Schröder-documentary on ARTE: I watched football with him, while he had to iron

The MDR-movie "Gerhard Schröder, Beat the drum" (first broadcast on ARTE) starts pathetic with a Heine poem: "do not Beat the drum and fear, and kisses the c

Schröder-documentary on ARTE: I watched football with him, while he had to iron

The MDR-movie "Gerhard Schröder, Beat the drum" (first broadcast on ARTE) starts pathetic with a Heine poem: "do not Beat the drum and fear, and kisses the cantiniere. This is the whole science." To close with the Heine-Schröder-confession: "I understood, because I am a good reel." The meaning of the poem, which Schröder presented with the 2013 election for the encouragement of the poor SPD candidate Peer Steinbrück, is certainly ambiguous and, as is always the case with Heine meant to be ironic. You can break your head about it, as well as about the Person of the politician Gerhard Schröder himself, who once split the Nation with daring experiments, such as social reform, "Agenda 2010".

MDR / Broadview tele show

It drums because it is also huge in the Background of the Film-documentary, especially when the failure of the party and the electoral defeats of the SPD after schröder's departure in 2005 are listed. And some of the party comrade thinks he should probably have "more to Toot our own horn" in order to be successful. The MDR-portrait of Torsten Körner (MDR) lives of opinions and contradictions. Were interviewed mostly party friends and fellows, but also some of the five wives, in particular, the current, Schröder-Kim So-yeon from South Korea (52), which provides the same time clear that your husband was born with a "tireless energy and willingness to fight" - not least "the reason why he stayed young".

MDR / Broadview tele look, With 76 of the last living former Chancellor of the Republic of

Five fights he had won on a Regional and Federal level, as they selected him in 1998 to the Registrar, in accordance with the the SPD is terrible 16 years of Helmut Kohl. Now he is, at 76, the last living former Chancellor of the Republic - but also with all sorts of honorary doctor blessed a lot of times the Lobbyist, the Supervisory Board would be Rosneft Chairman of the Nord stream AG (Gazprom) and the Supervisory Board of the Russian Oil company. Any criticism of the fact is, Schröder, until today, foreign - after all, he's always trying to get the friendship with the East, especially with Putin.

You could take the easy way out and the famous Clemenceau quote from the Sleeve, after which, anyone who hasn't been with 20 socialist, no heart, and who was it by 40, no brain. You would need the formula in the case to move Schroeder's only a couple of decades back. From the smallest of backgrounds, the blended family lived at times of social assistance, climbed Schröder to the social ladder from the very bottom to the very top to the head of government of the Federal Republic of Germany. A lawyer he had become, especially so, he says in the Film, because he had to protect the mother lightly on the door signed representative contracts.

he was a Central striker (nickname: "field") in his village club, had helped him later on in life to recognition, as well as the fact that he had meetings very early on all the possible choice of daring and to be reported again and again the word of the former Chancellor knows how to report.

Renate Schmidt makes a mockery of schröder's "serial monogamy"

But not only because of the stubbornly-fought ascent a that it is something material-heavy MDR-portrait on Schroeder's side. None of the opponents pees him seriously in the leg. Gesine Schwan and Renate Schmidt give it your Best shot, if you say Schroeder's to continue existing entrepreneurs in close proximity to the "Volkswagen milieu" criticize, from which he was coming. Schmidt calls her at all, very beautiful, the master's "serial monogamy". But it also recalls the late Bonner party evenings, where Schröder at the fence of the Chancellery, rattled and his famous: "I want to come in here!" pushed in the Bonn night.

A dream, "a dream, almost a utopia," as Renate Künast calls it, was, in fact, in 1998 true. Later, at another point, it shows a clear edge, and accuses Schroeder that he had "changed sides" and "no goals". You can see him in the movie the Prince applaud Putin and also between this and Berlusconi flirt, at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland-Hotel. Real Machos amongst themselves.

But it has also given the it: The former SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel reported that he had seen strong women at schröder's side. And is a leading example: "I was with Schröder, football watching, while he had to iron it!" This would, in turn, is sure to please schröder's mother, to which he gave life, so large pieces. Long before the election of the son to the Chancellor they already knew: "It Liechtenstein Yes egg'ntlich to the people," if you want to be elected. The phrase has, without a doubt, still valid.

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