Penis whitening, testicles tightening & co. are the new intimate trends for men

the other day, I reported to you from the Vagina snorkel, a goofy-looking diving device to enable the Lickjob under water. Then I dealt with other, currently ra

Penis whitening, testicles tightening & co. are the new intimate trends for men

the other day, I reported to you from the Vagina snorkel, a goofy-looking diving device to enable the Lickjob under water. Then I dealt with other, currently rampant Sexiness Trends. And I must tell you: While still not too long ago, most of the hype in terms of "look good" women were to pick up the men.

you know: in the past, it was all of the things that we should change women to us, and "beautify" release, pardon, can reduce the size of labia: Boobs and Booty plump,, waxing, firm, fir. All the snow from yesterday. Here are the new Body hype-for men.


Currently, there is a Trend in the round, after which the male Genital as bright and fresh should look like this: Penis and testicles-Bleaching. The skin is brightened in the groin with the aid of a laser, at a cost of around 600 euros. In Thailand alone to a month, more than 100 men in the ages of 25 and 55 to the intervention.

I say it to you directly, my medical expertise is equal to zero, but I have had to of experienced body to insure that from urological side is nothing to be said against such a treatment. Well, it is skin irritation and inflammation can occur. You need to know.

Anal Bleaching

Originally a women-thing, but more and more men the Butthole bleaching. And run then with porcelain colors to bright rosé with a shimmering Derrières through life. Seems to me personally strange and uncomfortable artificial. I mean, the assholes who I allowed in my life to get to know, were always mocca - up to a maximum of latte macchiato colors. And how I found that? Completely normal, of course, and not even noteworthy. But I digress. How is an Anal Bleaching, because now it is done? With the help of skin-lightening creams ends. These are applied to the skin, and after a short time, removed again.

Anal Bleaching procedures are done by dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons and also cosmetic studios. And With low-dose products, you can create even at home by yourself Hand. I recommend if you are interested, however, at least for the first Time to see a doctor, the higher-dose supplements may apply – so you go a) safe and b) stops the Bleaching effect longer. One thing for eternity is so Anal non-whitening namely. In the Doc, they should be discussed in detail, because a Bleaching of the Rosette is not without risk. Thus, the Application of the bleaching can cause creams itching, or skin irritation. Some of the ingredients are even suspected to be carcinogenic. More unpleasant possible consequences: scarring and infection.


Botox for the forehead, facial Expressions and frown lines paralyse? Or even the sweat glands shut down can? Cold coffee. Because now there is Scrotox, Botox for the scrotum (lat.: Scrotum). The nerve poison will help against wrinkled skin, which creates, according to Scrotox supporters optically plumper and gestrafftere testicles. On the other hand it can help you against excessive sweating in the crotch.

In an interview with the American GQ Scrotox expert Dr. Evan Reider told that in such a procedure, approximately 50 units of Botox are injected, a fraction of what Botox patients in the face inject. The procedure is nevertheless extremely painful. Scrotox, the skilled in the art, mountains, moreover, a huge risk, because who poison the nerves in the testicles spraying leave, risk to reduce the quality of his sperm. 450 to 800 Euro cost of a session, the effect should hold for six months.

by the Way, Scrotox supposedly has another very positive effect: the patient should experience much more intense orgasms than before the prick in the Sack.

testicles tightening

It is true, the Scrotum tightening are on the rise. With age, the muscles will shrink, and the strength of the fabric decreases. The result: the scrotum is involuntarily laid low, a fact with which many men in the best age.

In this case, can help the doctor, but the patient may pay a high price. As a result of the intervention, the costs of which are between 2,000 and 4,000 euros, can be a loss of sensation during Sex.

if you are interested in the topic, please contact time at the doctors and you are looking for the attending experts carefully. I can tell you that as the unofficial lawyer of your testicles, which can't, alas, speak for themselves and you will certainly be asked, please just have a quiet wander.

which brings me to my conclusion: As a woman, the media and other opinion-social institutions was inculcated since childhood, is how flawed she is, I tell you this: Don't believe the Hype. Your Bikini area is wonderful as it is. Your testicles dangle in the meantime, two floors lower than in the past? Let them, the have earned the. Her Butthole and the groin area are not friendly-bright, but dark in coloring? Why not? When to see your genitals because the sun light?

What I want to say: The beauty industry is playing with our insecurities. You don't have to look down there as a 21-year-old Male Model or a gephotoshoppter Adonis. Our bodies are beautiful, diverse and a gift. To take the. And make no nonsense. As you will be completely without medical intervention to the sex God, I'll tell you here.


Mimi is Erhardt Sex-blogger ( and the author of the book "experience of pornography". All the info about Mimi here.

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