Resistance to the New right: Green against Blue/brown

the democracy it is as bad as ums world's climate. The Ultima Ratio is called resistance. Hope makes the Fridays-for-Future-Generation. Fridays for the Futur

Resistance to the New right: Green against Blue/brown

the democracy it is as bad as ums world's climate. The Ultima Ratio is called resistance. Hope makes the Fridays-for-Future-Generation.

Fridays for the Future, Hamburg, June 2019 photo: Reuters

Recently, during a well-attended conference of the Online magazine Eurozine in the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, made deep Resignation, as the results have been reviewed by 89: Repression in the East, where nationalist, authoritarian nationalists, the Revolution was hijacked, Depression in the West, where you watching the decay of democracy quite helpless.

in The evening, but with a different sound should be played, according to the Motto: Forget for a Moment in 1989, those who resist today? Dóra Papp, campaign Director of the Hungarian civil platform "Annex" (The voice), reported in education, as in Budapest, we have managed to bring to power, Orbán's clique associated with the Lord mayor to the office: Opposition by the Alliance.

Radu Vancu, a Poet-Professor from Sibiu, told how he co-founded the movement of "Va vedem" (We see you) by tenacious, at the end of the silent Protest ends, the Hyper-corrupt Regime in Romania, shaken, brought to the Protest of the Honest. Helena Marshal, as a 17-year-old student organizer of Fridays for the Future, from Frankfurt, presented as colorful, the great strike on the 29. November resistance through civil disobedience could be:.

This Text comes from the taz at the weekend. Always starting on Saturday at the Kiosk, in the eKiosk or equal to Wochenendabo. And in the case of Facebook and Twitter.

Three positions, the hope because the young people of the authoritarian wave in the opposite places. You have to not abdicate mighty opponent: a haunted Grand coalition in Berlin and the penetrating deniers in the White house; of the corruption, tired societies, whose elites just; potentates, such as Orbán, the conquer again and again, majorities, by rushing against Brussels, the Jews, the "Gender fascists" and "climate-Communists".

In Budapest and Bucharest it comes to basic civil liberties, but environmental claims, which have lent Fridays for the Future, and Extinction of Rebellion, a new urgency, and also the Transparent. Democracy and climate protection go together.

Santiago via Beirut to Hong Kong, a huge anger, which is easily caper to upset just, if Right-wing yellow jackets slip over or black of masked peaceful climate marches up. So what is legitimate resistance?

article 20, paragraph 4 of the basic law

"Against anyone who attempts to eliminate the democratic] order, not all Germans shall have the right to resistance, if other remedy is possible."

"Protest is when I say, and that suits me. Resistance is when I ensure that what doesn't fit me, no longer happens. Protest is when I say no more, I'm in. Resistance is when I ensure that all of the other also not anymore.“

The Definition had taken on Ulrike Meinhof in the spring of 1968 at a Black Panther and the mad concluded to go into the armed underground. Today, the rights of Identitarian develop more of a hollow resistance of pathos against the allegedly of Merkel's government instigated the "Great population exchange", and this Paranoia from act right terrorists in the murder actions against Jews, Muslims, refugees and politicians.

In his birthplace, Hermaringen, has now been finally unveiled a commemorative plaque for the Hitler assassin Georg Elser. Federal President of Germany, Steinmeier sees the right resistance, not least thanks to this single fact of a simple man to in article 20, paragraph 4 of the basic law inscribed: "Against anyone who attempts to eliminate the democratic] order, not all Germans shall have the right Betxlarge to resistance, if other remedy is possible."

Specifically, this means: Would be the nationalist-authoritarian Usurpation in Germany, it can remain this paragraph is not a dead letter. Various protagonists of civil disobedience have spread to the whole catalogue of possible measures that can be came in 1989, et seq. in the colors - and Maidan revolutions in Eastern Europe and used, if in terms of climate and species protection does so little.

Against nationalist past kitsch – My Country First! and blind the future digitisation of trust – as an end in itself – is in demand cool presence of mind

resistance, a is the ultima ratio, if the opposition are denounced as "enemies of the people" (Donald Trump), fair elections no longer take place, press and Assembly freedom and the separation of powers is overridden.

This is in Russia and Turkey, already the case in Hungary and Poland, France and in the USA in a bad way. In these cases, the difficulties incumbent autocrats turn out in elections successful Alternative to oppose. The left and the Liberals go different ways and find no mutually acceptable against candidates.

dozens of books and Opinion articles have been devoted to the "death of democracy", but the main question is to die, as autocracies. Appeasement and apathy are so little on the place as alarmism and activism, the prevailing forms of Discourse to the radical Right. Against nationalist past kitsch (My Country First!) and blind confidence in the Future (digitization as an end in itself) is asked in a cool presence of mind.

Our comfort zone is resolved to the democracy it is as bad as ums world's climate. Ultimately, their Survival depends on the most of the retreat, or at least moderation of the political Right. Like hundreds of years ago, she is at a crossroads, either again in the open fascism deduction or to reconcile himself with the liberal Republic.

In the case of Tories, Republicans and Républicains is hardly felt even a measure to CDUler flirting here and there with the AfD, while the people's party varies; in Austria, the search for a partner between Green or Blue.

The theses of this essay are executed in Claus Leggewies recent book "Now! Opposition, Protest, Resistance, Cologne, Germany“, KiWi Publishing, Cologne, 2019, 224 P., 10 Euros.

The author Claus Leggewie is Ludwig Börne, a Professor at the University of Giessen.

So keen to highlight the Opposition to the anti-Democrats, as important mechanisms of concordance of the party are cross-interaction. In the last century it came to questions of welfare distribution in national scale, a framework that has become in the face of planetary challenges of the environmental crisis closely.

With Ecology and feminism to new social, TRANS-national movements and with them the cultural lines of conflict beyond right and left, which you can combine in contrast to "authoritarian vs. libertarian". Religious heritage stands against secular pluralism, Mono - against multiculturalism, Law & Order, against the primacy of individual development, a Patriarchal family against the equality of the sexes, open against closed companies.

chance of justice, and the renewal of the welfare state in the Era of radical free-market thinking are more acute, but now in a "blind" configuration, the black and red people, parties may no longer include. Almost logically nationalist, on the other hand, green issues and parties to emerge, since on the one hand, the radical, the new political theory of color is Green against Blue(brown).

The bitter punch line is that völkisch-authoritarian movements, the most vehement preventer of environmental and climate protection. Young Democrats present against Trump the Green New Deal: New in connection to the establishment of a welfare state by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s depression years of the Green by creating a sustainable infrastructure program-fossil fuel industries and reconditioned mobility replacing pattern.

And it is not only good laws and sustainable technologies, but of a better life. How the new, the mega issue of climate change and species extinction inflamed youth movement is built, is open; in the case of the 30-Year-old ultra-rights and green the largest resonance currents currently. Who languages only in 1989, could miss the next Revolution.

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