Patrick 80 is Stewart: By a huge coincidence, he was on world star

Who would deny that Patrick Stewart is a Gentleman? A man of the word Would be filled with content, the spirit is rich and cultured. But it is now time, this ma

Patrick 80 is Stewart: By a huge coincidence, he was on world star

Who would deny that Patrick Stewart is a Gentleman? A man of the word Would be filled with content, the spirit is rich and cultured. But it is now time, this made an appearance in the great series "BBC Extras" from the year 2005: Patrick Stewart plays himself, an icon of Shakespearean Magnitude, an actor who enriched the Star Trek universe as Captain Jean-Luc Picard with style and reason, and the same in the "X-Men"films (and "Wolverine"-sequel) made.

This great actor is sitting in his Trailer, and that England's Comedy-big-mouth Ricky Gervais keeps the door: Him, Stewart tells the story of a Film he is reportedly planning. In it, Stewart wants the telepathic abilities of Professor X, from the super-hero world into the real transfer. What fascinated him so: He can with sheer force of will ensure that women drop the clothes off and then he sees everything.

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The series and the appearance are, of course, owl spiegeleien, funny drivel. But if Patrick Stewart narrated with all seriousness and ardent sultry tightness of his fictional fantasies, then he plays to his particular strengths: the irony flavored zest for Life and everlasting youthful curiosity, which is also in his somewhat stiff acting best-known roles.

Patrick Stewart on Monday, 13. July is 80 years old, you might want to have not true. Clearly, since then, the distinctive bald head, Stewart lives with his third wife, the singer Sunny Ozell, in Brooklyn, in Film and television, a large audience reached, he Would in Person. A presidential state of man in the infinite, Wide and super-heroes-worlds. But not an old man, even if he has two adult children and grandfather.

cable one / Paramount Pictures tele look By chance on the "Enterprise"

You Patrick Stewart buys everything. The Fascinating about New York is its ability to reflect on itself with an ironic distance to the world he lives in, less seriously. The cosmopolitan and eloquent actor from the North of England small town of Mirfield, has the gift to bring every casual conversation to a well-kept conversation. In Interviews, he is thoughtful, profound, to the state of the world is concerned - nevertheless, joke flashing always and the joy of life in the eyes of the convinced European.

"foreclosure, boundary walls, is the fear of people who are different: all This is to me an abomination," said Patrick Stewart, 2017, in an Interview. You might think that the words came from Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the "USS Enterprise", the role so, the Stewart 1987 catapulted into the spotlight. At the time, he was already 47 and only known to those who went regularly to England to the theatre or for minor roles in a few movies ("Excalibur", 1981, "Dune - The desert planet", 1984), and a little more BBC-TV films interested.

The starship Captain, the son of a soldier brought it quite by accident: A member of staff Gene Roddenberry, the spiritual father and producer of the "Star Trek"universe, and had discovered the actor at a reading at the University of Los Angeles. Roddenberry himself was initially skeptical and limited Stewart's contract on the pilot movie and 13 episodes.

2017 Twentieth Century Fox tele-show, "I don't plan to let me to the cemetery to carry

" a Little optimistic, if the conditions of this contract, lived the freshly minted Commander for a week out of a suitcase, to be able to at any time again to England on leave. To roll back to the classic theatre, with whom he had established his career. With 17, Patrick Stewart took acting classes at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, at 19, he landed his first role at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln in Robert Louis Stevenson's "treasure island". In 1966, at just 26 years of age, he was already a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

"I don't care at all for space research and technologies of the future and all that stuff. I can't even the air conditioning in my car to properly adjust," said Stewart, looking back at the late beginning of his world career. It pulled him even during the shooting of the "starship Enterprise - The next century" back-to-back theatre. In 1988, he directed himself in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and played all 35 characters.

Stewart is as obsessed worker, as one who is looking for in the second half of his career, always after new challenges. "The more you practice, the better you are," he says, and lets the also apply. The Reason For This? "The Audience. It is next to the piece, and cast the third Element in each appearance." Again and again it wanted to be re-conquered. 2013 Twentieth Century Fox tele show

And again and again conquered, it is Patrick Stewart, who was beaten in 2010 by Queen Elizabeth to knight. At the beginning of the year, in any case, he returned in his signature role, and met in the Amazon series "Star Trek: Picard's" old friends and new enemies. As the great Humanist of the USS Enterprise Patrick Stewart has aged in Dignity, but not ready yet. Until the second season can be produced, he recites in regular intervals Shakespeare-sonnets on Twitter, peels Cranberry beans for dinner, and writes his memoirs.

it is now aware that his time on the world is limited, he mused in an Interview with the tele look. "When I was younger, there was no end to it. My life would go on and on, I thought. Now I am married to a woman who is several decades younger than I: My finitude brings an added intensity in our relationship. Although I don't plan to let me to the cemetery to bear." More News from the world of culture and entertainment

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