Paris : 10 must-see sites to visit without delay - The Point

This is one of the unexpected effects of the crisis of the Covid-19 : the waiting time at the entrance of the great attractions of paris has dropped drastically

Paris : 10 must-see sites to visit without delay - The Point

This is one of the unexpected effects of the crisis of the Covid-19 : the waiting time at the entrance of the great attractions of paris has dropped drastically. For all those who spend the summer in the capital, it is the opportunity to (re)discover some of these places are usually among the busiest of France at this time of the year. Only a few minutes of patience, and you to the visit to calm.

in The Louvre, it is now mandatory to book a tour slot – there are all the half-hours. Since the re-opening on the 6th of July last year, the museum welcomes an average of 8 950 visitors per day, compared with 30 000 or 40 000 years previous. "No wait" at the foot of the Pyramid, therefore, the Louvre and the guarantees. You just need to present a little before the appointed time on your ticket, and you can easily lose yourself in this maze of works of art without fear of being disturbed.

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At the Grand Palais, no need to wait not more to admire the exhibition Pompeii, on show until 27 September. Once again, the mandatory reservation is required. Once inside, you will be at your feet, the gauge of the persons admitted to the interior has been reduced by two thirds to comply with the health measures. Visit to the calm, guaranteed !

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Discover the golden ceilings, the wide staircases of marble and chandeliers of the Palais Garnier. This temple of dance, song and promises of the " terms of business particularly intimate ". And a route has been planned to meet the distancing physical. Again, it is necessary to reserve your time slot, to discover the masterpiece of the architect Charles Garnier without the wait. The opportunity to test all the seats in the room and identify the best place, to be ready for the resumption of the shows !

must-have must-sees, the Eiffel tower was emptied of its 24 000 daily visitors in the summer period. It is "only" 8 000, a maximum of 11 000 on the weekend. Also, the Eiffel tower, we promise you a " visit very comfortable ", without queue. On the site of the monument, the gauge of the waiting time remains green : "Attendance : fluid ". The most far-sighted, who want to take their ticket in advance, will not even have to wait in front of the cash. The more adventurous that will be racing on the stairs of the Eiffel tower this summer will be able to take full advantage of the views over Paris, almost in silence. The less athletic can even take the elevator without waiting for hours !

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You're walking past dozens of times without taking the time to stop you ? This may be the time to really discover the Arc de Triomphe ! Booking required here also, to visit a small group : only 20 people at maximum are allowed to enter niche (every ten minutes). Conditions visit the few that you will enjoy the view on the Champs-Élysées, the top of 50 meters of the monument. The national Monuments, which manages in particular the Arc de Triomphe, encouraging the locals to move at this time, in the absence of foreign tourists, which are usually a big part of the visitors in the summer.

Want to cool ? Direction 20 meters underground, in the Catacombs, where the ambient temperature is 14 °C. The maximum number of visitors inside of the site has been divided by two. Now, no more than 100 people at the same time in the 1,500 meters of underground maze. More need to warn you : booking required visit schedule. More worth it to queue for hours at the entrance. A walk a little gloomy but enchanting, in the largest ossuary in the world !

At the Centre Pompidou, this is an average of 3 400 visitors per day, since the re-opening on the 1st of July. While the summer period is already rather quiet for the site, the summer will be much more quiet this year. The waiting time does not exceed the 15 minutes to the entrance of the building, the number of slots of reservation has been increased. And, as everywhere, the reduction of the gauges makes the rush significantly more smoothly. The Centre Pompidou has thus lowered its capacity by 30 %. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy quietly the exhibition on Christo, or (re)discover the permanent collections, usually only popular with foreign visitors. The museum offers also a bid to attract art lovers : for five euros a ticket, you can go unlimited until 30 September.

At the musée d'orsay, more worth it to wait in front of the entrance in the scorching heat, or in the pouring rain : the attendance has dropped to 68 % compared to the same period last year. The gauge is increased from 15 000 to 5 000 visitors per day, and the museum goes so now with less than 4 000 entries daily. Enjoy and take the time to sit down to enjoy The Lunch on grass of Manet, or The starry Night of Van Gogh. And you will probably be even more quiet coming into the week, avoiding the (small) crowd of the weekend. Once again, the reservation is mandatory for all : don't forget to take your ticket and choose a time slot.

We end up with the Cité des sciences and industry of La Villette, where the fill rate is approximately 60 % in this time. The site, popular with families for child-friendly activities, offers, moreover, the offer " 1 purchased ticket, the 2nd visit offered ", to attract visitors. And the exhibition "Spies," and "Opposites" are extended until next year. Not surprisingly, booking required here also. And therefore little waiting at the entrance, say the representatives of the Cité des sciences. Enjoy !

It ends a bit outside of Paris, in the direction of the palace of Versailles, where the number of visitors per day, amounted at this time to 8,000, compared to 28 000 usually at this time of the year. What to enjoy in the gallery of Mirrors and French gardens. The all almost without queuing. To the extent that it is now mandatory to book a timeslot, which helps to regulate the flow of visitors, to limit the promiscuity, and therefore reduce the queues. Don't be late and you do have to wait a few minutes before you finally discover the palace of the Sun King. The most motivated can even download an application that puts at your disposal all the contents of the audio guides : no need to go to the counter !

Date Of Update: 25 July 2020, 07:33

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