Pop-Briefing: Who hear actually Züri West?

The must-touted hear On her latest Album Tami Neilson as "The hot rockin' lady of Country, Rockabilly & Soul" is. The spurs on the canadian new Zealander,

Pop-Briefing: Who hear actually Züri West?

The must-touted hear

On her latest Album Tami Neilson as "The hot rockin' lady of Country, Rockabilly & Soul" is. The spurs on the canadian new Zealander, to languish, according to the body forces the soul from the body. If the world should be a worthy successor of Etta James search, then it can only be this lady.

the Balafon, drums, and bass clarinet: This is a rather ungeläufiges instruments. What is Wild to do, is listen to the new Album from Ali Keita, Jan Galega Brönnimann and Lucas Niggli to. In the Swiss-Ivorian project meeting by the way two Sand - and-mud hut colleagues to each other: Brönnimann and Niggli both grew up in the small Cameroonian village of Bafut, you know almost since the first year of life. And adventures are narrated stories from this time. Once the two are put in the "Zäuseln" a whole jungle hillside on fire. Good that you have moved from the forest destruction on the sound generation.

Arnaldo Antunes is a Brazilian with the scary bass voice in the history of South American music. And he is just upset plenty of, after the radical right-wing President of the country – Jair Bolsonaro – without asking one of his Songs for the background music of a video used to incite the people to a government-friendly Demonstration.

"It is disgusting to see that a song is used by me for something that violates all of my principles," he reported, and then filed a lawsuit against the government to be under the great solidarity of the important exponents of the Brazilian ducks music. In doing so, he would have to do far Erbaulicheres to: Just is in fact released his new Album.

talked About

It may be slow to tire, but the Coronavirus has also contaminated the music industry. No wonder, because a state-imposed concert ban in the history of the industry never. So the uncertainty has engulfed the entire recycling chain, from the visitors to the organizers to the musicians and the hall operators. All of these players are trying to well, the cost, if possible, on the other to pass.

Thomas Dürr of the Agency, Act Entertainment prophesied litigation, extending over the next few years and nothing more than losers are likely to be. In addition, he expects that the few remaining large operators in Switzerland will soon be on the bankruptcy office in land.

the creators of Both the music as also the organizers now come with claims to the Federal Council – both of which are affected by approximately the same mass of the measures. Telling is how these word messages in the tone differ: While the industry Association of professional Swiss concert, Show and festival organisers calls quickly and easily make money from a crisis Fund, asks the Association of music and Sonart-creating the Federal Council, that he "has in addition to the other legitimate business, the music industry in their entirety in the consciousness and involves, if further measures and Compensation to be discussed."

The whole Text on the topic you can read here.

The Swiss window

The streaming users in the country are strongly moved, since this week is finally on the Tonvermächtnis of the Bernese dialect chief Mani Matter can be accessed. And the pretty songs seem to be for the streaming age, as well. Hardly any of them is longer than two minutes, Matt comes straight to the song's core, and stylistically, the Songs beat, no great hook, what is the audibility beneficial.

Thus, so, except for Stiller Has – all the big Berner music institutions in the digital world arrived. Züri West has decided already last December, for the step. Interestingly, the Spotify, in this case-heading "is one of The most": Who has believed, Züri West would primarily be played in Bern, in a continuous loop, is actually wrong. The city, which stops at the busiest Songs by Züri West is Zurich (8700 handset). Place in Bern with a mere 3700, followed by Lausanne in 1550, and Basel with 800 listeners.

Nice and almost forget: Züri West can also Bossa nova:

What is bloom

so Far, has caught the Corona of crisis, especially the Big the live industry. This week should be taken for concerts under 1000 spectators, a Switzerland-wide control. Depending on how strictly this is true, it could also suffer the smaller operators including.

The piece

Soon the new Album of Gotthard, which raises once again the question of what it has to offer, the Ticino, actually, else appears. The answer is that The Canton has spawned in the 80s, one of the most peculiar Bands in the Switzerland the. Dr Chattanooga and the Navarones sang in a strange fantasy language, and blended Punk, Wave, and synth pop with a wild moustache-exotic. Anyway, your music, in the absence of better knowledge, has been filed in this country on the subject of world music.

in 1980, the Band was invited into the Swiss colour television.

The soundtrack

What new releases are stabbed in the ear? 30 new Songs have come together this week. The spectrum ranges from the French-synth post-punk from Bleu Russe to the Vintage Trip-Hop of Waldeck. In addition, there are New from the Ethio-Jazz inventor Mulatu Astatke, or of the Soul siren Lianne La Havas.

And here is the constantly updated "Chill Soul"Playlist with more than 50 hours of soulful music from around the world. Ideal for extended late-winter walks.

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