Pentecost 2020: What is the significance of the holiday and who is free? | World

What is the significance of Pentecost as a holiday? When is Pentecost in 2020? All the info about the dates, the customs and the holidays, you can find here.

Pentecost 2020: What is the significance of the holiday and who is free? | World

What is the significance of Pentecost as a holiday? When is Pentecost in 2020? All the info about the dates, the customs and the holidays, you can find here.

Munich - on Pentecost, but these are the days between the Easter and summer holidays. But why vacations and holidays are on the day of Pentecost, anyway? Is that important? What is Pentecost and why we celebrate this event in Germany?

Here you will find the most important answers to the third most important Christian holiday in the Church year.

when is Pentecost in 2020?

21. In may 2020, ascension in the 30's. In may 2020, Saturday on 31's. In may 2020, Pentecost Sunday at 1. June 2020 whit Monday at 11. June 2020 corpus Christi

Christmas is always on 24. December celebrated. Easter and Pentecost each year on a different date. Easter Sunday is celebrated 46 days after ash Wednesday, in between the almost time is. Why 46 days, only 40 days to lent yet? Quite simply, The Sundays are excluded from fasting, therefore, a total of 46 days.

Pentecost is, in turn, celebrated, depending on the Easter Sunday is Exactly 49 days after that, so at 50. The day of Easter . Hence the Name 'Pentecost' , comes from the ancient Greek, and 'fiftieth day" means.

The day of the Pentecost is always in the period between 10. May and the 13. June celebrated. On the rare, the Festival is the most 12. May celebrated. Up to now, Pentecost fell only twice on this date-in 1799 and 1940. Whit Sunday and whit Monday are public holidays in Germany , and also pupils will enjoy their school holidays.

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Why celebrate Christians the Feast of Pentecost?

Pentecost festival such as Christmas or Easter, a so-called "high". At Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated and Easter, the resurrection of Jesus. But what exactly is celebrated on the day of Pentecost?

On the day of Pentecost to commemorate Christians on the Coming of the Holy spirit - the Festival also marks the end of the Easter season . Because of the Holy spirit in the Christian Faith, wearing the Symbol of the dove, it is also often associated with the feast of Pentecost in the connection.

Pentecost is also regarded as the "birthday" of the Church and in the Bible the story is told from the "miracle of Pentecost".

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ascension day 2020: What is celebrated on this day?

the ascension of Christ in Latin means roughly, "The ascension of the Lord" and falls 2020 on the 21. May. Ascension day is 40. The day after Easter Sunday* celebrated. Christians celebrate the return of Jesus Christ to his father in heaven. Christ's ascension, a legal holiday is in Germany and always falls on a Thursday. The Friday after that is perfect for a break, as well as all the other bridge day in the year 2020.

corpus Christi 2020: What is celebrated on this day?

corpus Christi falls 2020 on the 11. June. Christians celebrate worship under the open sky, with magnificent processions, but because of the Coronavirus, everything is different this year, too. Like the ascension of Christ feast of corpus Christi always falls on a Thursday , exactly on the second Thursday after Pentecost. Is translated as the feast of corpus Christi with the "body of the Lord." In contrast to the ascension of Christ the feast of corpus Christi is not in all of the länder, a public holiday.

Pentecost 2020: What is the miracle of Pentecost is?

Exactly 50 days after Easter, the followers of Jesus gathered in Jerusalem. The common prayer of the appeared to be the Holy spirit in the Form of a dove . Suddenly, all the Disciples were able to speak all languages and to every person of Jesus Christ to tell.

the acts of the apostles of Luke, it says:

"And when the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a mighty Wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire; and it sat upon each of them, and they were all filled with the Holy spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.“ (Source: German Bible society,)

The Christian tradition: How Pentecost is celebrated?

Pentecost coincides with the spring and beginning of summer: The Winter is finally over, and the nature grows and flourishes, for humans and animals are the most pleasant time of the year begins. The Pentecost festival is historically a kind of harvest festival or spring. Although the tradition for Pentecost is not as pronounced as at Easter or Christmas, have developed numerous, and often curious traditions in Europe and Germany over the centuries. Here is an Overview:

In the South of Germany are often fired Pentecostal fire in honor of the Holy spirit. In the middle ages, the so-called "Holy-spirit-Swing was common" wide. While living pigeons in the Church were set free or allowed a wood pigeon over the heads of the faithful circles. The Pentecost candle on the Breakfast table is still widely used. In many Parts of Europe, and Equestrian processions are held on Pentecost. This Pfingstritte go to the tab games and the army look back in ancient Rome and in the middle ages. Pentecost is a popular date for baptism, the water is to donate to the Faith after much blessing.

Pentecost 2020: when are the holidays in the States?

the length of The Whitsun holiday is different from country to country - in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the free time is the longest. In Brandenburg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, however, there is no Whitsun holiday. In many other Federal States in Germany, people are free only on the holidays listed above.

the province

Pentecost holidays, 2020


2. June - 13. June


2. June - 13. June


8. May / 22. May



22. May / 2. June


18. May - 22. May



22. May / 29. May - 2. June

lower Saxony

22. May / 2. June


2. June




22. May


18. May - 30. May


22. May


22. May


Why is there not in all of the länder of the holidays?

Really strong Whitsun holiday only in Baden-Würtemberg, Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt. All other States have only vacation for a few days to no Pentecost (see above). This is not unfair? Consider the students in the provinces a move?

no, of course not: In every state, students have exactly 75 free days. As the summer holidays start in some of the länder already in June, it makes little sense in this period of time to teach. In Hesse, only three weeks would be between the Whitsun and the summer holidays. Nevertheless, the Bavarians have a total of 15 public holidays, the majority of leisure in the year. Other States are catching up but. Since 2019 is childrens day in Thuringia the world a holiday.

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