Politician Gregor Gysi on mind games in the football League and its relationship with Uli Hoeness | football

Gregor Gysi in an Interview about commercialism in Sport, the spirit of the games in the Bundesliga and social responsibility of footballers. Munich – The con

Politician Gregor Gysi on mind games in the football League and its relationship with Uli Hoeness | football

Gregor Gysi in an Interview about commercialism in Sport, the spirit of the games in the Bundesliga and social responsibility of footballers.

Munich – The connection to football was born when Gregor Gysi, 72, early on. The foreign policy spokesman of the Left, grew up in Berlin-Johannisthal, in the vicinity of Stadion an der Alten Försterei – home of Union Berlin. In an interview with our newspaper Gysi, what he thinks of the continuation of the Bundesliga season tells why football players should take on more responsibility, and what bothers him at the Olympic Games.

Mr Gysi, you are a Fan of Union Berlin. Have you followed the game last weekend against FC Bayern Munich?

I could also, of course, not to the stadium. I hate the privileges, if you relate to others and not me (laughs). But Seriously: I have the game recording and so far the only reports heard. I can tell you but like from a stadium experience that's stayed with me.


I have in the first half of the game, the Unioner in Munich's Allianz Arena has seen. What I immediately noticed: The Fans of Union were much louder than the Munich Fans. It seemed to me as if we were still in the Old Forester. But both the Bayern Fans, as well as Berlin's got wonderful and scarves replaced, that impressed me.

Despite the vociferous support they could not travel but with a victory back in the capital. FC Bayern won the game 2:1.

I was at the game behind Uli Hoeness. He was able to twice get up to Cheer and I that has only annoyed me once, of course.

How is your relationship with Uli Hoeness is?

We understand us well, since we met. In the beginning, he certainly had reservations about me. Me people are not interested in, if you are at the top. I've spoken to Hoeness, as always less with him languages: delivery as the criminal case against him. It was for Hoeness with such a prominent Status, he is perceived partly as a demi-God, surely, an extremely hard time. I dedicate myself to people in such phases. This is the lawyer in me.

The great football topic these days is the Re-Start of the Bundesliga. What is your opinion of the debate?

I have in principle nothing against it, if any solutions are found. But it is clear that the mind games are scary. Football without Fans is that only one half of football. In addition, you have to be careful that other sports will not be disadvantaged too much. Otherwise, it's The football is rich, so he must also almost everything.

Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich are left with a good example. With the Initiative "WeKickCorona" you have collected donations in the millions for charitable purposes. Player will have not show in Public Engagement, so that the image of a Porsche-driving millionaire solidified even more?

It is logical that many football professionals at a young age by turning, if you suddenly earn so much money. You don't have laughs at my maturity (). You must also be aware of the fact that they have a high social reach. They need to engage with social and you should also realize that your heart depends a little bit on it, and it should not be forced to make.

Video Salomon Kalou is the latest example of a footballer of your social reach are probably always aware of it.

a Lot of players don't know what they are doing with certain Comments and what such a Video for a scope. It is not enough, if a footballer plays well, he has to assume outside the square responsibility. Since the officials in the Association are asking that you convey to your players such values. In this regard, Uli Hoeness is not well: Social responsibility, he is still far ahead.

lately the word is often humility in connection with the football. Transfers in the three-digit million range, absurdly high salaries lead many Fans to believe that the football is ill on your own System.

The commercialization of football can probably stop any more, because you need to have no illusions. What bothers me extremely is that clubs are part of any Prince. There's adventure, then structures, and the Fans have no influence at all any more. The football is not the only example, in the case of the me, the commercialization bothers.

Where to interfere with the commercialization?

It would be so important that Olympic escape is commercialized. The Olympic games were once such a lovely Festival with a huge beam of force of the competitions. I would probably never go for archery. At the Olympics, I look at the bow to shoot but with enthusiasm.

What do you think specifically?

The competitions and the Sport is not yet in focus. It's simply a question of advertising, and who can build the fanciest and most expensive stadiums. With the Olympic idea has seldom do anything. I remember the jump by Bob Beamon at the Olympics in 1968. You had the feeling, not coming down at all. Or the basketball final at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich: The Soviet Union wins in the single and last sequel of a second with a point advantage against the United States. That was the madness. I tell you this because it was such a great moments where the Sport was still in the foreground.

The Sport was with them early on present in their lives. You are close to grown up by the Stadion an der Alten forsterei.

Exactly, I'm in Berlin-Johannisthal grew up in the vicinity of the stadium. Union Berlin is also allowed to the stadium. The Alte Försterei and Union Berlin is a perfect marriage. And the Fans are already world-class, which would also be in the 9. League screaming their team forward.

By the Fans, they seem to be pretty excited.

Currently, you can see yet again, how important are the Fans for the football. You just have to get more Fans into the conversation. With you and not talk about you. It can't be that in some Games, 1000 police officers are needed to prevent battles. Because you have to start early and wonder where the aggression come from the Fans. Then you should rather go in the afternoon, a round of Boxing, and the energy out. As there is in ice hockey a decisive advantage.


When hockey players hit the ice already, the has a calming effect on the viewer. Told me to be a psychologist. I don't like it, but also, if the full-blooded football fan will always be displayed as aggressive. I've told you how the Fans of Union Berlin and FC Bayern are dealt with. For all the rivalry, the joy of standing on the Sport in the foreground.

How does it look with their own sporting experiences?

In school I was always in goal, because I was too lazy to race. Through my brief, but it was, of course, difficult to come to the bar (laughs). I have also made years of Judo. Currently, I like to swim and ride a bike. Because why don't I cheat but most of the time a bit and take an E-Bike. And once in a year, I'm going to Austria for skiing. However, I also like Hiking, I used to be still kotzlangweilig.

Mr Gysi, a final question: What is nerve-racking, an exciting game in the Ancient forest or a hard debate in the Bundestag?

A game in the Old forest, of course. I love the stadium and would like to go more often. During a debate in the Bundestag, my task is often to not fall asleep (laughs).

Interview: Nico-Marius Schmitz

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 11:33

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