Sandra Toft on the new life: 'It was a little cross-border'

She could not be in itself. "I was almost around in circles in the hallway. My physical therapist has also said that he thought, 'we should just keep an eye

Sandra Toft on the new life: 'It was a little cross-border'

She could not be in itself.

"I was almost around in circles in the hallway. My physical therapist has also said that he thought, 'we should just keep an eye on Sandra."

How does it sound from the Danish goalie Sandra Toft. Something of a contrast to the otherwise calm goalie, most of the lounges have become acquainted with.

But the quiet, she was certainly not in the course of Fridays, where Denmark was going to meet France in a genuine WORLD cup-bang.

"I'm really glad I have a roomie who is totally opposite to me, for I was completely up and running and around on the floor in the course of the day. She was very calm and was getting me down," explains Sandra Toft.

Mind drove around, and at some points overtænker enough she also. It happens in general, but she also acknowledges that it was much worse before the match against France than for example in Brazil-the fight.

"I don't know how many times I in the course of the day before the match said, 'I can't cope here.' Where she (roomien, red.) just laughed and said it probably should go. I became more and more annoyed, she was so quiet, but it had an effect," says Sandra Toft with a smile.

She is often up and running before matches, among other things because she is nervous of the outcome. But as soon as she tread halgulvet, and the fight gets going, it is something else.

Here she is a leader, who will manage and direct the national team with a tough hand. It falls to her naturally to the role, and it has always done. Where it exactly comes from, she knows not.

"The fact that I was so nervous, I don't think many discovered, for I was going to have to hide it. I should preferably exhibit a ro. Just as soon as the fight starts, I am not nervous. It is very much a guidende role, I also have as a goalkeeper. I shall control the defense and put the requirements to the opponents and try to wind them up. I yell a lot at them, and I did it also against France," says Sandra Toft, who is extra proud of the fact that the team beat France because of the mental pressure that was.

she put the three words in themselves, it is 'shouting, passion and winning mentality'. An answer that falls reasonable promptness.

But one thing is for Sandra Toft on a handball court. For it stands in stark contrast to how målvogteren is, when håndboldtøjet not on.

"There, I am totally the opposite. I am very calm, smiling and laughing," says the 30-year-old Sandra Toft.

at the same time, she is also a person who shows how she has it. She can get supporters out to the press after a victory, like she can put up with the tears in his eyes after a fierce battle.

"I always think, I have been like an open book. I'm not embarrassed, and I'm not pale, to show my feelings. It is also the case when I'm mad, I am extremely angry. When I am happy, I am extremely happy. I can't hide it," says Sandra Toft.

she could not even during last year's disappointing european championship. A feeling that nagged her. She was not well, and Denmark was in trouble.

"It's a championship, I rather not think back on. I felt a little as I took away, to some of the matches I played there, was a low point. I went from some of the fighting with only a rescue standing and a big defeat. One thing is, you can be bad, but if the team does not lose, you live the with it. When the team then also gets driven around in manegen, makes it extra evil as a goalkeeper. I promised myself it would not happen again," says Sandra Toft, who at this year's WORLD cup so far has won the title as the 'match play' three times in a row.

She remembers clearly how she had it when she stood in the middle of the finals last year in Nantes. It was not nice.

"We are extremely disappointed in themselves. Many professional athletes are probably their own worst critic. It is I also. It was a really dull christmas," says landsholdsmålmanden, as always, can find a or anything else that can be done better – also for good matches.

She does not hide that she was in 'extremely bad mood' and dug himself down a little before arbejdshandsken came on again, and she had on.

it was a rough period, and while some others choose to use the family to spar with, chose Sandra Toft anything else.

"I don't think my family thought I was damn nice to keep christmas with. I came directly home and said that there should not talk handball. We could easily talk. Just not on it," remembers målvogteren, however, have taken the rematch at this year's finals.

Particularly against France, she had a key role in many important saves, and, together with the national team, she sent the French out of the WORLD cup-the darkness. A people, she got to know well, in the summer, she switched Team Esbjerg with the Brest-Bretagne.

The French have been better, but when there is taktikmøder, she must still ally with teammates who speak both French and English fluently. At the same time the movement also moved her personally.

"When you meet new people and create new relationships with a lot of different nations, you must give something of yourself. The developer you also," says Sandra Toft, who at that point is not the type who wades into the people with wooden shoes on the outside of the track.

"That I'm a little more timid, so it has been little cross-border. But it has gone very well," explains målvogteren, who uses his time outside of the track with the other aliens, to see France and then otherwise, just relax.

And the shift has also developed her as a goalkeeper.

"Every time you go to a new club or a new country, you feel, you have to get down and prove your worth. It makes sure that you are pushing yourself in all practices and games. I have a really good staff around me and a mega professional setup, who do I meet in harmless and has played a lot. It has an impact," says Sandra Toft.

Updated Date: 08 December 2019, 07:00

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