PS5 and Xbox Series X: Next-Gen consoles in comparison of performance | Games

PS5 and Xbox Series X in the power comparison, After Sony and Microsoft in their Next generation consoles, have presented, the question now arises: Which is bet

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Next-Gen consoles in comparison of performance | Games

PS5 and Xbox Series X in the power comparison, After Sony and Microsoft in their Next generation consoles, have presented, the question now arises: Which is better?

Details for Hardware from PS5* and Xbox Series X to be announced. Comparison of direct comparison the console shows. Sony and Microsoft bring their Next game the end of 2020 on the market. the Hamburg – for the First time, the PS5 and Xbox Series X a direct Hardware-comparison face. The specifications of the Microsoft console are already known for some time. After Sony on 18. March nachzog and the first technical Details of its new flag ship presented, it is established now, which of the two consoles performance has under the hood. In the following article in Fans can see from the table on all the details to PS5 and Xbox Series X .

PS5 and Xbox Series X – Sony and Microsoft disclose Details on the performance of the consoles

to look the same In the last few months, Microsoft Fans the new Xbox Series X held with regular information and all of the major Hardware Details in bar. The competition company Sony has held back with the data to PS5 strong. In a Livestream on the official PlayStation more information about the performance of PS5 have a Blog now, however, the width of the mass pre-worn. As a result, some data of the console giants are now known. In a direct comparison , it is now finally possible to compare the PS5 and Xbox Series X with each other.

+ these are the specs of the Xbox Series X and PS5 in a direct comparison.©Microsoft/Sony/Let's Go Digital

This is in the table on the Hardware the console not only the direct comparison pulled, but the predecessor of the PS5 and Xbox Series X , so the PS4 and Xbox One X, also listed. The two competing companies promote their consoles already since some time violently. Be published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, small cut-outs of the Details of the console . Also the eternal struggle between the Fans is cooking up again.

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So you can't just pull the comparison to the competition to observe, but also the comparison present console , in the event that you would like to upgrade towards the end of the year.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Consoles from Sony and Microsoft in a direct Hardware comparison

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 4

Xbox Series X

Xbox One X


8 Zen 2 Cores @ 3.5 GHz (variable frequency)

8 Jaguar Cores @ 1.6 GHz

8x Cores @ 3.8 GHz

8x Cores @ 2.3 GHz Custom Jaguar CPU


10.28 teraflops 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz (variable frequency) Custom RDNA 2

1.84 teraflops 18 CUs @ 800MHz Custom GCN

12 teraflops 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2

6 TFLOPS 40 CUs @ 1.172 GHz Custom GCN + Polaris



8GB of GDDR5

16 GB of GDDR6

12 GB of GDDR5

memory bandwidth



10GB @ 560 GB/s

6GB @ 336 GB/s

326 GB/s

Internal memory

825GB Custom SSD


1TB Custom NVMe SSD


IO Throughput

Raw: 5.5 GB per second, Compressed: Typical 8-9GB per-second

Around 50-100MB/s

Raw: 2.4 GB/s Compressed: 4.8 GB/s

120 MB/s

Extended memory


Replaceable internal HDD

Not specified 1 TB Expansion Card is Identical in performance to internal storage

External storage

USB HDD Support

USB HDD Support

USB 3.2 External HDD

USB 3.2 External HDD

Optical drive

4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

Blu ray Drive

4K UHD Blu-ray

4K UHD Blu-ray

Within this Comparison what relates to the Hardware is a clear winner. The Xbox Series X clearly has more power as the PS5 . But this is just a temporary victory. In the end, many other factors that play a role in the decision, what are the console in the average, the better platform games releases. The price, Controller and exclusive titles for PS5 and Xbox Series X , for example, are a big factor which plays in the decision to buy the Fans into it.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: Microsoft accidentally reveals release date of Sony remains vague

According to Microsoft and Sony both consoles to the end of the year 2020 appear. For a few minutes found himself on the official page for the Microsoft console even an accurate Relesedatum the Xbox Series X , which was however removed within the shortest possible time. Even if currently, the Coronavirus causing severe impacts in different production chains and the reason for the cancellation of various events* is supposed to be the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X still available in time. A delay caused by the Coronavirus was announced on none of the two sides. the Fans can expect with the new consoles under your Christmas tree. Microsoft had already called a first release date for the Xbox Series, X*, this turns out now, however, as wrong. All future announcements to the Xbox Series X would like Microsoft from now on, within your monthly Xbox 20/20 Events* price. the Sony published, however, only a first insight on the PS5 Controller* and a note on the Design of the PS5*. Sony explains now the monstrous size of the PS5* and started the sign-up Phase* for the pre-orders. An analysis report now gives a first indication on the price* of the two consoles. Before the release of the PS5 Sony files a Patent for a mysterious game module* and the Fans are wondering what's up with that.

The Xbox Series S , the Mini-variant of the Xbox Series X , should be substantially smaller and a cheap price.

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section list image:©Let's Go Digital / Microsoft

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