Salary increase: Eight things you can act out, if the boss does not want to pay more

A higher salary for many workers. But not always, supervisors are prepared to negotiate are. As well, that there are reasonable Alternatives to a salary increas

Salary increase: Eight things you can act out, if the boss does not want to pay more

A higher salary for many workers. But not always, supervisors are prepared to negotiate are. As well, that there are reasonable Alternatives to a salary increase. Because regardless of how well the financial statements were, or how much more money than the colleague in a similar Position to itself, the company has introduced – not always resulting in a higher salary.

don't worry – there are good Alternatives to a salary increase. Sometimes they are even the better choice, because of a salary increase or a one-time bonus payment not so much often even left. If the wage tax and the contributions for social insurance is deducted, the decline in this amount usually by a good half. (Also read: Virtual teamwork: cooperation to succeed, without seeing the )

Therefore, the eight of the best Alternatives come here to a raise:

1. You get a travel allowance

you can take public transport to work? If you arrive by Bus, subway, train or similar transport means, may be free to pay their employers a subsidy, and tax if you receive the Ticket in addition to your regular wage. (Also interesting: As Start-ups talents )

bind If you're on a business trip, you can negotiate with your employer whether he pays you a rail card, which you can use also private.

2. Your employer is something there for lunch this

The stomach growls, you quickly jump into the canteen and pay less than usual because their employer grants them a subsidy: For Breakfast he is allowed to give you 1.80 euros, for lunch or dinner, even 3,40 Euro, in order for the discounted food, no payroll tax and no social security contributions apply. (Also worth reading: The job interview: 5 tips to Job with your dream employer )

If your company is not a canteen, it is also possible that your employer eating issues brands. In addition, the company has to work together, however, with certain Restaurants or shops where the vouchers can redeem. The food stamps must be spent not on paper, there are now also Apps that offer a good Alternative.

3. An investment in your health

you will be fit and your boss pays for it. Finally, he also benefits, if you make a health course: Keep fit, they will provide probably better performance on the Job and are less likely to get sick. (Also read: success in the Job: How your anxiety can use )

your employer can contribute under certain conditions tax-free up to € 600 per year for health courses. The courses must meet certain conditions and are certified accordingly. In the case of the courses that are eligible for support, it may be, for example, sports - and yoga classes, a Smoking cessation, diet, training courses or courses on stress management.

4. They form more

you do so much Sport that a health course at work doesn't work anymore? How about with training? If the employer pays them to you, then you is tax free – and this is true even for courses not directly related to their work together. How about a course, a Workshop or a Coaching voice? (Also interesting: These 7 things rich people do differently )

It can actually only be in the interest of your boss, when you form the Fort. Of course, you have a better Chance that he's getting into on this Deal, if it detects a Use for the company. With a computer course or a training of the personality you therefore probably have a better Chance, as if their boss should pay them a cooking class. Here, too, however there may be exceptions, of course.

5. They act more flexibility and freedom

Maybe you want to actually no additional services, but prefer more freedom? You can ask to Flexi-time. As a morning person, this may mean that you are ready to go at 6 o'clock and at 14 o'clock the evening can be enjoyed. That doesn't work, of course, in every Job. If you contact work in a small company with a lot of customers, it may be important to certain times to be observed. (Also worth reading: 10 tips to fight Stress and more Serenity in the Job )

an Alternative could be that you will negotiate more days in the home office or ever get the opportunity, even in the long term, if necessary, from home. A further possibility for more freedom, it is, at a constant salary for more vacation days to negotiate.

6. You are the child care

subsidize another idea is to have the costs for the care of their children financially. If the children are not of school age can participate in your employer for an unlimited amount to the cost of care, with no taxes or social charges. This applies where the grant is paid in addition to salary. (Also read: Need a Job really happy? )

7. A service Bicycle strong>


it looks Even better in the case of bicycles: Since 2019, the rule is that your employer can let you have a Monk tax and social security, if he provides it to you in addition to your salary available. This is also true for electric bicycles (up to wheels, the ride is 25 kilometers per hour). The exemption from tax applies until the year 2030. (Also interesting: These 7 Trends will change our world forever )

8. To be better equipped for their jobs

you can also try with a better equipment for their job to negotiate: Maybe you are happy about a better screen or a second Monitor? Or you have always dreamed of becoming a stand-up Desk? Maybe your boss can be as an Alternative to a salary increase, Yes to that.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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