PS5 will have to wait: Large Playstation-5-Event from Sony called off | Games

Actually, Sony had planned a wide PS5 presentation for this week. Due to the unrest in the United States, this is postponed to an indefinite period of time. So

PS5 will have to wait: Large Playstation-5-Event from Sony called off | Games

Actually, Sony had planned a wide PS5 presentation for this week. Due to the unrest in the United States, this is postponed to an indefinite period of time.

Sony is back with the launch of the Playstation 5. Sony boss Jim Ryan had only confirmed a few days ago to make an appointment for a large PS5-Event. The disclosure will now be postponed, however, due to the riots in the United States.

'll know for a while we, like the Xbox Series X* appearance. Microsoft has presented its own Next-Gen console by the end of 2019. Sony, meanwhile, his Fans continued to fidget. But the launch of the Playstation 5 is.

Update from the 2. June 2020: Sony has the PS5-Event for an indefinite period of time

Actually, should be 4. June, a large PS5-Event to take place, in which not only are a number of game titles should be shown, but probably also the Design of the Playstation 5 . Sony has postponed the presentation now, however, indefinitely . The reason is the current state of emergency in the United States.

On the official Playstation Twitter channel: "We have understanding for the fact that players worldwide are eager to see PS5 games, but we are of the opinion that now is is not the time to celebrate , and for the Moment we want to hold us back, and important voices to have their say."

Sony still has a spare appointment and at the moment it is hard to tell if the Event is postponed to days or weeks.

Update vom 29. May 2020: Sony confirms PS5-Event in a few days

The notes have been confirmed: Sony will announce in a few days, finally new info on the Playstation 5 . On the website in the Playstation Blog, Sony CEO Jim Ryan writes, that the 4. June , a corresponding Event will take place. The speech is from a glimpse of the number of game titles that will appear after the Launch of the console. Larger as well as smaller and newer Studios are to hard on the development of Play worked - this is to make the potential of the Hardware under proof.

the Details of The PS5-Event:

when ? On 4. June 22 CEST. the Where ? On the official YouTube and Twitch channel. the What ? one-Hour presentation of several of the PS5-titles shortly after Launch available.

Although Jim Ryan mentioned nothing of a presentation of the console, but it is very likely we get also for the first time, the Design of the PS5 shown.

Update from 28. May 2020: Sony introduces PS5 according to insiders next week

After the notes to a Sony Event summarized at the beginning of June, will Games Journalist Jason Schreier from an anonymous insiders know that this is probably 3. June will take place (via Bloomberg). This date has now been confirmed also by Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat, the want to have also learned from sources familiar with the plans of the company.

On this day, the Playstation 5 should be presented to. However, it is not expected that the Sony is the same in the first presentation of the console all the essential Details. Therefore, the price and the specific release date will be held back. In the coming weeks and months, but should be more Events planned, in which Sony is sharing more information with the Public.

message from the 18. May 2020: PS5 will be revealed at the beginning of June

+ The official PS5 Controller - the dual sense - presented by Sony a while ago.©Sony

Recently, the well-informed video games Journalist Jason Schreier in the Press Start Podcast (via wccftech) spoke about a scheduled appointment from Sony on the PS5* should be presented. He assumes that this will be between the beginning and the middle of June . However, he could not exclude on the basis of the Coronavirus-crisis, a delay of the event. At the moment, everything over at Sony is still on schedule. The company recently confirmed also itself - even the targeted Release date of the PS5 for Christmas sales, 2020*, it was planned.

The Games Journalist Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat called recently, even a concrete date for Sony's planned Event. For the first time, he mentioned in a forum post, the 4. June as the date for the meeting thought. However, this seems to be a stone sculpted. Because according to Grubb Sony plan the unveiling of the PS5 but on a different date (via Venturebeat). However, it should only a few days - a week long delay it was. The Sony Event will take place definitely, in the beginning of June .

in the Meantime, he was sure, however, whether the for this appointment. It was possible, but he could not confirm this. Sony should wait with the unveiling, will introduce the PS5, according to Grubb, at the latest, within the framework of a "State of Play"Events in August .

What is shown at the beginning of June?

almost certainly is Gen Sony at the Event at the beginning of June many Next-gen games* announce. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed recently in a company Meeting that soon " you will be presented with a compelling Line-Up of game titles " (via VGC).

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white Will be the color of the PS5?

A first taste of the PS5 there were already: The dual sense*, the official Controller for the PS5 , in front of, Sony introduced a while ago already. Recently, a Leaker claiming to know the price for the dual sense* already. Striking to the Controller , the unusual white Design , not arrived at any Playstation Fan is good especially. Thus, speculation came up that the Standard Version of the console could possibly get the same color.

Ultimately, the Design* is likely to be the most players anyway, as long as the improvements of the Next-Gen effect. Like the look of can, have developers from Epic demonstrated recently with a Gameplay Demo on the PS5*. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney talks about the PS5 built-in SSD, even High-End PCs* surpass to.

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