Pop Briefing: the crisis sounds

must hear the Council of The hour is: keep calm, while outside diseases and viruses shirring mankind. Ideal as a musical aid, the new Album by the group, The

Pop Briefing: the crisis sounds

must hear

the Council of The hour is: keep calm, while outside diseases and viruses shirring mankind. Ideal as a musical aid, the new Album by the group, The Saxophones could be. The married Duo has recorded his debut in 2018, in a boat, while raged the Musicians of the Northern California Winter. For the new plant, it was the sheer, turbulent life – including children's birth – that has driven the two to this soul, a quiet dream music. "Eternety Bay" sounds like a relaxing summer evening in an idyllic place where water meets land mass and the Provide break. And in the Background the unaufgereg most saxophone languishes since Sade's "Smooth Operator". If you like Bands such as Timber Timbre or Lambchop, it is recommended that in the case of The Saxophones in front of pleasure into Purring.

It is longer since a new Blues Album has shoehorned in the state of shock and infatuation. The man who creates this once again, is called Bai Kamara Jr, a native of Sierra Leone, has lived for years in Belgium and has already delivered six albums, the found all of them hardly any attention. So he has adopted for his new work "Salone" from the previously-driven Soul-Pop, in the primordial soup of pop music withdraw. The result: minimally instrumented Blues numbers in the style of a young John Lee Hooker. But hear for yourself:

Because the Benelux-countries are rarely in the focus of local Pop-reporting, on it we put a: A good reason for it, the Soul singer Michelle David, a Netherlands-the stranded American, dedicated to the old-fashioned Rhythm & Blues, the earthy Soul and in the midst of Gospel delivers us. And with how much class she does, she proves with "The Gospel Sessions, vol. 4", wherein she also has worked again and again, African Grooves.

Who apparently all love a bit of the history, the new Album of the Queer Rap pioneer, Zebra Katz was to heart. It appears only on 20. In March, the first harbingers of a refreshing progressive-avant-garde Tonwerk hope. We call it open-ended Hip-Hop.

talked About

McCoy Tyner is one of the large-blessed-like most pianists of the jazz music of the Time. Along with John Coltrane, he created milestones of the genre, he sat however, during the recording of albums such as "My Favourite Things", "Impressions", "Meditation" or "A love Supreme" on the Piano. Here is the link to the obituary.

My favorite recording of his solo work, the Album "Sama Layuca" is, among other things, with the unbridled, Gary Bartz on saxophone. At the end of the sixties, Tyners financial Situation was so bad that he had to drive a cab in New York. At the beginning of the seventies he began, after he had signed a contract with the Label Milestone to win again upper water. The recording comes from this Phase, in the McCoy Tyner his musical probe began in all directions to stretch out and an Album full of exotic notes and rhythmic Drive played.

The Swiss window

The Ticino Fabio Pinto it holds, apparently, not very long with his own projects. It is not too long, as he twisted us with its Pixel-Soul-project Kamikaze the head.

Now he has founded a new Band called Monte may, their first published Song sounds drastically different than what he previously had in mind. This is to be regarded as a completely positive Statement. The Album should appear at the end of the year on the Label On The Camper (including Peter Kernel, Camilla Sparksss).

What is bloom

It flowers Switzerland for a year without M4Music. The Festival, the local music scene cultivates the exchange and elsewhere, had been cancelled last week. The organizers want to make the occasion now as a Live Stream on the net. A procedure, as it is in other Corona-infested areas, already tested in is.

What is to see everything in the network (the concerts of international Acts are expected to play hard to get be), it is responsible to inform in the course of the week. "The whole Team is currently working flat out on our digital Festival to 2020", is the response from Zurich.

The piece

The British Jazz is currently being hailed on all channels, and praised. It is not a new phenomenon. In 1970, one of the most outstanding UK jazz bands performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, which was at this time, among other things, a competition. The founder of the Festival, Claude Nobs encouraged to send the major radio stations in Europe, the best jazz band of the country to the lake of Geneva, in return, they were allowed to broadcast the Festival. A clever move, the incumbent Montreux soon as a well known brand.

The BBC sent in 1970, the group Nucleus to Montreux, a wild Band, Jazz and psychedelic whisked of Rock so finely tuned, that you emerged as the winner of the competition. The trumpeter of the Nucleus, Ian Carr, published 22 years later, the great biography of the trumpeter Miles Davis, whom he emulated in this time, quite obviously, already.

The guitarist Chris Spedding was one of the most in-demand guitarists in England and the likes of Paul McCartney, Tom Waits, John Cale, or Elton John hired what seemed to be 1970 rather unlikely.

The soundtrack

What new releases are stabbed in the ear? 30 new Songs have come together this week. There are new guest contributions from Bonnie "Prince" and Patrick Watson, there is a new song of the former NDW-heroes Andreas Dorau, as well as the Indie royalty The National and Little Dragon. And there is a Song from the just released album of nearly shamanic-style Italo-Luzerners Blind Boy De Vita. A gfürchige thing.

And here is the constantly updated "Chill Soul"Playlist with more than 50 hours of soulful music from around the world. Ideal for extended late-winter walks.

Every Tuesday, writes the TA-music editorial in this column about pop music. And with a Spotify Playlist price, what are the Songs you listen to.

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