Series such as Grey's Anatomy were looking for? Then these 8 Alternatives are exactly right!

doctor series 2020: "Atlanta Medical" Who spends his Wednesday evening, the Drama in the Seattle Grace Hospital, Dr. Meredith Grey & co. on ProSieben look

Series such as Grey's Anatomy were looking for? Then these 8 Alternatives are exactly right!

doctor series 2020: "Atlanta Medical"

Who spends his Wednesday evening, the Drama in the Seattle Grace Hospital, Dr. Meredith Grey & co. on ProSieben look at the Atlanta Medical is "" probably a term that will be broadcast in the doctor series, but right after "Grey's Anatomy". In the centre of the action, the resident physician, Dr. Conrad Hawkins (played by "Gilmore Girls"cast member Matt Czuchry), who shows the young Harvard graduates Devon everyday life in Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. In particular, the fact that a disproportionately high number of patients do not survive by the chief physician Dr. Randolph Bell, conducted OPs, makes for a lot of Drama in the hospital. Heart breaking sale at the end of chic, a little bit of love chaos and rivalries between colleagues may not be missing naturally also.

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the best of The doctor series: "9-1-1: emergency L. A."

Who has to "Grey's Anatomy" and "Atlanta Medical" still not enough of a gripping drama series stream, the following best also "9-1-1: emergency L. A.", the last TV Show of the ProSieben-Wednesday evening-Trios, in. As the title suggests, this is about the first responders in Los Angeles, and more specifically to your bets. In each episode, different emergencies will be shown, the police and the fire service play an important role. Among the Cast, including Peter Krause ("Parenthood"Star and real-life with "Gilmore Girl" Lauren Graham boyfriend), Angela Bassett ("American Horror Story"), and the second season, Jennifer Love-Hewitt ("Ghost Whisperer").

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doctor series 2020: "Private Practice"

stream, As a Spin-off of "Grey's Anatomy" is expected to like this series, especially Fans of Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh), it plays a role here but the main. The wife of a doctor moves from Seattle to Los Angeles and the community of practice of two study friends will be there. In L. A. you have to get used to not only to a new place and in their everyday lives in private practice, her love life is always in focus.

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series-tip: "Dr. House"

Probably no other TV doctor with the sarcastic sayings of Dr. Gregory House to keep up and that's exactly what makes the series so worthwhile. The head of the Department of Diagnostic medicine at a hospital in New Jersey is in every episode for a diagnostics charge. That he himself is of the pain medication-dependent, do not know his patients, of course. Those who like black Humor, smart dialogues and the hospital drama, you should definitely check out all eight seasons of "Dr. House".

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The best doctor shows: "E. R. – Emergency Room"

What is "Grey's Anatomy" and "E. R." a long time ago! Finally, the cult show has already celebrated, in 1994, Premiere and is therefore regarded as a guide for many other doctor series. Here, everything revolves around the emergency room of a hospital in Chicago, specifically sale of the patients said to the daily lives of the Doctors as well as the dramatic chic. Fun Fact: No one less than George Clooney was in the first six seasons in one of the main roles.

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Medical Drama "Saving Hope"

thanks to its unique narrative perspective that highlights the canadian series "Saving Hope" the other doctor shows. The series is told from the point of view of Dr. Charlie Harris, the chief surgeon of the Hope Zion Hospital after this fall due to a car accident on the way to his own wedding into a coma. His fiancée, Dr Alex Reid and his colleagues try to save his life, in the meantime, observed Dr. Charlie, what is going on in the hospital, everything in front of him.

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doctor series on Netflix: "The Night Shift"

What can happen during the night shift in the emergency room of the San Antonio Memorial Hospital, all that shows is the series "The Night Shift". Many of the Doctors were once in the US army – as Dr. TC Callahan, whose brother died during the shared time in Afghanistan prior to the TCs eyes on the field of battle. As a result, the doctor developed a post-traumatic stress disorder. His Ex-girlfriend Dr. Jordan Alexander, in which he is still in love with, not only the night shift directs, but also with the surgical chief, Dr. Scott Clemens is, makes TCs doesn't make life easier.

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series to Stream: "Station 19"

the may Who offers not only "Grey's Anatomy", but also "Private Practice" already diligently gebinged, another Spin-off of the popular hospital series stream. In "Station 19" (also known as the "Seattle Firefighters – The young heroes") it goes not to Doctors, but the fire brigade men and women in terms of tension, Drama and hot love Affairs, you can keep up with the TV Show, but in any case, with the Original. Also cool: Known as the "Grey's"-faces such as Dr. Ben Warren, Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Miranda Bailey also appear in the series.

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