Saudi women can be very quick-tempered

It was the film sensation of 2013: "Wadjda", the first feature film from Saudi Arabia, tells the story of a girl who wants a bike and this dream against all o

Saudi women can be very quick-tempered

It was the film sensation of 2013: "Wadjda", the first feature film from Saudi Arabia, tells the story of a girl who wants a bike and this dream against all odds followed. was At that time, it says women in the Islamic Gulf monarchy to drive a car or to leave without the approval of the country. Even more impressive is the idea of the Saudi debut of filmmaker Haifaa al-Mansour, to talk about their work over a 10-year-old protagonist and their mobility needs, was therefore. "Wadjda" met the longing nerve of a whole Generation.

Seven years later, in Los Angeles, resident Director, returned to Saudi Arabia to shoot their second feature film. At the heart of "The Perfect Candidate" is the Doctor Maryam (Mila al-Zahrani), who does not want to accept that, prior to your clinic emergency patient because of a broken Pipe stuck in the mud remain. Half out of Spite, half out of coincidence, Maryam is about to occur finally, as a candidate for the municipal Council, which provides in their small town for resistance, not least in their own family. "The Perfect Candidate" like as a parable about a rebel against the will, where you look at the with a light Hand told Film the difficulties in the production of barely.

rebel against his will: The Doctor Maryam (Mila al-Zahrani) is presented as a candidate for the municipal Council. Photo: New visions film distribution

Mrs Mansour, as has the General situation in Saudi Arabia changed since her film debut "Wadjda"?
There was a noticeable relaxation. Since 2018 cinemas and concerts are allowed, women are now allowed to drive car; this is the everyday planning only facilitates enormous.

women must veil, however, is still?
Yes, but there is no comparison to the past. When I went as a Teenager on the market, and only a bit of my Jeans came out from under the Abaya, I was addressed immediately by the religious police. Today, women are no longer forced to hide their faces – although many still do.

Very easy: Because they were so "programmed".

Would be the dresses for a movie premiere with women in Gala in Saudi Arabia at all conceivable?
The Paradox is: There are no fixed rules, there is only Tradition and Interpretation. About premieres, I would be skeptical. But it has been shown, for example, that singer should be allowed to wear while performing on stage in a modest dress and their hair must not cover.

"Saudi Arabia is still a deeply conservative country."Director Haifaa al-Mansour

How has your work changed as a Director compared to "Wadjda"?
For women it was a No-go, to be with men on the street. So I was forced to the rotation to give my instructions by radio from a Bus. The improved "The Perfect Candidate" it is noticeable, but Saudi Arabia is still a deeply conservative country. In the current Film, there were always people to have a say and to hinder the shooting tried. Then we had to call each of the police and our rotation permits to demonstrate.

How is it even possible to rotate in a country without any film infrastructure, a movie?
thanks to our German co-production company. The most important members of the crew introduced. The wizard, we recruited locally.

How did these wizards, when they received instructions from a woman?
Now, you had to get used to it. Saudi women can be very quick-tempered, I can tell you that. (laughs) There was quite a clamor.

"The Perfect Candidate" refuses the Doctor Maryam, disadvantages in their working. Why send them in the policy?
Because there are too few women. We have in the United States in 2019, a Saudi Ambassador. This, however, was appointed by a panel. But I wonder: Would you also become an Ambassador, if there had been an election by the people?

"It was absolutely not my goal, in this Film, men against women in this matter."Director Haifaa al-Mansour

In the Film, the municipal election is for the main character Central, Mary chances are, however, poorly ...
Yes, but the important thing is that she demands as a woman, the respect of the Public. This is not a Saudi, but a universal Problem: women have to prove themselves on the way to the top much stronger. This can sometimes be frustrating. But if you're friendly enough, it goes into the rule already.

Where is the men bashing in your movie? It absolutely was not my goal, men against women pitting. I rather wanted to illuminate this absurd social System, to suffer from both sexes on their way in.

they live and work mainly in the USA. The Perfect Candidate was "" a return to the homeland?
no, my home is Los Angeles, my husband and my children are Americans.

you Have taken their children to Saudi Arabia?
Yes, they were, however, quite nervous, and asked many questions. You know, only the Western Tradition. But they liked the Saudi food, the language and the dances very much.

Trailer for "The Perfect Candidate". Source: DCM

The Film is running 12.3. in the cinema

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