Sad children, no hot food: an educator about Corona-everyday life in the kindergarten

dear Melanie, You're a kindergarten teacher and mom of two elementary school children. What daycare do You work? I work in a daycare with two nursery groups

Sad children, no hot food: an educator about Corona-everyday life in the kindergarten

dear Melanie, You're a kindergarten teacher and mom of two elementary school children. What daycare do You work?

I work in a daycare with two nursery groups for children from 4 months to 3 years and 2 mixed-age groups. We have 60 children in the nursery. I work in the nursery children 30 hours a week.

Then Corona and Your children could also, of course, not in the school. We did you split your home?

My husband went to work in a system that is relevant, significantly better-paying career in 3-fold shift in the normal work. I stayed with the children once home, and I have taken over the schooling. Our daughter is seven, and our son is nine years old and in fourth grade, shortly before a change of school. He has been in the school a school assistant, this remembered, of course, gone now.

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Your children were not in the emergency care - why?

My daughter has Asthma and we wanted to take any risk. This meant but repent, that I could only go to work if my husband was home and the kids could take over. When I realised after four weeks that I would have to work significantly more, signaled to me the school of my children, that there is actually no emergency care courses and more...

How you did the sentiment among you educators in the day-care centre in the last time seen?

The mood is tense. All the Worry, nobody dares to plan what. Many friends and relatives will now say to us: "Be to us , not evil, but their works unprotected, we do not want to meet You in a Moment dear..." . All colleagues bring their own corona package with rum and solidarity with each other is more difficult. All are dissatisfied.

We have high claims of our work, the screw down on basic care is neither fun nor is it good for anyone. It is a strange feeling, when a child in the kindergarten abputzt now his brat with You on the Shirt, and if You're rolling over one of the small children to sleep, can adhere to You, simply no protection distance. No building area is so large that I could slide one Meter far away.

How the rules look at you?

I still have no procedures in place for the period of time from the 8. June get, but as far as I know, it's supposed to go back to the old groups with the old people – to the extent that these are able to work. Up to now, we could decide whether we work with or without masks. But: most of The children do not feel well, if the adult wears a mask. Just the Little need to have a clear view of the faces, because they are just so full of the Intention of can your counterpart will understand.

parents were not allowed to enter during the Norgruppenregelung the nursery, means that we, the children received behind the front door and you are there, fully dressed, again, "out of reach". Surprisingly, most of the children participated really well. Of course, all received like Superstars but have been. And then it was wash first hands. Discussions with parents as they arise between the door and the Angel, was not there. But from the 8. June is repealed this prohibition and the parents are allowed in the groups. More to the Coronavirus

What do You mean, like the kindergarten children in recent weeks in the nursery?

I have seen many disappointed children. It's all different. Other educators, other children, other rooms, other games, no projects, no hot lunch, etc. The kids miss the kindergarten with all the processes, people, and rituals, as it was in front of Corona.

How did you find the parents of this kindergarten?

I have much more feeling for the parents experienced as otherwise, and in all directions. More gratitude, more anger, more calm but also more exhaustion. There are many parents who stick to the rules, but also, of course, always be people who have no understanding of, for example, for processes that take longer.

Many educators say: "In kindergarten, we pay attention to all the small to all – and to the kindergarten the children meet without the distance on the Playground" – have you observed this and how to do it to you?

children can't play without a gap, it doesn't work. I can create conditions that reduce the contact, but in the end, amazed at all the shoulder-to-shoulder on the high tower, for the great picture they both want to makes this a pen and the T-Rex in the book to look at with the buddy just a lot more fun. You also have to show the teacher urgently, such as large canines, that they can only see if you really is quite close.

What are the rules/regulations are not complied with, your opinion is useful/good?

learning When I was happy, open, friendly, self-confident, empathic children would like to, then it needs as little rules as possible. At a distance is impossible, totally and absolutely. Constantly washing your hands can also grasp and the other in the face. To not allow parents in the kindergarten is also a mess, is all have the same infection circle. Protective clothing would also be nonsense. Finally, it is to the extent that most pediatricians don't wear coats and we will get back to it? FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign "#corona care: Germany helps". With you! All of the information you find here.

In NRW are to be allowed to come on now all the daycare kids again. What do you think of it?

at first, I was surprised. So fast. And why? Who confirmed that this is a dangerous step? Hopefully this is not a political issue. Hopefully, we will not be burned now. And how to do that organizationally, with all the fancy fellow?

Thus you get a Problem, because Your children are unsupervised, if you have to go to work. You have already a solution?

no. I have no solution. Especially since it is not only the care of my children, but also the schooling. I search now a solution for the support and schooling of my children, to be able to have other children to care for.

My son will get no or a lot less the help of his education assistant, who has children in the nursery and suddenly has to work two hours less time in the day, because in NRW, the hours of children to ten hours a week was reduced.

I could ask the grandma. She is 67 and has high blood pressure. I'm part of the system, the emergency care is now very full. I have not worked for a long time. The teaching staff must now cover only emergency care, but also the rolling lessons. Now, when new children in the emergency care, be a teacher from the rolling lesson. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

I don't know to what extent I would have to work, how many hours and what time of the day. I as systemically important a woman is actually entitled to Corona parents money? And who wants to serve as an act of friendship to the children of a possible super-spreaders?

I'm afraid of the next few weeks. I have a feeling I'm not going to do it anyway, to no one, myself least of all. My colleague in the day-care centre, the care with me ten children between four months and three years, is also the mother of a primary school child.

What is generally important to the topic?

understanding. Serenity. And the Belief that all are trying their Best. And if you lose then even have the nerve to have the courage to go after that into the conversation. On all sides.

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