaughtered will be slaughtered. The animals. in the most brutal way alive, the jugular vein cut And even more ... things you don't write, can't pronounce.

Unspeakably the conditions on the animal transport to Central Asia. Animal rights activists were in the freezing cold in Smolensk at the Belarusian-Russian border car secret recordings of load, each with more than 30 highly promising German cows in Brandenburg on Board had. The aim of the trip: Uzbekistan - until then, it is of Smolensk, more than 4,000 kilometers. The Export, it was said, was to supposedly serve the establishment of a breeding ... Helena Bauer and her fellow members of Animal Angels remained in it, showed how the supposed supply either not be approached or do not exist at all, and how the animals at the end, exhausted, completely lie in their own excrement.

German-born calves fattened in Spain and then against each location, and on to Africa and the Middle East to the most cruel slaughter are exported; dairy cows, pure breed animals, the find stations on illegal Due to a brutal end in the North African battle; the mother animals are transported thousands of miles through the icy cold winter in Russia? - Why is all this possible? As is so often the case with such scandals, the answer is quite simple: because there is usually no suitable laws for the protection of animals - and because the Whole thing is a giant business is, the profiteers are sitting in the EU, and not least of all Germany. "The transport of animals of this type must have an end," was the heartfelt appeal at the end of the film.

What are we to do with this

is The dramatic contribution have not missed its effect because it led, as always, when it comes, nowadays, in relevant research to the connections between animal welfare and meat production, clearly, how big the Problem really is, and that behind the grievances long been a perfidious classification is.

The eye-opening Film showed not only with the Finger on a few black sheep, but the excesses of complex global developments which are not probably so easy to stop and to do with all of us, as a society, but also unquestionably with each and every individual consumer.

*The contribution of ""shots, which are hard to beat in cruelty hardly to": ARD-Research reveals animal transport scandal" is published by the tele look. Contact with the executives here.

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