Restart cinema Erding: Without Popcorn the Broke | Erding threatened cinemas

The three cinemas in the district of Erding in the starting blocks, but a date for the Opening on the part of the government is not yet in sight. What the opera

Restart cinema Erding: Without Popcorn the Broke | Erding threatened cinemas

The three cinemas in the district of Erding in the starting blocks, but a date for the Opening on the part of the government is not yet in sight. What the operators are saying:

County–now that the catering may its doors open, also the cinema operator, the question of how it should go with your industry during the pandemic, more. "What the restaurateurs, will also apply to us, as you can guess, Yes," says Veronika Fläxl, managing Director of Cineplex cinemas in Erding, Vilsbiburg, and Neufahrn.

A hygiene concept for your three cinemas already am. But Details are not yet clarified, as well as the cinema-Head of the "clear instructions of the government", the little space will allow, such as the Ministry of culture has announced this past week. Basically, much is possible, describes Fläxl that the company manages together with her parents and siblings, the options of a re-opening.

It would for the time being, between each two seats free, for the 1.5 Meter distance will be required. It was entered in the booking system. And the Tickets could only be bought online. Also, since Fläxl sees no difficulties. "Our guests know. We use the Online-Tool and 70% of the bookings are running about.“ In spite of the enormous financial losses in the past two months Fläxl finds the approach of the Bavarian state government's "very good". "The policy makes all in peace, the benefit to us. Because premature Openings are not useful. I can't recruit on night, my staff, and the Cola-Tanks fill up.“

Speaking of coke-Tanks. Will also start the sale of Popcorn, Nachos and co.? "If the catering is allowed to re-sell, can you make his conclusions." If a sale is not possible, it would be "our financial Ruin. And not only of our. All the cinemas in Germany would then be broke and thus the entire German film industry. Netflix didn't buy it from the Babelsberg and Bavaria film studios.“

It will often forget that cinemas were an important factor in the culture. The lender would eagerly wait for the cinema are likely to again play movies. "Since short-term Streaming deals are a drop in the bucket. Movies can only play on cinemas in all the money, which will be produced specially for the cinema.“

Fläxl was glad to see that your customers are supported with Internet films that came to cinemas benefit. "This is really a beautiful gesture, but that is to be seen as a donation to them, we cannot live." Exciting the Phase of the Opening of the cinema will, especially in economic terms. "In the past two months we had no income, but the expenses were manageable. If we open again, we have cost almost the same high the beginning with only around a third of the guests. That is, the Phase of the re-opening is even more dangerous than that of the closure. You should not take too long.“ About the lack of interest she does not Worry. "We are with many guests online in contact and know that our customers are missing out on the cinema."

on The other hand, Andreas from the court, the owner of the cinema-Café in Taufkirchen, different. He feared that the behaviour of the people "strongly change". "You will not go light-hearted with strangers in a dark room. A basic fear will remain for the time being,“ fears from the court. He believed that many moviegoers will be initially reserved. With the spacing rules of the cinema-Café would have no Problem at all. "My cinema is anyway oversized. I have room for 75 guests, in General, ten come in the idea. The could distribute so well.“ The Café wants to open the 53-Year-old until he can show films, for Café and cinema were closely linked. Financially, he'll come good over the rounds because he got a commitment for a grant from the filmfernsehfonds (FFF) Bayern. "This Fund wants to save a small cinema, and it helps me a lot. I'm alone, have no employees, so I can cover the fixed costs for three months.“ The free time he use Mainly for an unplanned break.

Georg Schmederer, a member of the friends of the Jacob Mayer and responsible for S’cinema in Dorfen can be left, because the cinema was also in front of the Corona-crisis, not economically oriented. The cost the town is Dorfen. "The cinema is a Plus-Minus business, and it was always planned that way. The city provides for its citizens, something very Large,“ says the Dorfener. Nevertheless, "as soon As we can, let's do this again." Schmederer expects at the beginning of July. The hygiene rules could be complied with. The sneeze guard for the checkout area was ordered, and the outlet could be separately handled. Since the S’the cinema, a so-called Arthouse handle that shows rather more sophisticated films, was not the hall, in the 50 cineastes have space, mostly full anyway. An exception is made, the boar Hofer-thrillers, which started in the past two years in August, and the cinema, of all places, in the height of summer, the best Figures earned. It Schmederer hopes this year. But even if it doesn't work, the movie lovers don't Worry about the continued existence of the Dorfener cinemas. "We have a very active donor to the friends of the Jacob Mayer. We are hosting a big fundraiser.“ Alexandra Anderka

Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 08:35