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He turns to the running gag, the new anti-racism to the sauce american. Every morning, opening the newspaper, one wonders what information a crackpot is going t

Quiriny – anti-Racist, you lose your cold blood - The Point

He turns to the running gag, the new anti-racism to the sauce american. Every morning, opening the newspaper, one wonders what information a crackpot is going to fall, in what terrier unexpected racism will have been flushed. The fishing these past few days has been good : one has learned successively that the cosmetic brands banished the words "white" and "lightening" their skin creams, the Princeton university débaptisait its building Woodrow Wilson because of the racist opinions of the former president, and that Simpson, already suspicious because of the character of Apu, new ones kept on coming half of their actors for that there are no more character of colour is doubled by a White. Good blood ! Even the Simpson's were racist, and we didn't know. Old admirer of the heroes of Matt Groening, I am wiped out. I wonder if I'm not going to sue Canal+, which has imported the us in the 1990s, for trying to inject the demon of racism in our minds the innocent.

the Icing on the cake, it seems that fate this week the translation of Fragile white Robin DiAngelo, little red book of this anti-racism purifier. Me who was afraid of not having anything funny to read this summer, I am reassured. I hope that this book will be successful, and that it will trigger vocations to the white knights of the anti-racism by the thousands. (Knights short, I want to say.) Personally, I am tempted to see in it a form of humour is unintentional. There were racist jokes, now there are the jokes racist. They are to find racism in everything and the contrary of everything, for the joy of laughing. Longer be accused of racism is pathetic and familiar, the better the gag. Take the band-aid. It was believed that this fabric sticky had exhausted its potential comedy from the scene of the plane in Flight 714 to Sydney in 1968, but the excellent Rokhaya Diallo has recently proved he could still make people laugh : it is sufficient to say that it is racist, and to argue. It is really funny, once he took the crease.

statues gray, no sex no face

It is urgent, therefore, that the French make progress in the field of anti-racism, because, currently, their lack of imagination is a little depressing. In a pinch, if you show them a rue Colbert or a statue of Napoleon, they react roughly, demanding that they renamed the street, and maculent the statue, the painting, like the other day in la Roche-sur-Yon. But show them a gum, an electric shaver, an advertisement for toothpaste, a brass nut, they stall. Blocked. Infichus detect racism, then there are, by assumption. However, this is not rocket science ! It will not be surprising, then, if we are lagging behind compared to our american friends. It seems that the best comedians French have been doing it for a long time their market in the United States, looting, pillaging happily the kings of stand-up. The anti-racist French would be inspired to do the same, if they want to stay at the cutting edge.

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I would like to take this column to add my grain of salt to the debate about the statues, who are passionate about these days all the press. I am back to the déboulonne all. It's going to take a lot of manpower, this will be good for employment in these difficult times. Then, when they are all fallen, we will replace them by statues which are neutral, which do not make reference to person : this will be the best way to honour no racist by mistake, and do not expose yourself to disapproval in the future. These statues grey, without the sex, will not have a face ; everyone will be screening the great man or the great woman that he wants. Same for the streets, the rest : I am to be renamed, and refers to them by numbers and letters. The avenue Colbert, Nevers will be the avenue M, or Z. The rue du Général-de-Gaulle-way, street 18, or 129. The plans of the cities will be laughing and gay like in the USSR, and the factor will be able to play the naval battle in distributing mail. C7, torpedo boat sunk. Run, comrade, the best of all worlds is in front of us.

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